Bitcoin BTC Price News Today – Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Price News Today - Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction!

Foreign Video about Bitcoin we start here at the For our chart with the two scenarios That are currently my my most likely Scenarios of course there are multiple Scenarios that could unfold here Generally Um we're talking about my two main Scenarios and especially interesting now After our primary scenario worked out in That we made a new low for Bitcoin below The June low the question is now do we Make one more low or do we um already Start from here and see a more Substantial recovery to be honest in in Terms of how it feels it doesn't really Feel like we should already do a Recovery it just feels so weird you know With all the bearish overhang all the Issues that are happening in the crypto World at the moment it is extremely Strange however we can look at a Possible bullish option Um but yeah I'm sometimes thinking you Know if only Um if if only If Satoshi only knew what's going on Really uh it's it's crazy you know what If he knew what um what those exchanges Are doing and everything it's just crazy But he probably does I mean I have no Idea as you know we we all don't really Know who Satoshi is if you know who he Is post in the comments please

Um And maybe he's watching the videos then Hello Satoshi but no let's take a look At the move down here so the idea was That we peaked here at around 25k and Then there's two scenarios the green Count a b c we end the C wave the C wave Consists of five waves one two three Four and five That would indicate there will be one More low and that will that is Absolutely possible that is highly Probable the other possibility is that We've already seen the low end we are Starting to move up now because in a Different scenario Um of a b and c we can count the move Down here as a five wave move which Means the c-wave could already be Complete so in summary primary scenario Has worked out now that we have made a New low we have two options either we do One we make one molo or we go up from Here and it is important to know a thing More important than ever to understand The pivot Points the decision points Really where at which price level are we Going to morph from one scenario into Another scenario So if we in in terms of moving down in The Green Wave count which is obviously Highlighted here in green yeah I haven't Illustrated the sub waves but in the Green Wave count we would make one more

Low and this obviously would be Confirmed if we break below fifteen Thousand six twenty five I think already If we break below the previous low here From today or yesterday below 15 800 This would be confirmed yeah Um because then it's just very unlike That this is still an Impulse to the Upside Um the red count is basically a bit of a Hopium count but absolutely possible Um it is questionable though but Possible and this means that we have Made a substantial low here at around 15.6 K we've moved up in a wave one Again I mentioned before those waves do Not are not ideal in terms of their Proportions but we can count it as a Five wave move and we came down at wxy Here's the next issue because it came Down a little bit lower than you would Ideally expect so we came down even just Below the 88.7 FIB level that is Normally too low for a wave 2 but of Course possible hasn't invalidated it And now however we've seen a five wave Move to the upside here in a wave one We've come down in two I gave you Earlier today and the channel members on Telegram this support area as a possible Reversal which so far seems to be Working out and if I look at this Wave 2 As an ABC then we've already broken Above the B wave if that is a good sign

But obviously we now need to move higher Target for this third wave I can give You that as well Um the target would be The 18342 level so this is sort of what Would need to happen to really confirm Further bullish outcome here obviously Next targets for the Bulls needs to be The break above 20 140 this week and Ultimately we can focus on higher now as Long as we're holding this swing low Which is at sixteen thousand one seventy So it doesn't look too bad at the moment Um we have obviously here this sort of Engulfing candle the hourly candle isn't Closed here the hour isn't closed yet But will close in 15 minutes it is sort Of towards the daily candle close so Yeah maybe we see a bit of an upswing And if this support level holds this Should take us to that 18 340 level however even if we get there It doesn't really invalidate a Green Wave four and a five down this would Only be the case if we move above the 50 Fibonacci retracement and that would be Around Um 18 500 70 so if we get above that Level It will make a Green Wave 4 much less Likely and would rather confirm the red Count okay and this might update about Bitcoin hope you like the update if you

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