Binance Coin BNB Price News Today – BNB Technical Analysis Update Now and Price Prediction!

Binance Coin BNB Price News Today - BNB Technical Analysis Update Now and Price Prediction!

Foreign Coin has finally made that Edition low I Got bored here a few days ago so I Really looked pulled out my magnifying Glass and really showed in uh looked Into this in very much detail and um it Suggested that we will still see another Low in wave 5. um if you watch the last Video you will you will know that and Also I kept channel members up to date On Telegram and Discord in the last few Days about one more low being expected Um even though we broke out of this Descending wedge here yeah and the low Could have been in but it was still Not there you know the fifth wave was Still missing the fifth wave was still Missing and in addition to that Um as explained previously the ideal Target here if I look at the one to one Ratio between waves A and C it takes it Into the region between 275 and 276 Dollars so ideally I would still like to See one more low minimum expectations Are fulfilled absolutely I mean the five Wave move is done in wave C but that Doesn't mean that in the very short term Here we couldn't see one more low Um ideally to that 275 276 dollar level That is a level where Ideally we're going to see a bullish Reaction we obviously always need to see How the price in the end reacts to these Levels because when we have no Crystal

Ball but it is the area where ideally The chart is turning around now if it Doesn't turn around there it still has a Chance in the current wave pattern of a One two setup which by the way is a very Attractive trade setup Let's put Elliot wave It still has another chance to turn Around above 265 dollars If it breaks below that level it is most Likely going to break the 250 level as Well and then we are in a different wave Count it's only slightly different as Explained in the last video it's Actually very similar it just means we Drop a little bit lower before we Recover so the the yellow count suggests That a low is already in and this is the Wave one and then ABC in Wave 2 and then We're already in this one two setup and Would move higher from here that's the Current count and I can go with that Until we break below 265 dollars The other um scenario is the green count Yes well we also moved up in the wave One and then however we didn't have an ABC we have a W X Y which is a bit more Of a complex correction which actually Suggests one more low here into this Larger support area in green between 215 And 200 um yeah basically 60 dollars in The green count I would expect the Previous swing loaf of 250 dollars to be Broken actually and to find support

Maybe around the 240 dollar level in Them to go up from there so I mentioned To you in previous videos that these two Scenarios are close very close together Um there is a price difference between Them yes and we can drop lower if we Lose the yellow support area we have a Good chance to drop lower obviously However if you look at the distance you Know it's not a lot in in terms of you Know sort of what crypto can do in a Week or so I think we've got around 20 Spread here Um where the price can move and where it Morphs from one scenario into the other So in in the end They are both bullish scenarios just in The yellow one here we can go up Immediately in the other one we dip a Little bit more and would move up from There and there isn't really anything Bearish on this chart until we lose the 215 dollar level So um it is a good it is a good shot it Is a good chart in my opinion but only Below 215 dollars that's where I think If it breaks we could even see a 100 BNB or even lower yeah I can see that Only in extreme circumstances which Could occur but um yeah be aware there Is not really anything bearish here Until we drop below that level So primarily still further downside but We are now in the yellow support area so

Again as always always expect a move Into the other direction from now yeah You need to be watching this is now we Are in a support area when do we know or When can we say with a high likelihood That this move down is finished it would Be when we break above the B wave at the Wave four High which was here at 297.50 Okay that's my update about BNB hope you Like the update if you did please hit The like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye

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