Bitcoin Next ATH & Next Cycle Top WHEN? (Price Prediction)

Bitcoin Next ATH & Next Cycle Top WHEN? (Price Prediction)

So this is the the whole price history Of Bitcoin and I'm gonna go into the Cycles of Bitcoin and see if we can see Any similarities with previous cycles That can help us determine when are we Gonna break back above 70k when are we Gonna see the next big blow up top stuff Like that Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Bitcoin is in a tricky state right now I Need a TA guy Carl the moon invested in Over 400 maybe 600 crypto startups he's A top G of Dubai he's been on the Channel before Carl the moon's going to Take us through the charts today okay so Basically it's very important to Sometimes take a very very big step back And take a look at the the bigger Picture sometimes in crypto we we zoom In on the five minute time frame and we Think we're gonna find the answers there But we don't so I'm gonna take a look at This chart here so this is the the whole Price history of Bitcoin and I'm gonna Go into the cycles of Bitcoin and see if We can see any similarities with Previous cycles that can help us Determine when are we going to break Back above 70k when are we gonna see the Next big blow off top stuff like that so First of all Here you can clearly see that in this Cycle back in [Music]

2013 let me just um see if I can put This over here Yeah 13 14 we saw this um Descending triangle and then Bitcoin Broke down right Um and the interesting thing is If you go into the next cycle here in 2017 you see it's similar descending Triangle and even in this previous cycle You can see something Um similar and the question is then can We use this information to uh to predict The future another thing I want to point Your attention to is these red lines These are the Bitcoin halvings very Interesting to note here is that after The having back in the 2012 we saw a big Bull run and then in the having of 2016 big bull run and of course you can See the same thing in 2020 after having A big bull run so it's safe to assume That the next having which is coming up In 2024 will lead to a big bull run am I Right I mean this this looks somehow Very logical but Until this point A lot of things can happen and that's What I want to talk about now like the Next few months and the next 12 months Maybe so First of all After this descending triangle here we Saw a breakdown which was marking the

Bear Market low of 2015 and from that Point it was basically up only same here After this descending triangle so I Break down marking the low and after That point we saw up only Right now we've seen a breakdown from This descending triangle and again you Can see here that the similarities are Are quite striking and leading into the Havings here we've seen the same thing Over and over and I I would suggest We're going to see the same thing again Um basically I think we're very close to The bottom right now it's not we've Already seen the bottom Um okay so if you take this bear Market Load here and measure that point And measure to the point where Bitcoin Broke back above the previous awesome High which in this case was uh eleven Hundred dollars approximately that took 115 weeks Basically 115 weeks from the low up to Breaking above the high and that is Essentially starting the Bull Run so Let's take a look at the the next cycle From the low after breaking down here And then it took Here approximately 100 weeks 103 weeks to break above 20K Again after you know we have this little Off top there so we had 115 weeks now 100 weeks so let's say Let's just take a hundred weeks just to

Like make it simple because it seems to Be somehow reasonable from the low here You could take different points but Let's take the lowest point we have here And just extend this out to 70k and 100 Weeks into the future This would give us Something like this where we could break Above seventy thousand dollars in October of 2024. So it looks like maybe it will take Another year for Bitcoin to basically go Sideways and up until we see that big Big break above the the the the 70k Level Um but of course I mean going from where We are now up to 70k that's a 300 Increase so you could call this A bear Market or you can also if you Zoom in you can you can actually see a Smaller bull market there because I mean 300 of that would be a bull market right But uh would still be in the bare cycle Depending on how you measure it but I mean this is a bare cycle into the Having this is a bare cycle until They're having I would suggest this is a Bare cycle until they're having and And long story short before the having We're very likely to see Bitcoin stay Below 70k and basically range around the Area of like let's say 40K Um to to 10K like you know depending on On what's going to happen in the next

Few months here it's going to be very Interesting to see but all in all I Think that the Cycle Theory here is Still intact the halvings are still Gonna happen every four years no one is Going to change that the Bitcoin Fundamentals are the same that they've Ever been before Bitcoin is stronger Like it's like as it's ever been before Uh more people are using Bitcoin we see The the central banks are printing money Like never before in the past two years So the fundamentals of Bitcoin are Stronger than ever before which Indicates in my opinion that this trend Of Bitcoin going up year over year cycle Over cycle will continue and Um yeah this was just like my like you Know realistic Outlook of Bitcoin Without doing too much hyping or fearing Or fighting this is just like Taking a step back taking a look at the Cycles so um I don't know what do you Think about that I love it that's what we need right now We want to keep things real Based on what you said and what I'm Looking at and again this is like a Zoomed out cycle Outlook tomorrow the Price could shoot up a thousand dollars Two thousand dollars or shoot down one Thousand two thousand three thousand Dollars but zooming out based on prior Cycles and based on what we know about

