Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Video about ADA so Ada shows some sign Signs of life nothing I would get super Excited about all that happened is that We see a little bit of a green candle Here because Ada broke above that Resistance level that I highlighted to You the 32 Cent level whenever you get a Break above such a level you can Normally expect some kind of movement Because you know as you can see the Price has been constrained below the 32 Cent level for a while and we talked About if we can get above 32 it would Most likely take us fairly quickly to 33 Or 33.2 cents that's nothing to get Super excited about Um we've got on the chart here the Bullish count and the bearish count they Are both unfortunately still very very Much possible but at the moment it looks A little bit more like that ADA is Following here a bullish count that we Can take a look at the White Wave count That is Um and that is possible as long as we're Holding here this yellow support area so As long as we're holding the 30 Cent Level as long as that's intact you know The charts can move higher certainly Because this one two setup is valid okay So that means that here with this low There is a at least a case to be made That ADA has finished the correction

This was a wave one to the upside here Wave two we came into my support area This was a long entry area as always you Know these Trend reversal areas now I'm Never telling you to buy you have to Make that decision for yourself but These are the areas where I believe the Price is turning here is the turn and it Has moved up since then how much around Eight percent not bad but I also need to Highlight That ADA hasn't really delivered massive Performance in the last few days Um this is nothing to get too excited About at least not yet so we can also Draw a little bit of a channel actually If you draw a parallel Channel let's see If that's It might actually be relevant so you Could even argue with just in this Channel so I would be careful here to Get over excited because we are just Approaching Channel resistance at 32.8 Cents if we get above that it can take Us certainly to 33.2 and then as we Already highlighted in the last video The target for this Wave 3 up here you Know White Wave 3 we can just calculate that Target again Would take us to the 1.618 extension Actually only 34 cents but we need to be Careful because it's most likely higher Because we have to consider also here

That one two setup that we've got and There's different ways of how this can Be counted Um Let me to not cause confusion I move the Yellow count out of the way for a moment But we get back to that Um we've got obviously here the idea That this was a one two setup It would have to be a wave 1 as a Leading diagonal which isn't great but It's a possible one to set up and here Then the Wave 3 and what we've got here Is the sub waves these are the sub waves Of that wave three hero wave one and Here wave two And then from here we can start in the Third wave so if I calculate the target For this third wave Then of course the higher degree Wave 3 Needs to be higher So this third wave here should take us To 34.2 cents which means that the Higher degree Wave 3 will most likely Sit higher maybe the 35 36 Cent range All of that provided that Um yeah here the 30 cents level is Holding and in the short term it would Be important to hold the 31 Cent level Now the problem is if I look at this as A bullish count Um there's different ways of of counting This I mean we're getting into micro Counting here you know they are

Sometimes unreliable these micro counts Um they are fragile there's different Interpretations the View is I could also count this in a Different way Um But actually having the Wave 2 here Looks okay given the strong move to the Upside because this strong move here Suggests this is away three So one two and then one two and now the Wave three to the upside two into the Direction around 34 cents so to get more Confidence that this bullish count is Actually working out I want to see and The Bulls need to do that A break out of the Channel I want to Break above the wave e high above 33.2 Cents and I want to reach that it's Rough 34 Cent Target for Wave 3 and then We can take this more seriously because Until then the yellow card is still very Very likely Um the the account has nothing has done Nothing to invalidate here the yellow Count or the chart has done nothing so This is the bearish count we were saying You know we're in a five wave move to The downside and that's valid as long as We stay below 33.2 cents now admittedly We've now pushed into a directional into A region where the bearish count gets Less likely because

As soon as you get above the 78.6 Retrace It is often not a wave 2 anymore but we Haven't substantially broken that level As you can see we are below the 32.4 Cent level but if we push high and Especially if we push above 32.8 which Would also take out take us out of this Channel yeah I think the bullish count Is getting more likely at the moment I Still have massive concerns about this Bullish count and it expressed that Before and I said until I see really Strong signals that the bullish count is Working out I would not Follow this with high confidence and the Reason is that it just doesn't look very Impulsive and the wave one at Best is a Leading diagonal this whole thing could Just be a corrective movement breakdown So therefore I'm not too excited about This I have to tell you that as well but Of course potentially it's there Especially with today's Green candle but it's nothing um nothing To get too excited about at least not Yet okay so as we push higher here and See the five waves form and if we really Get all those five waves complete here One two three four five anybody who Didn't enter here Will or should have another chance to Enter after this ABC correction here Um in what I would then consider another

Larger one two setup okay and this might Update about ADA I hope you like the Update if you did please hit the like Button leave a comment and subscribe and If you really like the content then Please check out the channel membership Thanks a lot for watching bye

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