Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA cardano so in this video we're going To take a look at the entire Ada chart Because you know as I said in the last Ada video the binance so I used the Ada The Um Ada USD chart before from binance Calculated by trading view it's the Longest shot I haven't found any other Chart that has the same price history Unfortunately there have been a few Glitches Um unnaturally long Wicks which Um mess my chart up because these are Either glitches errors or whatever Um so I have to go to another data Source I've chosen Ada usdt Unfortunately when using Ada usdt this High here is not really that substantial So I think the Ada usdt chart is a bit Different but it is more accurate here In the most recent past therefore we're Going to go to the Ada usdt chart and we Just need to remember that the first High Um was around 141 but that shouldn't be A problem but what I want to do I'm Going to show you the entire Ada chart And we talk a little bit about price Targets as well for the future long term I have started to create a collection of Long-term charts Um videos yeah yesterday I made one of

For ethereum Bitcoin the long-term Charts it will take a while until they Change but I want to create this sort of Library Um of long-term trials for people who Want to you know get an explanation of Long-term child so I don't need to do it In every video so Um yeah this is uh one of them this is Ada so in this video we are talking About entire chart history and then we Take a look at the most recent Um past as well so we're going to label This entire chart together So What we see here is um Ada on the linear Chart Um the view is that this year back in The Bull Run 2017 18 was actually a wave One so this was adar's first wave up Um again we just need to remember that It actually was higher than it's shown Here on the usdt chart so this was a Wave one we then came down in a wave 2 Here that was early 2018 and we're now Moving up in a wave three there'll be Away four and the five just need to Remember that Um This is obviously just the higher level Wave pattern so I have to change the Wave degree here as well Just to make it um To make it uh so that it makes sense and

Then Just make it a bit less obvious this Line and yeah this is the overall The overall wave count Um wave one two three four five and then Within this wave three That's the thing you know we've got five Sub waves so I'm going to zoom in now And we're going to add those five sub Waves we have here A wave one That was back in May 21 then here a wave 2 that's what's currently happening the Next wave up will be a wave three there Will be a wave four and away five to Finish off this higher degree wave 3. so What we can do we make that a different Color Different wave degree Edit wave analysis is not that simple I Always have to say you know there is a Lot of work in it obviously I show you How to label this but um the higher Level wave kind of ADA I just know Because I did it before I did analyze The entire chart before you always have To I mean you can make assumptions on This time frame but you have to go Through all the sub waves to get a Really good and um proper Analysis so you don't just do this in Five minutes normally Um but yeah we would assume that the Next wave up will be a third wave

And I can also give you a target for That so we start basically you need zero We go to the wave one high Go to the most recent low around 30 Cents I mean it might go a bit lower but Just to give you an understanding a Rough idea Target for the next all-time High yeah this wave three in green that Would be at least 4.25 so the 1.618 Extension this can stretch out a little Bit further uh maybe all the way up to 5 2017 the 200 extension then we would Come down and away four move up in a Five that would finish off this wave Three high that might be around well 6.70 here the 2.618 extension then there Should be a wave four in yellow and the Wave five in yellow so then we talk Maybe about something like ten dollars But that would be years out most likely Okay Um this is sort of the long term Target Now what we have to do now that we know That we are sort of in this time frame We um And by the way it doesn't really matter If the wave one was here or here Um this will have an impact later on the Targets for wave three But not not massively so if it is a bit Higher it actually will push a bit Higher in the wave three as well Um it it only has really and I doesn't Really have a Major Impact my view is

