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It is just as simple as that! Choose from our 4 different hosting packages Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum It is so SIMPLE to setup your website using THE MOST professional, customer oriented FREE WEB HOSTING community. Welcome to ASTRO LOCO where the Customer is our focal point and where members DO MATTER to us. You are so important to us and we will do our best and tend to your needs. We won’t make empty promises or tell you that you will never have any problems but we will tell you that we will always do our best to solve all your problems PROMPTLY. We are a customer/ member oriented community and this is what we do best, WE ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU! All you need to do:

  • Signup
  • Share your wisdom, expertise and knowledge by taking part in our discussions.
  • Participate in our forum and join our growing family of other light hearted and earnest honest members.

What you can do now:

If you would like Hosting without Posting in our forum, Simply visit Astro Loco's Shopping Cart Our credit system is according :-
  • Regular quality posting
  • The category of your post
  • Post size


Who are we?

If you’ve been looking for a web hosting solution, then now that you found us you can stop looking. CONGRATULATIONS! On finding Astro Loco – your POST2HOST free Web Hosting solution. We want to guarantee you a full and complete Customer satisfaction with our dedicated team of individuals who care about YOU! It is all about you here because we want you to have a full rewarding experience with us.

What do we get out of this?

Trust us when we say that your satisfaction and peace of mind is all we want to get out of this. We just want to be a good experience for YOU. We understand the diversity of all our backgrounds and opinions and beliefs, and thus, we just want to get to know you because you are UNIQUE. We know we each have different talents that we continue to grow, and that is what our forum is here for! We want you to feel comfortable to share your expertise and wisdom and talents with our family of members so we can all take part in stimulating and creating a vibrant and valuable Forum.
All we ask you to do is take part in aiding us to help people who need advice and in need of someone to share experiences with them.

What do you need to do once you use your credits to get your free hosting?

Once you use your credits to get your free hosting, you will notice that your credits are decreasing according to the rate of your hosting package that you chose. Therefore, you just need to remain active to maintain your hosting. By that we mean just keep on posting in our forum every day.

What do you do to maintain your free hosting if you don’t want to post?

You can visit our Hosting packages page and purchase forum credits if you don’t wish to post in our forum.

How can you help us?

Would you like to help us? All you have to do to help us is become part of our family and help us and our members get to know you. Take part, post topics, share your ideas and knowledge, share with us your suggestions for continuously improving our services and let us know your feedback.
You deserve the best in life. ASTRO LOCO is here for you and will continuously do its best to provide you with what you deserve – the BEST!

Best Regards,
The Astro Loco team