Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA so we have actually finally reached The 30 Cent level loyal viewers will Remember that I've been waiting for this 30 Cent level already here back in May And then here again early in October Middle of October where we came down to 32 cents early in May it was around 30 Or 38 cents yeah and I know there were a Few few annoyed people who were waiting For the 30 Cent level and there you go You've got it now so hope you are hope You're happy Um my view is Um I would like to I'm going to do it I Would like to change slightly the wave Count of ADA um just because with the Latest price action down there it Doesn't really make too much more sense To consider this movement here which Occurred between May and September as a Triangle it's still possible Um but I like another count a bit more And it doesn't really impact the latest Price actually anything but it fits Better you know with looking at all the Proportions the triangle helped us very Well Um it uh did us a good service in in Forecasting the further price movements Here for Ada and to forecast another low Which now has already happened right so Ada in the last few days has actually

Followed the primary price expectation Of another low to 30 cents and now that We've reached this target We need to well take a step back Um look at what could happen now and Make the next basically you know Identify the next scenarios right Because target has been reached so let's Take a look at what's actually possible Um if we consider this not as an elite Wave triangle but just purely as a very Simple Um yeah Contracting triangle Um you would in traditional ta you would Just use that at the height of the Triangle to the breakout point and you Get to around about 15 cents overall as A Target I just wanted to mention that Um so where I before had the way for Here where we finished the triangle in The elite wave triangle count I'm going To put the Wave 4 here that's of course Possible as well I think that is where I Had it very much originally Um but it's now looking like what we're Putting in place here is an overall Larger diagonal pattern so what I'm Actually going to do I'm going to take The yellow count out but it's a larger Ending diagonal pattern here in this Fifth wave down and I would consider This now as a wave one which Bottom t at Around 40.5 cents then a wave 2 to the Upside which peaked at around 60 cents

Then we came down in a wave three here Most recently to 33 cents this was a Wave 4 to the upside Here at um where were we 44 cents and we Are now coming down in that fifth wave Off The fifth wave basically right to finish Off the larger correction of a wave two So now that we've established that I Think it fits much better Um looking at the proportions of the Subways as well and therefore we're now Going to go in I had a few problems with The Ada chart most recently Um as you will remember we had this Issue with the binance Ada USD and you Had that unnatural Spike to the downside But now this is looking much better and Also from the proportions this works out Quite well so looking at this now I'm Actually considering the movement Um each of these sub waves in this Ending diagonal is an ABC So this makes now a bit more sense in That I can actually look at the movement From the well we know I would put that Here actually yeah from the high this Movement I would consider this move down As a wave a Take those Subways out because the Latest price action makes this movement Here more likely or this count this was Actually an a wave down this was a b Wave up the B wave as a triangle likely

And then here is C wave down to finish Off the overall correction yeah and this Is how I would go with it at the moment And then if we say okay we've got the C Wave here this would allow us now also To calculate a Target much much better For for Ada um this wave count has the Advantage so if we take the length of The a wave and we compare it with the High of the B wave which we'll see Around 33 cents then the first Target For Ada would be the 20 cent level which Is the one to one ratio that would Obviously be below the 88.7 FIP level The 88.7 FIB level of the larger Ada Cycle is here the 30 Cent level any drop Below that would not be great for the Chart but I must also say that ADA is One of the the fuel coins that actually Hasn't dropped below that level most Coins have already dropped below the Level Um especially smaller cap altcoins But as long as it doesn't stay below it Forever it's good it's okay it's just That the chart suggests it at the moment Right it suggests at least here the 20 Cent which would be the one to one ratio And then in the let's say worst case Even the 12 cent level that would be the 1.618 extension so we just have to go With that Um in terms of Target you would expect This C wave to play out in five waves so

We'd be looking here at something like Um a wave one two three four five which HD wave degree actually Here and five waves and then we would be Looking at the sub wave just to Understand Um yeah is this wave one already in I Think it could be in this first wave let Me see I think I actually mentioned in my Previous video that this could have been The low maybe this was already the wave Two and we're possibly already in the Third wave just need to take that now Step by step here but the focus is Further on the downside clearly as long As we stay below 33 cents yeah and move Above that level would Well it would mean we have to Re-calibrate here Um but ideally it stays below that 33 Level now um because this is the Beginning of the impulse down right um So we might have to consider the idea That the low was already in if we now Break above that level but for now it is Possible that this was already the wave Too high but it would be very shallow Yeah because a wave 2 would normally Would normally expect at least the 38.2 Percent flip level now it hasn't even Reached that Now that's not necessarily a major Problem but normally you would expect

That actually that it goes a bit higher But it wouldn't be against the rules to Have a very shallow wave too based on That we would now move down in the third Wave actually Um And target for that third wave would Actually be the 26 and a half cent level Let's see if we actually get there Um what also is a possibility Is that we had here some kind of an Expanded flat so this was a wave a b and The C wave would still push higher I Wouldn't rule that out that would be the Alternative wave too Um but yeah generally I would expect now Generally the trend is further down Until we break above 33 cents then we Need to look at these um structures and Yeah that's my update at the moment About ADA um generally one more Commentary about the stake pool maybe You've missed it maybe you know it but If you want to support more crypto Online if you hold any Ada and you are Interested in delegating your Ada and Supporting the cardano blockchain then Feel free to also uh dedicate to the More crypto online stake pool we've got Our own Ada stake pool that we launched Basically well a couple of weeks ago we Already have nearly 2 million Um Ada in the stake pool now um so it's Growing the number of delegators is

Growing every day Um of course the number of ADA will Fluctuate a bit depending on if you have A few whales and they move in and out But overall this is amazing growth for Within just sort of not even a couple of Weeks and from this current Epoch let me Just actually check I think from this Epoch we it's no from the next Epoch Which starts in well in an hour we Should generate rewards because we have A sufficient 8 on our pool And very excited for Epoch 377 because It will be the first Epoch in which we Will most likely generate rewards so if You're interested in delegating uh feel Free to do so it would help the channel A lot and you can find the links for That in the video description including Two videos how to do it thanks a lot for Watching hope you like the update about ADA and yeah please leave a comment Subscribe and yeah I hope I'll see you In the next video thank you very much Bye Thank you

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