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Building a computer & saving money during

Building a computer & saving money during

Postby qazxsw21000 » Tue 06 Aug, 2013 3:10 am

Our current computer is crap. Well, crap for what I (try to) use it for. It was designed as a business computer and I use it for gaming. The problem with that is you can convert a computer designed for one thing so much. And as old as this motherboard is, finding new parts is a hassle. When we got it, these were the specs:
LE-1200 (2.1 GHz single core) processor
120 MB VRAM (GeForce 6150 nForce 430)

Now it has:
LE-1200 processor
500 GB HDD

I have very few upgrades left in my converting it to a gaming system. These include: new PSU (current 300W), new processor (2.6 GHz seems to be the fastest I found), more RAM (up to 32 GB), new graphics card (no research yet). But that's as far as I can go with this machine. This leaves me with three choices: Deal with it, Buy a new (or refurbished) system, or build one. I will stick with the third one.

I choose to build one because, well, I like playing with computers. Also, it allows me to get a system more well fit for me. I can choose which features I want or need. A new system from a store can run $600 or even more. So I went to another site for help and recommendations for parts. The total price for my final decision (or at least most of it)? $252.95. Here is why it's so cheap.

When you build your own computer, don't be afraid to reuse old parts. You can save a few hundred or even thousands. But we'll say hundreds because you're I'm poor. Thousands imply that money is no problem and, therefore, you would not be reading this. I am going to reuse an old shell. There are many some standards: eATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX (from large to small). Know your size. An ATX board will not fit an a Mini ATX case. However, ATX seems pretty common.

Remember my video upgrade? I am going to reuse it too. The recommended card was well over $200, which is way out of my budget. Oh yeah, I'm on a $300 budget. Speaking of video cards, I am also reusing a monitor. And just to keep it all in one paragraph, I am reusing a keyboard and mouse.

So to sum this up, to save money, get only the things you need but do not have. If you need one and already have it, reuse it. Most of your price goes into these smaller things. And the CPU, but we are replacing that. This is a multipart tutorial (or it will be). Part one, how to save money. Part two, finding parts. Part three, building it. I will divide these into three posts. This is post one, saving money. And because it's getting late, I leave off here. Check back soon.
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