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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

Postby Daydreamer » Sun 07 Jul, 2013 7:46 pm

Well I will start with why this show is great. Unlike your typical vampire shows this is not a kill characters show and introduce new ones. Yes almost every season a character is introduced but somehow the writers manage to save the characters that are already on the show and we get to enjoy more adventures with them. Also, in many vampire shows there is either the focus on the lives of the vampires or the lives f humans being affected by the existence of vampires or vampire slayers. Well this show is a little different it is not about vampires killing people. It is about them being able to coexist with humans and have normal relationships with them. It is about the good vampires being vegetarian vampires, in vampire dictionary that is drinking animal blood instead of human blood, or being normal semi-aggressive vampires who drink from blood supplies at the hospital rather than kill people for their blood. So as far as story goes, The Vampire Diaries is a very original story that is so unlike any other vampire show that has been created.

Then you have Elena, who is the main character is a human doppelganger (which is a representation of ones' alter egos and double spirits). The character of Elena Gilbert is basically a doppelganger of the vampire Katherine Pierce (original name; Katerina Petrova). Both characters are played by actress Nina Dobrev and it's said that the doppelganger was created to make sure the bloodline was carried down and, that doppelgangers tend to unwind the lives of the ones they look like. In the season 4 finale, it is revealed that Stefan Salvatore (a vampire) is also a doppelganger of the historical most powerful supernatural being Silas. Silas was a warlock who became the first immortal being in the world. He was responsible for creating and casting the first immortality spell on himself. He is the most powerful immortal being, and overall the most powerful supernatural beings in the series. Silas is a member and distant relative of The Salvatore Family.

Silas feelings for his lover is what inspired him to become immortal. Her death is also what was motivating him in season 4 to lose his immortality so he could join her in the after life but first he destroy the Other Side.

Anyway, back to the main story line, the series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who is played by wonderful actress Nina Dobrev, an 18-year-old girl who falls deeply in love with a 160-year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore played by actor Paul Wesley. Their relationship becomes very complicated as Stefan's vicious and malevolent older brother Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder returns to Mystic Falls with a plan to break hell loose on the town, in an attempt to seek revenge against his younger brother for turning him into a vampire against his will centuries ago. Both brothers begin to show affection towards Elena, mainly because of her resemblance to their past love Katherine Pierce. Yes they both loved the same woman even in the past. It is revealed that Elena is a descendant of Katherine. Katherine eventually returns to Mystic Falls with plans against the trio.

The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town full of and surrounded by supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 17th century. Additional storylines revolve around the other characters of the town, most notably Elena's younger brother Jeremy Gilbert played by Steven R. McQueen, Elena's best friends Bonnie Bennett played by Katerina Graham and Elena's friend Caroline Forbes played by Candice Accola and their mutual friends Tyler Lockwood played by Michael Trevino and Matt Donovan played by Zach Roerig. The town's politics are directed by descendants of the original founding families, being members of what is called the "Founders' Council." Some of the founding families of Mystic Falls include the Salvatores, the Gilberts, the Fells, the Forbes, and the Lockwoods. They guard the town mainly from vampires, although there are other supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, ghosts, and hybrids.

The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore have been leading 'normal' lives while at the same time hiding their bloodthirsty condition for centuries and have been moving on before their non-aging is noticed from one place to another. They are back in the Virginia town where they originally became vampires. Stefan is noble, denying himself blood to avoid killing, and feeding on animal blood instead. Stefan tries to control his evil brother Damon but obviously can't because Damon wont stop at anything in order to get what he wants. Stefan falls in love with Elena and she falls in love with him too. The beauty of their relationship prospers and attracts you to the show for 2 complete seasons. Until of course the writer like to create a twist in season 3 making Stefan become sired by the most monstrous vampire of all and therefore Stefan becomes evil and Elena leaves him. Then things get spiked up when Elena falls for the "bad boy" Damon and gets confused as to whether she wants to help Stefan come back to his senses or start a new romance with Damon. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, yeah that makes me mad. Last episode after all the disappointments and anger with the writers Elena finally chooses to be with Stefan and goes to tell him only on her way to him....She dies. That was the end of Season 3.

In season 4 Elena comes back as a vampire and now that she is different apparently her feelings are different too. After choosing Stefan and after Stefan helps her get through the tough time of re-conditioning herself as a vampire in ways so she would not lose herself such as feeding on animal blood and fighting the smell of blood in human veins and controlling her urges, Elena starts asking Damon for help by feeding on human's veins and getting high on real human blood and get in touch with her dark alter ego. She then breaks Stefan's heart and says she is different now and she has feelings for Damon. When it comes to Stefan and Damon in this show, Stefan is the catch because he always protects Elena, respects her choices and always tries to do what is best for her. Damon on the other hand, is selfish, bureaucratic and does not follow Elena's choices in her life matters and always follows his own mind even if it goes against her choices and he wants her and tries to convince her to be in touch with her evil side. He promotes her being a vicious and evil vampire who has no humanity. My question is why would the writers make Elena fall for someone who is like Damon? Supposedly, Elena's character is beautiful mostly because of her sanity and her choices and sacrifices for her loved ones. This totally does not make any sense anymore when suddenly a loving person would change like that....Oh wait that's because now they made her a vampire so supposedly that should make sense!!!!!!

Some important facts about the show are:

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW Television Network on September 10, 2009. The series takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a fictional small town haunted by supernatural beings. The main focus of the series is the love triangle between the protagonist Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and vampire-brothers Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). As the narrative develops in the course of the series, the focal point shifts on the mysterious past of the town involving Elena's malevolent doppelganger Katerina Petrova and the family of Original Vampires, all of which have an evil agenda of their own.

The pilot episode in 2009 attracted the largest audience of any series premiere since the network began in 2006. The first season averaged 3.60 million viewers. The show initially received average reviews, but critics agreed that the series improved over the course of the season with both the second and third season premiering to generally favorable reviews. The show has received numerous award nominations, winning two People's Choice Award and many Teen Choice Awards.

On February 11, 2013, The CW renewed the series for a fifth season.[3] On April 26, 2013, The CW has officially announced that the spin-off The Originals has been ordered to series, set to premiere in the 2013–14 television season.[4] The fifth season will premiere on October 10, 2013
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