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Interesting technical issues from a Dell laptop...

Interesting technical issues from a Dell laptop...

Postby Smusique » Thu 03 Oct, 2013 12:32 am

This might be awhile before anyone responds, but...I'll give it a shot regardless.

So months ago I asked my sister what was wrong with her old laptop. She told me she doesn't remember, but I could see why now. Her harddrive was failing after running a couple of tests and confirming the result with my school town's local computer repair shop. So I bought a new hd. But I haven't touched it to fix it, cause I was lazy like that. I also asked her if she wanted it back, but...she told me she didn't. Oh well, I guess it's mine now.

Now...I have ran into a problem. Well, a few problems. The mousepad has died completely, but I didn't like using it anyway, cause moving it sucks, so I used a nano-receiver mouse long before it failed. Now it doesn't even work in safe mode when I tried it. But the worst problem of all is the screen. It looked like almost all the blue hue has been pulled out the screen, leaving behind the red and yellow hues, so I went onto safe mode for a while, where all the screen colors worked properly. But then I got impatient, went into normal mode, launched Minecraft cause I wanted to play it so badly, clicked on the wrong button because I couldn't see, and closed it. And voila! All the colors were restored. (and this would happen every time I start the laptop or wake it up, unless I went to some other screen other than the home page, then it'll just revert back)

So if wasn't the monitor, and if it wasn't the video card, what was it? I don't want to waste the time and energy to restore it by replacing with the new HD and it reverts back to its old problem as if nothing has been solved. I don't exactly want to chuck it either in case I ended up getting a new laptop and that has to go into repair.

PS: The Dell laptop still works pretty decently even with a failing hd, (I will get to it at some point this year.) when I decided to not reorder a pair of battery and AC for the old Toshiba when it completely died, since I didn't like its noisy fan anyway. (even after all that effort my friend has helped me to replace its hd, but I have intentions of taking out the hd before throwing it out.)
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Re: Interesting technical issues from a Dell laptop...

Postby qazxsw21000 » Sat 05 Oct, 2013 5:35 am

Sounds like it could be a driver issue/conflict. I have a monitor that keeps displaying a pink hue. I think it's in the chord as moving the cord can fix it. But anyways, I would try checking the drivers. I would suggest it might be hardware/physical as with mine, but you said that completely unrelated software (minecraft) fixed it temporarily.
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Дьяченко Валентин Николаевич

Postby dashaVom » Mon 18 Mar, 2019 10:10 am

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