Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA we keep it short here my view has Well changed a little bit in terms of Um but despite this nice green candle we See at the moment but it hasn't really Been convincing but my overall view that We're still going to see new lows for Ada hasn't really changed Um we have on the chart still some Short-term upset potential maybe in a y Wave Um but actually I have to change the Whole thing now to an ABC a larger ABC If we still want to keep it up but the Problem is we've come down very very Close to the low here so the low from The 9th of June is basically around the Um 31 set level we have come down to 31.4 Told you in the previous video If we go Below 32.4 cents Where are we Yeah here at the 78.6 retrace it is not A good sign in fact we've come down we Are now retesting this from below and if That fails I think then this is sort of Probably the last test yeah um where the Boost tried to defend the bullish well At least the short-term bullish a Scenario right because the Y wave or the Z Wave to the upside would just mean Some short-term upside potential before We eventually come down

Um but the market seems to be so weak That it doesn't even do that so let's Just label here the sub waves Um this is just this is just keep you Know keeping to drop um overall Bitcoin As well so there was in the last few Minutes there was an ice cream candle But if I look at ethereum for example This green candle here hasn't even made It outside of the descending channel so I'm not convinced yet Um so my analysis still stands but Overall I would see this now if we still Want to keep it up as an ABC because This would have to be Something like a flat pattern yeah Um in a flat pattern the wave B normally Retraces quite a lot Which means that we then also put into Into the B wave itself It would be a three wave move a Be C And just change the okay Just want to change the wave degree here So ABC within the a b c no ABC within The B wave And then we've got Um within the c-wave we've got five down So I don't know if I want to label them All I'm just going to show you so we had Here a wave one two Three four and this the fifth down so This doesn't need to go any lower it

Could reverse now to the upside I'm Still looking at that possibility even Though we dropped quite strongly just Because Um Well just because This move down appears to be very Corrective as I said in the last few Videos it's now getting tough it's not Getting tough to really um focus on this Scenario but it still is a possibility And it still is something we should take Seriously and Now we obviously see some kind of a Reaction here but really I must be Honest with you until we break out of This descending wedge you can call it I'm skeptical yeah I'm skeptical because We don't really have a reversal signal I Mean this is a first signal that we've Seen nice green candles everywhere at The moment but um it's very early days Now this is starting to look good on Ethereum And it would be good if that goes up now It would perfectly confirm my my primary Scenario with eth and then Ada would Also get some short-term upset let's see If we get that but a clearer signal here Would be a break out of the wedge to the Upside that would occur at around 33 Cents and then better confirmation for That would occur here as soon as we drop Or move above 34.9 cents then we should

See an Impulse to the upside in a c wave And I can give you a target for that as Well we take the length of the wave a we Go down to the B and the key first Target would be 38.4 cents and second Target is 42.7 So this has come down because the the Wave B has come down as well so yeah That's my update at the moment quick Update about ADA again Still thank you for everybody who's Delegated to the Ada stake pool the MCO Stake pool uh just need to check how Many we actually now have here delegated And we are at 1.56 million now so it's Gone up since my last update Um by around yeah 80k 90k which is Fantastic so again thanks for everybody Who has been delegating who is Delegating and it would increase the uh Chances of us finding a block in the Next Epoch so yeah hopefully you like The Ada update if you did please hit the Like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye

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