Bitcoin BTC Price News Today – Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Price News Today - Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about Bitcoin Bitcoin has pulled back to this Trend line It's the ascending trend line that is Currently guiding us higher ideally into The region around 18K maybe 19k that Would be the absolute ideal Target for This fourth wave to the upside okay let Me explain to you that the absolute Minimum expectation for this Wave 4 has Now been completed Yeah so even if we break down now I will Continue to count this as an ABC because The minimum expectation has been Completed it does not to fulfill this Fourth wave need to go any higher it's Done what it needs to do So However I am strongly in favor still of rising Prices but I issued a warning yesterday About Bitcoin and this morning so be Aware that things could change quickly Here but we can only look for ideal Patency and the ideal pattern would Suggest we continue to climb higher However we are still below this red Resistance box as you can see the price Is hovering in that box this box is Sitting between 19950 And 17 000 to 60. a move above that can Quite quickly I believe take us into the

Region around 18 to 19k I see overall the Bitcoin chart as a Chart which will produce one more low The wave count suggests that here in This last wave down the wave 5 we have Three waves a b c and that in this C Wave we have five waves one two three The way 4 is currently ongoing again Might be finished already I don't think So yet but because I have no evidence But it could be finished and then there Should be one more wave five down into The region around 14 To 14 and a half K that would be Ideal but short term upside in the way 4 Is still possible That from a strategic point of view that Might mean that you know moving up a Stop loss might be useful if anybody Really entered down here Then moving up a stop loss into profit Might be a possible option it's entirely Up to you if you want to do that but Just be ready that things could turn Down here quickly But short-term website is still favored Okay so we are currently in this nice And colorful wave count to the upside Where we are saying that um the C wave The C wave to the upside consists Obviously of five waves wave one two Three four five And based on that as you can see we are Still in this third wave

The third wave consists of various Subways here we've got the main count One two Three apparently we're still in wave Three we four down and wave five up and Um The view is now you know we're in this Fourth wave in white could it be Finished yes it could but let's just Double check the targets for that fourth Wave in white minimum target has been Reached the 17 036 level the 23.6 flip Level is always the minimum four away Four the ideal level would be 16.9 K so I have to primarily expect we get there Because this is the Um basically the ideal level for a wave 4 and the maximum we should do is Sixteen thousand seven hundred ninety Six if we drop any lower it needs an Adjustment of the wave count and we will Then follow something different not Necessarily something bearish yet but um Maybe just a slight change of count and I'll of course keep you updated keep Members updated on Telegram and Discord At any time if things change and from Here I would expect us to move up in a Fifth wave yeah obviously from here as Possible or one more low at 16.9 K or 16.8 these are the key levels from where We can start wave five evidence that way Five has started we will get that if we Break above 17

000 to 50. and what would be a Target For that Um White Wave five so we take the length Of the wave one we add it to the current Low yeah it could go lower but we take The low we have And the first Target would be 17 000 for 17 and the stretch Target would be Seventeen thousand six ninety and then There should be a way four in blue and The way five in blue Finish off the yellow wave three a wave Four and yellow and away five and yellow And that would then eventually ideally Finish off the wave four so that's sort Of my my view here we are still hovering Above the trend line So that's all looking good Um if we open the indicators you can see That we are cooling down a bit which is Good as well the daily would still more Than support Rising prices see the RSI Is really only at just below 50. so um There's certainly more upside potential There we're not overboard yet on The Daily We have been overbought on the four Hours so by all means you know this this Sideways move could Take a bit longer or we could come down A bit lower just because the four hour Is still overboard the one hour has just Started to recover a little bit so yeah I think we we especially given the lack

Of impulsive price action at the moment It would suggest we continue sideways For a bit or move down to one of these Key levels for the wave 4. okay that's My update about Bitcoin hope you like The update if you did please hit the Like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks for watching Bye [Music] Thank you

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