Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA we can keep it here short and sweet I would nearly say um there isn't too Much price movement going on here at the Moment with Ada so we continue to be in This range it's a little bit similar to Bitcoin and ethereum Um the only difference to ethereum is That it is quite for me quite Um strongly still leaning towards the Downside here in that yes short term Upside here highlighted in yellow in This yellow wave count absolutely Possible but overall The overall wave count Still would suggest lower lows and again There are different ways of counting This higher level so for me we have to Take it level by level with Ada as well Because we are in the realm of making New lows here we have made a new low on The 9th of November 10th of November Um So we just need to see if we make new Lows how do we react to these critical Support levels and the next critical Support level would be around 29 to 30 Cents that is the 88.7 percent FIB level Foreign That is by the way a very important Um level of the larger Ada cycle I get Regularly questions how how do I Actually determine that well all I have

To do Um we talked about the high level wave Kind of one of the previous videos and Said this here this spike in May 21 was A wave one and then we take here the um Wave one high and I need to take the Retracement tool we go from the low To the wave one and you can actually see That it takes us To that 30 Cent level I haven't really Accurately calculated from down there we Need to start at basically roughly zero Down there yeah and then it takes us it Takes us into the region here between 29 And 30 cents not so relevant where Exactly we start to measure because it Doesn't really make a great difference But that's sort of the region where we Can look at look for the um 88.7 flip Level and that's sort of the last the Larger Um Level on the on the Fifth Scale here on The FIP letter for Ada of the larger Cycle so it is highly relevant and if we Break that well then I think we have Lower possibilities into regions 20 Cents 15 cents yeah Um short term Short term due to the overall structure It suggests still that we are going to Come down lower as well Um just has to do with the situation That if we start counting the wave one

From here from that high at around 45 Cents we say we completed the wave one Down we completed a wave 2 up we're now In this third wave down and to be honest This could just be a one-two setup of The third wave but it's not entirely Clear so I think we just have to be Careful here generally with altcoins Also with Ada yeah I'm not suggesting Here that the low is already in it can Be in but again the price action since The low is not convincing yet in that Respect so short-term upset possible That could be in a one two setup it Could be something else and I would Consider with more let's say with more Um Conviction that the low is already in if We break above the 41.1 Cent level did Mention that before as well that's a 78.6 percent flip level if we break Above that level we can become more Bullish because then it is a stronger Retracement than would be ideal but at The moment I mean just look at the wave Count it doesn't really suggest yet that There is a lot of impulse going on here Even that move up with just a very clear Three wave move from the low of of the 9th of November lawyer Um so I'm looking at this still in terms Of an A B and the C wave up Um Yeah and um so that's sort of still here

My my view really and we could say you Know we can give it sort of the chance To say that this year was a wave one up Then we had an A B C here with an Overshooting wave B But really should start to move up soon Right should start to move up so maybe We do one more dip here into the region 32.1 Cent that with a low but we Shouldn't avoid to go below the 31.4 Cent level which is here below from the 14th of November if we do that I think We're gonna go down straight away Evidence that a Wave 3 has started would Be a break above the With one high the 33 Cent high and Target for that wave three roughly just Roughly would be the 37 Cent level or 38 Maybe even here to that wave a High Um But the focus would still be on the Downside at the moment it's just not Just not very convincing yet Um see we just need to be careful you Can now draw a new kind of trend line Here so we might actually Yeah we might well we oh we can actually Draw a channel here and Um But it's you know these channels they're Not very convincing in terms of bullish Price action they're more like Consolidation channels so the thing is You know if we make a low below that

31.4 Cent level it suggests we go down Straight away first support around the 29 to 30 Cent level and that's really Everything I can talk about really with Respect to Ada Um bear in mind we started our own stake Pool Ada stake pool last week We already have more and more delegators So 63 delegators now Um is going up constantly and within a Week not even a week I think a little Bit more hot than half a week we have Already Um 1.67 million Ada on the stake pool so A lot of delegations coming in so again Thanks so much for the community if you Like to support MCO Um to enable us to grow and make better And longer videos and so on and and Deliver more content generally then Please also consider delegating to the Ada stake pool I think from the next Epoch Epoch um I think 367 that will be We should be generating rewards that Just has to do with the you know with The situation you know when people Started delegating and when we reached Sort of an important threshold on the Pool in terms of how many Aid I have Been delegated to increase the Probabilities of generating rewards and I think that kicks in from next Epoch Um so it will be roughly another five Days until that Epoch starts but um yeah

It's looking really good and um so yeah It's rolling 1.67 million which is Amazing and again if you consider Delegating to Ada to our Ada stake pool As well let's take a look at the videos In the video description I've got I've Got some links there and also have the Link to our stay pool yeah hopefully you Like the update about ADA So if you did please hit the like button Leave a comment and subscribe and if you Really like the content then please Check out the channel membership thanks A lot for watching bye Thank you

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