Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] So with Ada we've still have here Conflict conflicts between the yellow Count which is the sell-off count which Goes like this one Two Three four five in an ending diagonal Most likely Got that yeah which is still possible as Long as we stay below 33.2 cents as you Can see this is seriously getting Challenged And the other count is the bullish count It's actually a breakout count that in My opinion Will get much more traction and deserves More attention should we really break Above that 33.2 level the breakout count Goes as follows wave 1 to the upside Here To around 32.2 cents then a wave 2 down And then we are now basically in this Third wave there will be a fourth and a Fifth we'd like to take the opportunity In this video to detail out and sketch Out a little bit the direct breakout Count Um because we need to be honest while The Wave 2 count or the yellow count They are the the sell-off count Is still possible We've now pushed again to the 88.7 Percent FIB level and if we get above

That level and break out of the Ascending Channel This would send us most likely higher Into the 34-35 region But at the moment I also have to say That very clearly we are still in the Channel we are still constrained by the Channel there's a channel within the Channel even so be aware of that Um in addition to that we're now on the One hour chart yeah if you look at the RSI we're getting into overboard Territory so it's it's not you know it's Getting exhausted already It's pushing against resistance So resistance is resistance as long as It is resistance and not broken so be Aware that this could still lead to Another sell-off I'm still leaning Towards that at the moment because for Me the movement to the upside here is Just not bullish enough However we can consider the breakout Count possible Yeah we can consider it possible from The low here which was made at around 29 And a half cents yeah Which was here on the 21st of November We can count this as a wave one to the Upside to show you that in In one of the previous videos how this Can be counted now this can easily be Counted as a five wave move but it would Be it would have to be a leading

Diagonal then we talked about this Wave 2 to the downside which is basically the Correction we hit with that my support Area anybody who decided to go along Here is now nicely in profit not Massively but still not too bad for a Few days and then and I'm gonna take That out now Then we would say that we are in a third Wave to the upside the target for this Third wave is around 35 cents Um But it all depends on now you know how Do we count the sub waves now how do we How do we do this and um the detail is Not too relevant But my view is that From the low here we can certainly count This as a wave one as well here wave two Then we moved up in what I would Consider a wave three To here then away four down this is all Again another diagonal pattern and the Way five to the upset I think I had it Before like that five waves up would be Another wave one followed by basically a Wave two to the downside and then we've Got another one two setup here now with The wave three so we've got a lot of one Twos and threes and Again let me just show you we had here The wave one here the Wave 2 and we're Basically based on that now in the third Wave then there will be a fourth and a

Fifth And then I actually have to change now the wave Degree one second let me let me do that Again this is micro counting I just want To show you the possibilities here this Is not necessarily high confidence Because it's always a mess when you have Too many one two setups you've got too Many leading diagonals Um it's it's not great seriously and Then we would say Okay based on that Based on that we've got another One Two sets up here and we could say we are Now in the third wave three four five And again to do that let me just move All of this across And we're going to tidy up the wave Degrees as well This is always what happens when those Movements take long right you have to Move them I don't choose I don't want to choose Yellow maybe whatever purple But yeah you can't really read that can You so Maybe Orange So yeah this is how the breakout count Could work out a series of one two Setups here again that in itself is Already a little bit of a warning That if you have too many it often Doesn't work out

The third wave here in Orange That would be the first Target we would Need to reach That would take us to 34.3 cents and obviously the other way Threes they will then naturally be a bit Higher then we talk about the Fibonacci Extensions maybe for the Blue Wave 3 we Talk about 35.8 Cent uh 36 Cents for the White Wave 3 we might talk about the 37 Cent level if it all works out yeah But it's not high confidence it's um This obviously was a long trade area Down here yeah again it was not high Confidence in working out but it was low Risk High reward because you're really Buying or you bought very close to Support now we've moved quite a way Quite a distance away from support so I Would now Be a bit careful just because we're Pushing into resistance right now and The yellow count would could work out Easily so for me to be more confident in This bullish count I would now want to To reach sort of the 34 and a half cent Level Um that would at least would take us out Of the channel to the upside It would tell us that most likely Wave 3 Has been done and then this will most Likely follow the Cascade to the upside But at the moment we still need to be Aware

That the yellow count can work out which Is the sell-off count that could send us In the yellow Wave 3 to around 26 Cents And then the yellow wave 5 to around 23 Cents that is still at the moment the Preferred option however even though I Am looking at this other account now and I'm thinking if we break out of the Channel that can certainly send us Higher this does not necessarily mean Even the breakout count here doesn't Necessarily need to mean that this is Already the actual breakout we're Getting into a bull run it could be But then there are other You know there are other Um Other obstacles along the way we for Example need to break above the 43.8 Cent level next because let's be honest All of this down could just be a wave One and we're now moving up in some kind Of a wave two okay so be aware of that As well just context is very important Context is important so Um The point I try to make here is that in Recent days what Ada is doing here If you compare that to some other coins This is not really suggest that the you Know the interest has moved back into This coin Um people aren't really too interested Yet yeah

Um people aren't really buying the dip So there is still significant risk of One more low and that is actually my Primary expectation Okay and that's my update about ADA if You like Ada and if you want to support More crypto online you can also delegate Your Ada to our more crypto online stake Put instead of fairly new pool Still working on it well it's constant Work anyway with the pool but we are Still waiting for the first block to be Found but it takes normally stake pools A few weeks to do that anyway I'm quite Impressed with the growth we've got over 100 delegators already so thank you to All of you for your support really means A lot because it means we can carry on With this and hopefully find blocks very Very soon I'll keep you updated of Course but if you are interested in Supporting MCO and earn passive Ada with Your Ada feel free to check out the Links in the video description okay so Hopefully you like the update if you did Please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye [Music] Thank you

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