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Life update #12

Life update #12

Postby qazxsw21000 » Tue 22 Apr, 2014 4:02 pm

I don't know what the actual number is. 3, 4? Anyways...
I'm in my fourth semester of college with only two or three weeks left. I still have a few semesters left before I'm done. I haven't taken any night classes until this semester. So, yay, more semesters than I could have done. Speaking of which....

In my third semester, I got quiet a bit of money left from my financial aid return. I used $600 of it to buy build this computer:
Using old: keyboard (need a new one), mouse (really need a new one), case, fan (need one or two more), graphics card (need a newer one) and monitor, and speakers.
New: Mobo (MSI 930A-G43), Processor (FX-6300 six-core, 3.5GHz), DDR3 RAM (8GB [may upgrade in the near future]), PSU (600W), hard drive (1TB), DVD multi-recorder (RW).

I also bought a few games and a screen recorder. Also a webcam to record my face. But a few things (later in the post) are keeping me from doing anything with them. I want to be a YouTube gamer one day. And speaking of.....

My YouTube channel, qazxsw21000, no longer has videos. I felt as I needed a brand new start. I came to the conclusion that I just couldn't do that with my channel. I tried, but I felt it was a lost cause. 30+ subscribers for various types of videos? It just didn't work. And none of them knew I existed. So, as I said, I deleted my videos. But I went and started a brand new channel (or two, or five). My gaming channel is now Unconventional-Gaming. I just posted my first video yesterday night.

And those MIDI music videos I posted? Those are going to DeltaLambdaMu, along with copywritten music like Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax.

Now to my personal life, and why I can't really make videos with my face yet. My older sister is pregnant. She moved an hour or so away one week before she found out. Her, and her boyfriend, was moved back in with us. My younger sister had her BF move in after his dad decided to move. My one uncle moved out. So now there are eight of us in this house now. I will never find the time to do anything.

Back to my online life. I now own three websites: MuKnot (my first), qazxsw21000 (for that YT channel), cutlery in the toaster (undecided on what I want to do).

I guess that's it for now.
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