Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about ADA cardano continues to be Yeah in a bit of an ambiguous pattern Overall just to take a little bit of a a Look at the longer time frame chart this Is unchanged from previous videos my View is still that back in 2018 we had a Wave one we came down the wave two along Correction we should now be as per this Scenario and model we should be in the Third wave to the upside which is Normally the most bullish wave Um but within this third wave then we Are obviously in a certain sub wave Because the Wave 3 which is the yellow One consists of five waves And um We have here a wave one this was the Peak at around 250 in May 21 and we're Coming down in Wave 2 at the moment my View is this is not yet over I think we Should see one more low on the Ada chart It's just not moving up enough for that It's Hovering around the 30 Cent Mark and you Will remember how important the 30 Cent Level was for me and now for for days We've been moving around this level so It's a highly relevant level and not Without reason I've been looking forward To this level The next move up should be ideally a

Wave 3 in green there will be a way four And away five to finish off this Wave 3 In yellow so all of that is sort of part Of this scenario Um target for the way three in green That would be the next all-time high Target the most imminent one would be Around four dollars and fifty maybe Slightly lower than that for 20 to 450. Um In this current pattern here where we Are we obviously as I said this was a Wave one in my opinion and we came down In an a wave moved up in a b and come Down in a c at the moment This is important because ABC this Pattern is a corrective pattern and Would be part of a wave two so the wave One would therefore be finished here This is important to know where to Measure the key Fibonacci levels from And Um yeah then you know we've got your Wave a down which is part of corrective Pattern and overshooting wave B Which is hard to identify and then a Wave C to the downside so so this wave C Consists of five waves We are currently in these five waves Wave one here around 180 that was in October 21 we moved up in a wave 2 came Down on the way three then we had this Long sideways waist movement here Um

But within that we had the wave four and We're now coming down in this fifth wave And this fifth wave is in my opinion Ideally and there are various Interpretations possible Ideally this is an ending diagonal in a Wave one already done two already done Three already done four already done and We're now in the fifth wave This could come down a bit lower yeah no Problem so Um If we take a look at here the length of The wave one And we measure ideal targets the One ideal Target here was the one to one Ratio the 30 Cent level that's why it's So relevant yeah Um This is this is important if I measure It like that so 30 cents that's one one Explanation why I had the wave uh the 30 Cent level is important level but also Because it's the 88.7 FIB level of the Larger cycle If we zoom in now the question is you Know is this way five already over so This ending diagonal in wave five one Two three four five is this yellow wave Five of the larger wave 5 already done The answer here is very clearly it could Be It could be Because in this um where are we where

Are we where are we In this yellow wave five I'm just going To show you because it's a bit messy but I'm going to show you here the the Overall wave count for this wave Um For this wave let me just think Yeah so one possible option where we Could say okay the load was actually Maybe in Is that we from this wave four high at 44 cents we came down in an a wave we Moved sideways in a triangle in a b wave A b wave can be a triangle no problem And the wave C was just here short five Wave moved down where we bottomed out at Just around 30 cents Yeah and since then we've been moving up We haven't made a new low technically The low could be in do I find it likely No you know so primary expectations Actually yes we came down in a we moved Sideways in B and we're now coming down In C so primary expectation is here the The the yellow count Um I know it's a bit hard to see The Meta really and take that side Breakdown yellow count would suggest That Um in this C wave you know we've done Only the wave one we've done the wave Two wave three would be next Target Around 26 27 cents there will be a wave 4 and would come away five maybe around

22 23 cents so not a problem that would Be the primary expectation why is this Actually the primary expectation why is Not the the let's say the blue count the Bullish breakout count the primary Expectation it just has to do with the Fact that honestly since we hit the low And it is it has been a new low we Haven't really seen a massive reaction So not a lot of buyers Um just shows in the market is sort of Fed Up Um and and for example other let's say Ethereum looks much more impulsive this It doesn't look aggressive at all yeah It looks kind of aggressive but rather To the downside so for me the move up Here which I have labeled as a possible Wave one something I'm purely observing Not something I am looking at in terms Of okay this could be primary Expectation this looks too correct if to Me yeah I mean it could be a leading Diagonal which would then be part of a Valid uptrend but these patterns are Largely unreliable so wave one up yeah Then here A B C and the C wave would be A five wave move would only work if we Assume this was a truncated Wave It's The next problem with this chart Truncated wave normally only valid if we See strong upside afterwards so far I Can't see that so nah I'm rather looking For one more low

We can explore more upside if we get Above 33 cents I said that in the Previous videos Um here you know maybe we have a Truncated low and maybe you're already Moving up but then again what what Should this be this would be another one Two here then this would have to be the Next one to it's getting unrealistic Already so I'm rather looking at more Downside here shortly okay and the Signal for that would be a break below The 30 Cent level then we will retest Most likely 29 and a half and we'll then Come down to that 26 27 Cent range and That's currently where we are with Ada Hope you like the update if you like to Support more crypto online as a channel And would like to support our stake pool Which is still very new yeah we're still In the process of um finding the first Blocks yeah so we haven't generated any Rewards but the stake pool is really Only like two weeks old so bear with us Please yeah it's new for us as well but If you like to support the channel if You like the content and if you like to Support more to online to grow then feel Free to delegate your Ada to the MCO Stake pool and you can earn passive Ada With your Ada and you can do that by Following the instructions in the videos That you can find in the description Plus you can find a link to the state

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