Looking at the linear chart to have the Wave one here would mean that I have to Count differently Um I would have to Let me just try something here So the wave too low was actually March 2020 can you see that okay Um but I would have to count it Differently I would have to say in this Particular wave count if we leave the Wave one at the very top That the March 2020 low was obviously The beginning of the wave one we came Down to two here at three four no sorry That is wrong wrong no from Mass 120 Here wave um Okay now it would have to be one two Three four five but the wave four is way Too strong Um it just doesn't add up really and um Again in the end it doesn't make too Much Doesn't make too much of a difference Um the reason is again it in the in the In the move down here It is just a question of how do I Actually count it you know it doesn't Really change the overall scenario here Because the chart has come down in this Wave 2 correction yeah if I move it here Or here it's still a wave 2 correction So it doesn't change anything and it has Come down far enough in both scenarios So for me the preferred scenario also

Because it's aligned with the Bitcoin One is that this was just a wave a to The downside and overshooting with b and We're now coming down in a c wave this Is for me the most likely scenario it Works best from the you know looking at The proportions and everything Um But yeah that that's where we are and I Think now that we've talked about that Let's Um Let us zoom in and let's take a look at This entire move down So we leave it on the daily chart I Think And We are then going to label First of all the highest wave degree Down so let me let me let me have a look So from The top We have a five wave move obviously Because we're talking here about a wave C to the downside the wave C of the wave 2. so a wave c will consist of five Waves so what we try to do we try to Identify the let's say the main wave C On the chart And for me I mean there's different options and in The end they don't matter too much I Give this a one here or two Here are three

The Wave 4 here most recently the let me See Um you know here a wave Again there's different possibilities we Could count all of this as a triangle Then we had the wave four High Here And then we're moving down in a wave Five to finish off this wave two and of Course I would have to change here the Wave degree as well Whites So I would I would leave it like that And there's different possibilities how I can count this way for again in the End and that's where we are we're going To take a look now in in detail really Um because this is not a question right Where where do we have all these um you Know how far down can we come and what I Can tell you I mean we've come down far Enough for Ada Um what is interesting is if we draw the FIB levels here That we have come down basically to the 88.7 flip level so let me just activate Them again Um I need to activate the 88.7 This one this one I think I've got them all now yeah So basically here the 30 Cent level Roughly is the 88.7 flip level I didn't Quite catch the entire low here but it's It's here it's the 30 Cent level the

88.7 FIB level and this is exactly where We currently are yeah Um so it is Major support So let's zoom in And go into the four hour chart for the Lower level wave count And yeah there are different Possibilities how this whole thing can Be counted Um we talked about it in previous videos That we had here our larger triangle That's for example a possibility with a B c d and e and then we started the Decline basically from here And again there's different Possibilities of how this whole thing Can be counted Um you could say we are now in in this Way five which is then an ending Diagonal which again consists of five Waves so we could say this for example Was a wave one Here Wave 2 this will be a Wave 3 There'll be away four into five to the Downside and again I hear I have to Change the wave degree again And it's not a problem that for example We have overlaps here Or that the wave Um three is shorter than one that's not A problem With three mustn't be the shortest one That's fine but in this scenario that we Have here on the chart

Um it is sort of quite obvious that this Is a wave 5 in itself and this counts as A so-called ending diagonal yeah they Often come across as ending diagonals Not necessarily as impulses not towards The end of such a strong bear Market Therefore we are seeing at the moment a Lot of different diagonal type wave Patterns and Well let's now really take a look at the Lower level Um Scenario here So there are there are different Possibilities here as well So overall what we can say Is that again this was a wave one down Here where we Delete that No not that So where we came down to around 33 cents That was on the 21st of October we then Moved up in a wave two actually I moved The wave to here this was an A B C and We then came down here again within this Um third wave again this can come down Quite a bit it's it's not clear but we Have to assume lower as long as we don't See a real reversal signal so we now go Even in the lower wave count again and We say this it could have been a wave One We might not still in a wave two There'll be a three four five to finish

