Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Video about ADA cardano we all want to See some movement here this is really Getting tougher and tougher Um quite boring price movement over the Weekend not only around Ada but across The crypto Market really just sideways Movement in typical weekend fashion even Though sometimes on the Sunday we get Quite a bit of movement but the Saturdays are usually very very boring Um so this Saturday as well and how Sunday starts as well it's a bit boring But then as we're heading towards the Weekly calendar close we usually get a Lot of volatility Especially in the second half Or fourth quarter of the Sunday sort of In the last few hours before the weekly Calendar close Yeah Ada's movement yesterday didn't Really tell us a lot it just added to The corrective mess of this um chart Yeah we had quite a bit of a move down Here from around 32.7 cents all the way Down to 31.7 now in crypto terms that's Really not a lot Um but in times like these we're looking For the smaller screws right but this is Just intraday volatility so I wouldn't Read too much into this Um What what is unchanged is that in my Opinion the yellow count is still in

Force here in in power Um the yellow count is the bearish count The imminent bearish count that Um would suggest that we are currently Only putting a wave 2 high in place yeah And that's next there should be a wave Three down away four Up and Away five Down to finish off this sort of bear Market uh not guaranteeing to you that This will end the bear Market But it is certainly what the market Structure suggests that after these five Moves the market will have a chance to Put a more substantial low in place Um At the moment if we say okay we are Putting a wave 2 in place here then it's No surprise that it's retracing quite a Lot after this impulsive move down on The 21st of November and we can also Look at the Fibonacci retracement levels I think yesterday I told you that if we Want to keep hold of the yellow count And then stick to the yellow count Ada Needs to move down now and it did react To the 88.7 trip level here at 32.7 Cents but it's not enough yet to really Confirm anything Um we are still here following this path To the upside just up and down of course Nothing is moving in a straight line so We are not really any any We don't really know any more than Yesterday so it's still in my opinion as

Long as we are in this yellow Channel my View is the trend down is still ongoing We will see another low with Ada Um and again next wave three Target down Would be 26 Cents and the way five Target would take us into the 2223 Cent Range then we need to see How does the price actually react to These levels now it's again it's a Situation where every low could be the Last one we need to take it level by Level and we need to see how does every Um how does every or how does the price React to the new to any new low yeah we Need to understand that and the way that ADA reacted to this low from the 21st of November is not impressive what you Would normally like to see is as Indicated here in the white count that's The bullish outcome of this it would be Actually Um and it's not doing that right I mean It's following the white count as well To a degree that's the bullish breakout Count but it's not ideal because what You would like to see is a proper Impulse to the upside a five wave move Up Three ways down and then again five Waves up in a wave three The best thing that we have to offer Here is a leading diagonal it's a Leading diagonal can very easily be a Corrective wave pattern as well so it is

Not very convincing that this is indeed Following the wise count the white count Is just an illustration something I'm Observing it's not the primary Expectation the white count is a Possible breakout count that tells us What does Ada need to do if it wants to Follow or if it wants to carry out a Substantial breakout is currently not What I see as primary expectation but of Course we want to be prepared should it Happen you need to know what does Ada Need to do in any case here Um so in the breakout count Ada needs to Reach the 34 Cent level next that is the Target for this wave 3. if it doesn't Get there it's probably still in the Yellow count the yellow count itself Will already get less likely if we break Above 33.2 cents but it is not very Clear well it's getting closer yes but It's still not making any Aggressive attempts to break that level It seems to be constrained in this Yellow Channel and you could even call This some kind of a Bear Flag which Would eventually break down so yeah we Just continue to need some patience here The yellow count will get more likely if We break below 31 cents and then below 30 even more likely And I mean you can't even add here a Small trend line in the very short term Yeah you see this one here

And basically we are in some kind of a Mini Channel You could argue And as long as we are following this Obviously we're pushing higher higher Higher we're going to get into the Apex Here between this ascending trend line And the channel resistance but um all That tells you at the moment is that the Price is going to get squeezed and there Will most likely be possibly in a few Hours maybe maybe not before the Beginning of next week Um quite an impulsive outcome here I Mean don't forget Um I think is it next week I don't think It's next week yet But let me let me see no I don't think It's next week I think it's the week After next we have Um the CPI data plus the fmoc Um the fomc meeting in one Um Two days after each other right so the Fomc I'm just looking for this the fomc Meeting is on the I think it was the December I think it was in did here 13th The final fed meeting of 22 will happen On December 13th 14th with the right Decision coming at 2 pm Eastern Time on December the 14th so yeah it's going to Be very very interesting it's not next Week but it's going to be the week after Next so you know maybe we're not even

Gonna see a lot of movement across Crypto across the market until then then My view would be we see a bit of Volatility but then to be honest we're Now in December I remember last year December was super boring as well it's Just that time you know before the end Of the year that There isn't gonna you know your Institutions aren't gonna take huge Positions before the year end anymore You know it is what it is so I think we Are gonna see slow three to four weeks And then we can start a new year Hopefully with some movement okay That's my update about ADA I hope you Like the update if you did please hit The like button and leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye Thank you

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