Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about ADA I will keep it very short because It's a super Super Boring chart at the moment Um I mean it really it's hard to find Any any charts that are less exciting Than than the Ada chart at the moment Um this movement is just sort of you Know we've been in a Range now for Roughly 10 days or more right in this in This boring range between 32 cents and 30 cents as you can see we've moved up To the range bounced of it Touched it again touched again bounced Over it moved to the lower band of the Range move to the upper Bend of the Range that's exactly where we are now Um and it seems like we're bouncing off Again so it's just a super super boring Um boring chart yeah you know you can Interpret all kinds of counts Unfortunately into this so the elite Wave method doesn't really give you a Great Advantage here and to be honest I Really think We need to wait for a clear signal here Of this chart Um my focus is generally on Trend Continuation to the downside in the Yellow count and then we say we had a Wave one here we moved up in the Wave 2

To around 32 cents might not be bouncing Off and the target for the Wave 3 would Be around 26. we looked at that in the Previous video but nothing happened Since then then there should be wave Four and away five down ideally sort of In the region around 22 cents at least The Fibonacci extension levels would Suggest it at the moment confirmation For the yellow column that it would work Out would be a breakout below the I Would say the wave too low here yeah Below 30 cents so we really follow down And break the 30 Cent level I think then We are we can be at least quite certain That we are in the third wave to the Downside here the third wave Of A c wave here to finish off this overall Bear Market Um There is short-term upside possible as Well As long as we're holding the 30 Cent Level and that's the White Wave count Here yeah as per the white count we Moved up in a wave one We came down in a way of two in a Corrective wave even though and that's My problem the move down doesn't really Look entirely corrective so it looks a Bit more impulsive actually But still it's okay you know we can we Can look at it because we didn't break

The 30 Cent level and the 30 Cent level Was here in that area was my um Trend Reversal area and uh These are the areas where I would expect A reversal even if it's only temporary And we did reverse from it So we actually moved since then from Well basically how much was that I think we touched it really at 30 cents Here we moved all the way up well six And a half cents I mean it's not nothing Exciting at the moment here but still Um then we could say that we are now in This third wave to the upside Target for the third wave let's Calculate that as well that would be the Bullet interpretation of this Target Would be around 34 and a half cents So that is where we would need to get to To have a little bit more of a bullish Outlook here But yeah in this third wave to the Upside we can say we've made a wave one We've made a wave two This could be another one to set up Currently wave one up wave two down for That to work out we need to hold the 30.8 Cent level And then we could move up in a way three Of wave three But again confirmation or indication That this is finally happening to the Upside would be a break above 32 cents

And then 33.2 so we are really in a Range and needed some kind of a signal Here I mean we had a bit of a possible Triangle here we broke above that but This is not yet in any way exciting Really so so I think it's time to be a Bit patient here with Ada Um I hope you like the updates Um but before we finish if you like to Support more crypto online as a channel Um and also our staking pool and feel Free to delegate your Ada to our stake Pool you can find links and videos how To do this in the video description Um we have nearly 100 delegators at the Moment and we're very young pool so I Haven't yet found a block but I'm sure Shortly we will do Um sometimes it takes weeks or even Months to do that but I think we're in Good track you know we already have Enough people enough Ada delegated to Have good chances of doing so so I'm Just need to be a bit patient and I'll Defend keep you updated about it so Hopefully you like the update if you did Please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye [Music]

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