Off this third wave to the downside and Here again we go to the lower wave Degree maybe different color just to Show the difference here Okay so something like that yeah One down here the wave two to the upside There will be a three down four up five Down to finish off wave three in yellow So you can see the potential the chart Still has to move lower I mean you see also the reason here why I changed the overall chart now the data Source because here we had an unnatural Low Wick and it actually made a lower Low already so what you can see without Even putting Elliott waves on the chart It's a very very clear triangle move Here into an apex where we are going to See a decision here very very soon And I was starting to think that this is Possibly a triangle yeah Um And there's different possibilities here Again I mean let let's be honest this Could be a wave one down here and we're Now in two Um but it could maybe even more likely Is the idea that this was actually a Wave one down this was the two this is The three this is currently a wave four Triangle that would actually be my Preferred count to be honest now the way This looks and we're coming down in five Or three afterwards and then we can add

The wave counts to the triangle it's Actually a very clear triangle Um See a little triangles and and the fact It's a triangle just it looks just like You know it's it's an ABCDE And the way forward So So we could come down now and uh first Indication would be a break of the Delo At 31.8 cents and the break of the wave Below would be confirmation that would Be at 31.5 cents and then we'll make a New low anyway yeah Um and then looking I mean you can just Take the height of the triangle to get a Possible Target for the next move down That take that with a pinch of salt but It would take us into the region around 25 cents Um and that would not be unrealistic Let's be honest right because if I take The length of that wave one up there In green And I added to the possible way for high Here of the triangle then first Target Would be 26.8 cents that's one to one Ratio or the 1.618 extension that's 22.8 Cents so somewhere in between Um would make sense and yeah this is how It looks I did originally anticipate him A short-term upside but the way this Looks like it might not happen Um this is still possible though

Um and it would mean that the move down Yes was away three possibly but then This year was possibly a wave Now that that's not possible in a way For Um yeah it would be a different wave Pattern but I would say that it's also Possible That we've done here a wave a to the Upside away of B down and we're now Waiting here for a wave C to the upside The problem is this messy price action Here doesn't really fit to an ABC it Looks more like a triangle so that would Be my view here I would change my view If we go above the wave C high at 34.5 Then I think we can see a more Substantial Retracement to the upside and I can give You a target for that as well in that Case then I would say So let me just Would say I would say Yeah That we get if we go above that wave C High I think a major area of resistance Will be that 37 level the 50 flip Retracement and then the 61.8 at 38.9 And only if we get above 41 cents 78.6 Percent flip level I would consider Something more bullish Okay so I hope that was clear giving you A target for the overall move down here Um I can't really because in a different

Scenario Ada could already have Bottom Now it doesn't really look likely Um but if we make it just a small change Up here I would move the way for here and it Would just be an ABC that's possible as Well right Um I would say that we have already five Waves down we have the wave one the wave Two the wave three the wave four and the Wave five and that would be an ending Diagonal already complete so it's not Entirely clear yet but I'm going to Focus on Lower for Ada because as long As I don't see a reversal signal I'm Going to do that very simply okay but Yeah that's not update about ADA I hope You like the update if you did please Hit the like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership and very important as Well very important as well Um if you are if you like the video and If you want to support more crypto Online MCO then take a look at our stake Pool we have nearly 6 million Ada Delegated now to our stake pool that was Only launched 10 days ago and we've Really only communicated it to the to The community community a week ago Um and it's just grown like it's crazy Like eight percent saturation within a Week is absolute Madness you can only

Thank every one of you who's been Delegating to the stake pool it just Allows us to create better content you Know and just to grow as as more crypto Online really and you still get rewards You know you get rewards on your Ada now We haven't really Um reaped any rewards yet and the reason Is the sticker really only is has only Like a few days ago reached the 1 Million Mark and we're already now at 6 Million which is absolutely ridiculous But from the next Epoch we should Generate rewards and that's what I'm Really looking forward to so yeah if you Are interested in dedicating to our Ada State Pool more crypto online then you Can find a link to the stake put in the Description and also two videos about How you can actually delegate to an ADA Stake pool thanks a lot for watching and See you in the next video bye Thank you

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