Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Daily candle close here just a quick Update because Ada is pushing into Resistance right at this moment it's not A very interesting chart to be honest at The moment Um Ada has been for a for a long time Now really been in this very very slow Sideways Sell-off kind of thing Um in my opinion an ending diagonal in This fifth wave here I talked about Targets in the previous video for a new Low in the region between first 26 and Then 22 cents that seems likely at the Moment it's a five wave move down one Two three four five in an ending Diagonal if I go to the one hour chart You can see that One second You can see that in this wave down In this fifth wave It's down here we are forming Three waves A b c that at least seems likely and the C wave is probably currently unfolding And my view is we've seen a wave one Down We're possibly still in the wave too There should be a Wave 3 wave four and Away five so that is how I would like to See it work out ideally it would then Follow here this yellow wave count and I Think it's quite likely Wave 2 is still

Unfolding you know the way this develops Um The movements that occurred from the 21st of November low here at around About 29.5 cents all the way up here to 32.3 cents on the um 20 26th of November Looks corrective And therefore my expectation remains That this year is most likely a wave 2. Now this Wave 2 can move a bit higher Still no problem it could move all the Way up to The 78.6 percent FIB level That is at 32.4 cents that's not a Problem at all it's actually quite a Likely Target for a wave two only above That it will get less likely that it's Still a wave two yeah so um I wouldn't Be surprised to reach here 32.4 cents But if we get above that level we need To consider something more bullish Yeah um and this would get even more Important if we break above 33 cents so Key resistance is 33. we are currently Also trying to push through a direct Resistance level that is here at 32 Cents it's all the swing highs we're Currently trying to push through I think If we can do that then we can get quite Quickly to the 33 level But as I said if we drop or if we take a Look at the 78.6 flip level then before We get to 33 Cents the 32.4 Cent level will be

Relevant as well okay so that would be The bearish count Um that means we can push a bit higher And then most likely we'll get rejected To the downside we broke out of this Triangle to the upside that in itself Doesn't necessarily mean much what Really needs to happen now is to break Above This resistance level now what Happens if we move up higher you know is There a bullish count what would be the Bullish count and what would be the Effects So yes it could be a bullish count I did Have it on the chart before took it off Because I find the immediate sale of Scenario more likely at least if at Least Ada hasn't really shown us any Let's say bullish signals that we can Consider with high confidence therefore For me the focus is still on the Downside in terms of upside Um possibilities yes we can say that we Had a wave one here leading diagonal a Wave two to the downside and we're now In the third wave there'll be a fourth And a fifth and within this third wave We have also seen A wave one a wave 2 and so we would be Moving higher now okay so be aware of That Um target for this white third wave here You know if this bullish potential plays Out and I would see it as

More likely if we break above the 33 It's not exactly 33 it's actually 33.2 Cent level but in terms of a target for This Wave 3 we're talking about 33.9 Sense okay so just that you know how a Bullish count could work out as well but It's not that reliable the bullish count On this chart okay and it's not up at About eight I hope you like the update If you did please hit the like button Leave a comment and subscribe and if you Really like the content then please Check out the channel membership thanks A lot for watching bye

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