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How to Get Your Free Hosting Account!

PostPosted: Fri 25 May, 2012 4:42 am
by anwiii
To apply and keep your hosting account, you will have to continue to post in our forum and collect credits for the posts you make. How many credits you earn from your posts are determined by the quality of posts you make. You can find your credit balance below the chat box to the right of the screen in pink. You can also view how often your credits are updated.

Below is a list of our hosting packages, how many credits it costs to set up a hosting package, and howmany credits it will require each day to maintain a hosting package.

Once you have determined which hosting package you would like to have and have enough credits to set it up, you will want to Create Your Hosting Account Here

There is one free hosting account allowed per member. If you can't post enough to maintain your hosting and wish to purchase hosting without the posting requirements or need multiple hosting accounts, you can always purchase our unbeatable hosting packages which can be found on our home page here at Astro Loco

If you have signed up for one of our free hosting packages and decide you want to terminate it for any reason, you can Terminate Your Hosting Here.

We also have a unique option to transfer your earned hosting credits to another member. we are a tightly run community here and most of our members know each other on a more personal level. None of us want to see an active member lose their hosting privileges if they can't post enough for whatever reason to maintain their hosting(people are sick or they go on vacation). so we've added the option where people can help out other members from time to time with any extra credits they can spare for other members for whatever reason. You can Transfer Hosting Credits Between Members Here.

We also have one more option for those who need more credits. We sell 30 credit for .99 in the client billing area. So if you're ever running low and aren't able to post, you can get your 30 Credits for .99 Here.

We have made earning credits VERY easy, and maintaining your free hosting VERY easy. The staff here at Astro loco hope you appreciate and enjoy the services we offer. We also hope that they are good enough to tell your family, friends, and strangers about by helping to spread the word about Astro Loco.

Enjoy your FREE HOSTING!