Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Cardano ADA Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Foreign Video about ADA so Ada is recovering Today as well in line with the crypto Market Um So yeah recovery in Wave 2 as we talked About earlier today is happening and we Have now reached a very critical Retracement level but before we actually Take a deeper look so generally Um there are now various interpretations Possible of this wave count what I need To say we made a lower low again Whenever a chart especially in the Current environment makes a new low it Has a chance to basically create a new Foundation for all-time highs so that Means any low now can be the last one And the reason for that is with Ada as Well Ada has fulfilled all the minimum Requirements to complete this bear Market therefore we really really need To be on high alert for bullish patterns Which doesn't mean it needs to be over The bear Market Um based on the current wave pattern I Would still be looking at lower lows but Bitcoin and ethereum made let's say at Least not a bad impression today and Should they really start to really I Think we're going to see Ada rally as Well and Um but it's a bit too early to confirm Yeah it's it's much too early but always

Especially in the current environment When the coins make a new low they have A chance to reset the account and Basically start to create a new bullish Foundation when that is what we're Looking for impulsive waves to the Upside for Ada I do not yet see Um five waves to the upside yeah for me This is a very clear three wave pattern Earlier today we talked here about a Possible descending sorry ascending Wedge yeah I think that was in my uh or Was it yesterday actually no I think it Was yesterday wasn't it Talked about it all yet just because It's after midnight now in my earlier Video well today yesterday whatever we Talked about this as an ascending wedge It could break to the downside which it Indeed found support and continue to Move up but only so far in a corrective Wave structure so it could very well be That this is just the way for that is Actually labeled here on the chart and This was an ABC and we now need to see What's happening here the move down Looks quite impulsive the move up looks Currently corrective so could very well Come down a confirmation before a move Down would be 35.6 and then the follow Through below 34.1 would confirm that And if we now make if we now come down Without making a fifth wave up that Would strongly increase the

Probabilities of actually breaking below The wave three low here as well at 31 Cents and to make new lows next support Around 29 to 30 cents which is the 88.7 Fibonacci retracement level so the Way I have enabled this chart now It is probably not it doesn't really Look good from the proportions so I have To have to tell you that as well so I've Currently I currently have here this is Wave one this year's Wave 2 and then Either way three would be a bit too Short to be honest and the way four up In the wave five down but this is still Possible there's also an interpretation Possible where we are saying that Um the low is already in and we're Looking at this let's say the entire Move here for Ada yeah as an ending Diagonal so-called ending diagonal where Oops where let me zoom out Where we um would count you just see That yeah where I would count this as an Ending diagonal the whole movement here A bit like that right Um we have a channel but we can count This as an ending diagonal I would have To change the wave count here this Wouldn't then be an ABCD triangle it Would just be an ABC and we would be Coming down here in an ending diagonal Basically then here a wave Um one No one second uh no it was wrong I know

It would be here one two three four five And with that move then that's why I Mean the any low now could be the last One remember that so This is just the information that you Need really for me however There isn't enough evidence yet that the Low is already in you've just seen it There's only three waves to the upside So for me it's all All about now being on the lookout for Five waves up and getting three waves Down so the next support level needs to Hold which is the 78.6 retrace if we now Come down It needs to hold the 32.5 Cent level and It still has a chance to move up in a One two three four five pattern Um but here what we need to see to to Make that more likely is actually five Waves to the upside I can't really see Them at the moment but generally what You need to understand there is now a Chance that the low has been struck Um but the chart doesn't really give us The evidence for that yet yeah it looks Much better on the Bitcoin chart but Even here we need to be a bit careful Right at the moment it's still very very Uncertain Okay and that's my update about Bitcoin At the moment um no not a Bitcoin about Cardano Um we now have and I'm very proud I made

A video about that earlier we are now Offering We're not offering we launched our own More crypto online Ada stake pool we've Been working on that for a long time now It's taken much longer than originally Expected I think we wanted to launch it In summer already but as you know life Gets in the way and everything but we Finally have it up and running it's the More crypto online stake pool you can Dedicate your Ada to it earn basically Passive Ada on your own Ada Um please understand that this is still A very new pool so we need to get people To delegate so only then the pool will Generate rewards the the less Ada the Pool currently holds the less the Probability of actually creating a block Or minting a block so it um the more People are actually delegating and Supporting more crypto online the more The chances and the probabilities to Actually Um generating rewards right at the Moment for transparency there are no Rewards it will probably take a few Weeks to get it ready properly to where It needs to be and to probably generate The rewards yeah because if you don't Have a full pool yet yeah Um and there are not enough people yet In the pool you don't hold enough Ada in The pool there are no Rewards or at

Least there's a very small chance to Generate them So it takes a bit of time hope you Understand that I would highly Appreciate it of course if you uh Delegate to more crypto online I've got Two videos in the video description with A link first one is how to actually Delegate to the more crypto online pool The other one is actually how to Generally delegate Ada or stake your Ada It's actually delegating Um delegate your Ada to at stake pool in General by using the Euro wallet and Very important you're not giving away Your Ada here you still have full Control over your Ada you're not sending Your Ada to anyone you are just Delegating to a stake pool and you can Use your Ada at any time so it's not Locked or anything so I hope you like The update if you did please hit the Like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content please check out the channel Membership thanks a lot for watching bye Bye Thank you

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