Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA Ada a little bit upside today where You can see here on trading view that Many cryptos are still in the red Ada Does push up a little bit uh basically 1.3 percent at 32.3 cents it's nothing Too exciting as I said in the last video In fact we haven't really moved too much Since the last video we also hear Sitting between two key scenarios for me It's a bit like you know we haven't Really seen enough upside since the 21st Of November low here at Round well just Below 30 cents to confirm that we have Bottomed Um it would be much easier if we had we Really seen five proper waves up a Proper impulse to the upside here of the Low but it has to be a leading diagonal At best and these are not very reliable Patterns but we can count it as a wave One up we can count it as a wave two Down and we can say that we possibly are Now in a third wave to the upside Um And in the third wave we have possibly Seen a 1-2 setup and we are now in third Wave however It hasn't done enough it just simply Hasn't done enough to convince me Um we would need to see in a third wave Now in this small third wave the 34 Cent Level if we get there yes then we can

Say with greater likelihood that things Are starting to move here finally and we Might be in this bullish Um or even if it's just short-term Bullish setup and that well Ada might Have actually bottomed but at the moment We're just in a Range after a low and Ada hasn't really done enough to Convince me that things are really Getting on the move here Um it would already be I mean Ada did Break above this small resistance level Here around 32 cents that's okay Um but we are still in in a channel as You can see here yeah what Ada needs to Do it needs to break out of the channel It needs to take out the wave e high Heat of that triangle at 33.2 cents That's certainly the next Target for the Bulls then it needs to reach that 34 Cent level which is the target of the Wave three and they are absolute Absolute It's a must for Ada to get there for the Bulls yeah it's not it's not a must for For Ada to get there but it's a must for The Bulls to get there if they want to Follow this bullish wave count here at The moment it could of course be that ADA has bottomed but there's no way of Telling that because we haven't yet seen Any substantial or convincing bullish Price action since the low and until I See that for me the yellow count is

Primary which is the count that suggests That we have come down impulsively after We broke out of the triangle and all We're doing now is putting a wave 2 in Place here three-way structure a b c or W x y and that we will see a strong Sell-off afterwards in a way three Target around 26 Cents then away four And away five down to maybe 22 23 cents They are ideal targets of course they Could extend further down that is However what we can see at the moment Um with all these cryptos they have all Done enough they don't need to to do More in their in the current correction Um but yeah Ada we just need a signal And a break out of the channel would Give us a clue in which direction we're Heading I think over to the upside I Gave you the key levels that we need to Break yeah to get more confidence here In the yellow count which at the moment Though is the primary count I would like To see one more low but I don't Necessarily need to see one model for Adair I mean we reached the 88.7 FIB Level we we came down to that um 29 Cent Level so I don't really need to see Another low it has done what it needs to Do in this current correction but when You reach a new low what you want to see You want to see buyers come in you want To see you know impulsive price actually You want to see the people who who are

Grabbing all the you know the discounted Ada but there isn't much so it's um it's Similar to you know Solana polka dots They are also not moving too much and I Think we will see if this doesn't change Soon and just to the upside we are soon Going to see here a new low for Ada Unfortunately so yeah just a quick Update really here about ADA hopefully We'll see a bit of movement Um next week because it is getting a Little bit boring I know a lot of people Are bored that is unfortunately what it Is in the market that is exactly when a Lot of people are exiting the market but That's actually when a lot of people Should enter the market when it's Actually getting interesting right but Yeah That's currently my update about ADA if You like the content if you like to Support MCO more crypto online as a Channel as a stake pool operator then Feel free to delegate your Ada here to Our more crypto online stake pool you Can find it on C Explorer the link is in The video description you can also find Two videos how to delegate your Ada to Our stake pool it's only really been Running for La for a couple of weeks now And we still wait for our first block to Be found Um I know a lot of other stake pool Operators it took them several weeks to

Do it so let's uh please give us a bit Of patience you know it's just it's all New for us as well but as you know with The stake pool we support the cardano Blockchain and the decentralization and It will help the channel grow as well And more crypto online as a business so Anybody who likes to delegate and likes Our updates feel free to delegate it Would be highly appreciated honestly so Yeah thanks for that and I hope you like The update about 8 if you did please hit The like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership as well thanks a lot For watching bye

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