Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about ADA cardano we continue to be in this Channel Um as I said yesterday this is a place Where a lot of support can be found we Did have here the channel support the Market did not make one more low my view Is that would have been ideal To complete this wave C because then we Would have had five ideal uh waves to The downside well it didn't do that Um we then have to assume it is over now This C wave so let me just move that Across that the C wave ended here the Wave two ended here this is the bullish Perspective by the way there is of Course a bearish one that we're going to Talk about as well actually the bearish One is still the primary Um because in my opinion the market Hasn't done enough to prove that we are Already in a sustainable breakout as Explained in previous videos we can Count and disregard the yellow count at The moment yeah the yellow count here to The downside is the bearish count let's First focus on the bullish count just to Show you what is possible Um here in a so-called leading diagonal Again it's not a very reliable pattern a Leading diagonal but it works as a let's Say a pattern in the beginning of an Uptrend then we would have to assume we

Came down in an ABC pattern yeah with The latest change that we've already That we already have the low in I will Have to move actually just to keep it Correct I will have to move the B wave Here and we'll have to assume that the The B wave was a triangle actually it Has to end here but it does make a great Difference then the C wave down and then We could say Wave 2 was probably Finished here otherwise this move up is A little bit too strong for that Um and in this Wave 3 then in which we Then would be yeah this would be the Assumption in the bullish count Um we've got already three waves I Believe so let's just take a look at That interesting Um is that we broke Above This Descending trend line and you can see What kind of a move we had after that I Made you aware yesterday that I do Expect one more low yeah Um But that if we break above this trend Line and it was a fantastic break you Know we we broke it you know these Descending trend line and retested and Then we saw a spike so it's actually a Textbook and now we might be forming Something like some kind of a bull flag Here so let's take a look at that but The wave count here the bullish count The bullish interpretation in wave three

Would be that this was a wave one That we came down in a wave 2 here That we are now moving up in a wave Three and we take a look at that in a Minute four and five so we don't have Five waves yet very clearly Target for the yellow wave three let's Formulate that as well That is the 1.618 extension that is here At 31.7 cents that's also why I don't Think we've seen the Wave 3 in white yet Because we haven't quite reached it yet Yeah could also go a little bit higher If we now look at the sub waves of this Wave 3 we can say that we had a small Wave one here we had a wave two we had a Wave three we had a wave four probably In already and we're now in the fifth Wave and I'm gonna just change the the Color and the degree And then you can see this is a small Five wave move ideally one more High Expected yeah Um possibly here where the wave B High Peaked or that high just often a Triangle around 31.8 cents yeah that Would be I think an ideal Target for the Fifth wave then we should go into the Wave four and move up once more in a way Five so the moment we still don't really Have five waves up complete so this Could still break down especially as Long as we are below this wave B area Here

Um around the 31.8 Cent level but if This Blue Wave 4 was complete which Ideally it was because Again let's take a look at Just thinking if if we actually had the Wave one two Let me go to the lower wave card We wanna we wanna we wanna do the count Correct don't we so Just thinking no I think this was Actually the one two one Two and then that gives me Um a possibility here to calculate the Retracement yeah and we can see that the Blue Wave 3 came perfectly to the sorry The Blu-ray for retraced okay hit the 38.2 percent flip level at 31.3 cents in The worst case we could still go down to 31.3 cents that's a 50 retracement but Any lower than that would question this Impulsive wave structure yeah so ideally I ideally the way four was in now and we Are now pushing higher in a way five of Three would then see the wide Wave 4 and The White Wave five So in this scenario we should very soon Break the 31.6 level the previous swing High again that is the bullish Interpretation In this interpretation I think that this White Wave 2 encircle is done and we're Now in a wave three we won't really have A very clear picture of this until we Break above the wave one high at 32.9

Cents the problem is that such a leading Diagonal is unreliable The Wave 2 came Down quite strongly yeah in terms of Speed and how intense it was Quite impulsive I would nearly say and Yeah we are now moving up but because a Wave one is not such a leading diagonal It's not so reliable I would ideally Like to see now the wave one broken Before confirming anything here and Ideally we also break out of the channel To the upside Primary expectation is therefore still The yellow count this assumes that we go Lower that the move down here from That Swing high on the 20th of November was a Wave one we moved up in a wave two that Fits perfectly it's a three wave Structure you can count it as a leading Diagonal again I'm not really a fan of It but it's possible but my Prime Expectations therefore that this was Just a correction just because the Market hasn't really showed cardano Hasn't really shown anything impulsive Yet nothing really bullish here since The low on the 21st of November Um interpretation would be that we're Now in this third wave down There should be a fourth and a fifth Target for the third wave down is around 27 cents and within the third wave we Could be doing something like a a wave One down

Now a wave two to the upside a wave Three down four and five so confirmation That we are In this yellow count we will probably Get that if we break now below 30.7 Cents so if we break below this previous Swing low that would be a strong Indication that indeed we are heading Further down here As I said in the previous video we are Still in the channel so we don't really Know Um and I gave you a long trade idea I Said you know anybody who wants to trade The bullish count Down here was probably sort of the Moment because it was not high Probability in terms of working out I Mean it still isn't Um but we have moved up now It's not necessarily high probability in Terms of working out as a bullish Pattern but we were so close to the Support level here to the invalidation Point at 30 cents there that the reward Risk ratio was quite attractive So and you can see that this is Sometimes a good approach even if the Primary um expectation is still down you Can still trade the other way so you Don't necessarily need to trade with Your primary expectation if the reward Risk ratio is quite attractive and if it Doesn't work out it doesn't not a big

Deal because you're not risking a lot Right so let's just sort of That's why she had some ideas here about This in the in the last few videos but Generally that's what I can tell you About ADA at the moment I hope you like The update if you did please hit the Like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership and also if you like To support more crypto online Um and the channel you can check out our MCO steak pool on sea Explorer you can Dedicate to it we've got over 100 Delegators we only really launched it a Couple of weeks ago still waiting for The first block to be found we had a few Technical issues and that should be Sorted now yeah I think the um the Server we used wasn't the best one for a Uh yeah for a staking pool that should Be sorted now so please bear with us It's still very new for us as well but I'm excited for uh hopefully the next or The first block to be found very very Shortly uh ideally in the next Epoch Um so yeah if you like to support more Crypto online and our stake pool feel Free to delegate your Ada you can then Earn passive Ada for your Ada But please Understand that it's a very new pool so Um we are learning as well and we Obviously are still waiting for our

First block but many new pools it takes For them usually weeks or months to be To generate or to find blocks we should Be a bit faster because we already have The sort of minimum number of ADA Delegated that we need so I'm excited For that waiting for that keep you Updated certainly but if you are Interested in dedicating your Ada to our Stay pool which again will help the Channel Will help the content will help the Videos will help more crypto online as a Whole then feel free to check out the Videos in the description that show you How you can actually do that okay so Yeah thanks a lot hope you like the Update see you in the next video bye bye Thank you

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