Binance Coin BNB Price News Today – BNB Technical Analysis Update Now and Price Prediction!

Binance Coin BNB Price News Today - BNB Technical Analysis Update Now and Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about BNB reasons for the update is that BNB Has hit my target area here highlighted In yellow yeah BNB has a very very nice Long trade setup forming here we're Gonna take a look at that Um and overall still as you might Remember from the last video one of the Best charts out there what I completely Dislike is this entire price action here That occurred around the time early September until well early November Basically all of this sideways mess with The latest or with that massive increase And then massive drop again Um but still you know we can we can Squeeze it into this Um ABC pattern here where we say that BNB if I zoom in a little bit That BNB completed here a wave 1 to the Upside then a wave 2 to the downside and We are now ready at some point to Rally In a wave three this is possible now Especially as we can say that from this Low here around 250 after it hit my Target area and made a lower low lower Than the Wave A which is ideal it Rallied in five waves I did say in the Last video I really like the movement of This like how it looks yeah Um because it it is a really impulsive Move to the upside and that followed by

A wave 2 is great because then you have A possible one two setup one of the best Elliott wave long trade setups Um can I guarantee to you that this Support area is holding no but the Advantage of the current setup is that We've got here our small one two setup All the way down to 265 dollars if this doesn't hold we are Most likely going to fall back into this Green support area and we're most likely Going to reset that yellow Wave 2 which I currently assume was printed here when We came down to 247 248 dollars that This Wave 2 was in we will then have to Reset it if we lose the 265 level Because if we lose 265 we are most Likely going to make a new low anyway All right so um but again the advantage Is that this is a small bullish setup if We lose it we're going to fall back in The larger bullish setup so there's Nothing bearish on this chart until we Drop below 215 U.S dollars but yeah this Is a short trade long setup and why is It so interesting because we have Already reached the support area now and Because we can actually quite nicely Define the sub waves as well so we want To do that in this video if I look at This as a one two setup then I want to Understand you know when is this move Down finished and told you yesterday I Think it was yesterday or informed the

Telegram and Discord members that the Move down is most likely not all over Yeah because this sideways range here Looked very corrective of the low and That was correct we came down and hit Ideally the support area right and here Um we can see how relevant these Fibonacci levels are as well because we Touched it really with the very very High accuracy but let's just label the Subways here so we get an orientation we Part you know we we take the roadmap out And I believe this would be a wave a Then we came up and moved up in a wave B And we're coming down in the wave C Currently actually need to go to the one Hour chart So this is the one hour I think it's Actually better to look at the 15 Minutes So yeah here we've got a bit more detail Um So from there and then we can label here The wave C the wave C is a five wave Move And that gives us a clue about you know How far away are we from finishing this Move and we've got a one two set up here Then we came down in this third wave I Think at the moment we're pushing a Fifth in place sorry a fourth and there Will be one more leg down in the fifth Wave that would fit perfectly so that Would mean this move down isn't entirely

Finished yet Because it it fits because we can Calculate the length of the a wave And that gives us a target for the C Wave and the target would be 276 dollars That would be in line with the Expectation that based on the subway Count here we're going to make a new low So generally the whole area of relevance Is here between 265 and 285 dollars However in between we've got the one to One ratio between waves A and C and that Is an ideal Target 276 dollars would be Ideal to get to that level and then Finish off here the um one two setup and Be ready for a rally in wave three and That's my update about BNB hope you like The updates if you did please hit the Like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye [Music] Thank you

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