Bitcoin based on bitcoin is Fundamentally just as strong if not Stronger in many many areas than it has Ever before where we are right now Is very close if not at the bottom very Near the bottom and You know It's probably not going to go down much Lower However It's not going to just shoot up past 70 000 this year where you're saying even Not necessarily it's not likely even in 2023 but based on historical data Q4 of 2024 Would be a good time to be looking for Bitcoin to break above 70. Exactly which also means that now is the Perfect time to accumulate to invest in Potentially crypto startups is that if That's something you want to do or just Invest in yourself and build your own Business Um this is the time to to be grinding The previous bear Market actually that's Where I I created like all of my like Everything I'm doing today most of it Was done in the previous bear Market Actually when there was very low hype I Was building businesses I was building Fundamentals investing in Bitcoin I was Buying so much crypto and then in the Bull market I was reaping the rewards And um

You know most of the money most of the Wealth is usually made in the bear Market not in the bull market and I know That people say that but it's really True like I I I'm a living example of that I I think we have to plant seeds that's What we're doing in the bear Market you Take seeds you plant them and then you Just put water on them and then you need Patience and then in the bull market the Seeds will be beautiful trees and you Can uh you can pick down your rewards so So that's how I like to view it but the Patience is key I love it Carl do you think now with Bitcoin being around 15 000 maybe it's Less Maybe it's a little bit more A lot of people you know that's a lot of Money but a lot of people might have the Chance to accumulate one whole Bitcoin Over the next three months do you think That's a good goal I yeah for sure I mean obviously it's Very relative Um and individual to people like how Much money they have uh in their bank Accounts to be able to invest in crypto But having one Bitcoin somehow is the Ultimate goal right because then you Have one full Bitcoin Um there can never be more than 21 Million so you own one whole Bitcoin out

Of these 21 million you're more in the 1 Million Club worth 21 million Club Whatever you want to call that and um it Just it just you know In my opinion I think it's a great goal Yes but where does that end like when You have one Bitcoin you just want 10 Right and then you want the 100 then you Want a thousand then you want ten Thousand and you know I've been through These steps and you never want to you Always want more uh but I agree with you One is good but I mean some people they Would be super happy just have 0.1 or Even 0.01 so Um it's really individual uh but all in All right now the prices are incredibly Cheap that is true so whatever your goal Is now is the time to reach the goal That is for sure Bitcoin is going to be Worth millions of dollars in the future Per coin that's what I believe And I think that's in the next cycle Bitcoin is Um with a very high degree of certainty Going to go to 300 000 up to one million dollars which Basically means that we're going to see A um A nice blue one and uh great rewards for Those that buy cheap I think Bitcoin could get to 200 000 quarter million I mean I think Definitely I've I've drank the Kool-Aid

So you know make your own decisions do Your own research but but yeah Carl Thank you so much for joining us today Give the altcoin daily audience final Thoughts and tell us what's new with you What's new with medieval Empires Maybe Yeah okay so first of all guys stay Strong in the bear Market it's not gonna Be forever it's only temporary I've been Through this before you've been through This before bro we know that this is Just um time to accumulate and yeah the Newest thing that I'm part of is like You said medieval Empires it's a crypto Game it's a strategic game where you Have your Villages you can attack other People's Villages and it's a play and Earn game and the cool part is that you Can you can build your your own City uh On your land your your nft land and um If you make yourself valuable you're Land valuable then people will come and Use your land and then you can put taxes You can you can tax people high or low Depending on on you know the value of Your land and people will leave or come Depending so it's like a social Experimental thing it's going to be very Fun to see how that that plays out Um but me and um Who's a incredible the well-known actor We're gonna play against each other or Maybe with each other let's see and Other cool famous people have also um uh

Joined in to be like you know we're Gonna have some these tribes uh we'd Love to see you also on the battlefield Out there too I'd love to play a game or Two and that actor you just named is a Big deal not a household name in America But like the Brad Pitt of Dubai or you Know that region of the Middle East he's Actually way more famous than Brad Pitt So he's a part of a uh yeah I mean it's Actually true like if you look at his Fan base it's like uh it's really insane Because of this um series TV series Where it's actually bigger than Game of Thrones uh where he's playing this Historical figure called er2go and That's the what the the game is all About so he's a co-founder he he's a um Yeah he's gonna be you know the face for This game and it's going to be really Interesting to see uh his fan base come In and play this game and obviously Super excited I love these games I love The Strategic games and the team is Incredible because of the engine Altan Because he's being so famous uh the game People from the game industry many of Them they quit their job to come and Join the game and the company because uh You know They want to work for him they want to Work for for this Big Brand so I think That's very cool the team is incredible And I'm super excited

Good to hear Carl thank you so much for Joining us today Thank you so much and see you in the Next one

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