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PHP exec()

PHP exec()

Postby qazxsw21000 » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 10:14 pm

In PHP, there is a function names exec(). This function lets PHP execute non-PHP commands on the server. The following example will tell the server to move "file.ext" in the /var folder to "file2.ext" in the /var/www folder.
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exec('mv /var/file.ext /var/www/file2.ext'); 

But of course PHP has a copy() function too.
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But let's pretend you need Timidity to convert a MIDI file to WAVE for you. We will pretend you already have the MIDI file. The WAVE file will be sent to /var/www/wave.
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exec('timidity "file.mid" -Ow -o "/var/www/wave/file2.wav"'); 

Let's now say you need PHP to empty a temporary directory in your /var/www folder. We will name the temporary folder, "tmp."
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exec('rm /var/www/tmp/*'); 

Do notice these things:
The commands are Linux commands. If you are on a Windows server, use Windows commands.
The public HTML folder is /var/www. Yours might be /home/[site name]/[public_html or www]

This is also why it's a good idea to verify files uploaded to your site.
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