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Oculus Rift (DK2)

Oculus Rift (DK2)

Postby qazxsw21000 » Tue 03 Mar, 2015 6:15 am

So I am an enthusiast for the Oculus Rift and I finally was able to buy one ($350 for the DK2). The unboxing was the difficult part. But once you pull everything out, there are several things you can put right back in. The not-needed (I'll explain) power supply ships with a USA style plug on it. The plug can be removed and replaced with one of the other included plugs (I don't remember which styles comes with it). The kit also ships with two different lens sets. Set A is already installed in the unit and is for people with normal vision. Lens set B is for people with nearsightedness. The lenses can be swapped by twisting them (they lock in place). The kit also includes a built-in (sort of) USB cable for power and a built-in (sort of) HDMI cable for video input. The junction box includes a USB port (which is what the power supply is for) for other devices.

The kit also includes a head tracking unit that looks like a web cam. This unit connects to a USB port for power and uses an included cable to connect it to the head set. I'm not too interested in head tracking. However, it is very nice. The kit does include a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, so I didn't have to unplug my main monitor. This paragraph is going to be all about the setup, BTW, so I am not going off track for a minute; this is part of the setup. The instant you plug in the Rift's USB cable, it will turn itself on. By default, it sets itself up as a secondary monitor and can be configured as such. I'll get back to this. You will need to download the runtime from the Oculus website (requires a restart). This allows the Rift to be disabled as a second display and only enables it when playing a game. This can be changed to keep the Rift as a second monitor (extended desktop). The Rift should be set to--in extended desktop mode--be the leftmost screen. Don't worry, the small booklet that comes with the Rift has clear instructions on how to set up the entire everything.

Just for a moment, let's talk about the configuration utility (part of the runtime). This utility can tell you the firmware and serial number of your Rift (and the serial number of your tracking unit). This utility can update your firmware too. And if it fails, it is completely repairable. This utility also includes a "Show Demo Scene" option...

My first run on the Rift was in the demo scene. It.was.*******.AWESOME! You sit at a desk with papers, a lamp, a house-of-cards, a can of soda, a pencil, and a chair. I wanted to knock the card house over. But I didn't get the Rift for the demo scene; I got it for games. So I followed some instructions to get Minecraft working with Rift (a mod called Minecrift). The controls are a bit awkward. Look around while walking and you'll strafe. The GUI stays at the center of the Rift's origin (you looking towards your main screen). The mouse will change the view's X-axis and, in effect, where the Rift's origin is in the Minecraft world. To change the Y-axis, look up . . . literally. But it's the view I was most interested in for that whole year of waiting for a chance to get the Rift.
The 3-D effects are undescribable. Those hills look like hills. When I looked down a pit I felt like I myself was going to fall; I put one arm behind my chair to keep balance. You can just see how close you are to something--or how far.

Things I don't like. The head set lets in light from outside, but you will forget it does once video is on. Also the lenses fog up easily. You will be wiping them every few minutes. That's about it so far.

Rating out of ten: like, 97.5
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