Caroline Ellison (CEO of Alameda) has been found! 🚨

Caroline Ellison (CEO of Alameda) has been found! 🚨

Breaking news Caroline Ellison the CEO Of Alameda the sister company to Sam Bankman Freed's FTX Caroline Ellison Spotted at Ground support coffee on West Broadway in SoHo Manhattan at 8 15 a.m Today yeah absolutely could pull it off Without my math degree I use very little Math Um use a lot of like uh Elementary School math being comfortable with risk Is very important We tend not to have things like stop Losses I think those aren't necessarily Great risk management tool trying to Think of a good example of a Trade where I've lost a ton of money Many believe that this woman should be In jail for the atrocities she and SBF Committed against FTX users yet she's Ordering coffee in New York and this Would mean she's not in Hong Kong or in Dubai like originally speculated is this Real is this her apparently it is her This was confirmed by coffee shop staff Less than 17 minutes from when this Story broke confirmed are you behind the Counter in the photograph I'm not that Is one of my staff members apparently Additional Alameda Personnel were Spotted with her in that photograph so Caroline Ellison living it up in SoHo Manhattan definitely not in custody Seemingly not in hiding what's Interesting is that ground support cafe

Coffee shop just about six minutes away From an FBI field office if you Appreciate us sharing this information With you give give this video a like Let's get this information out there to As many people as possible more people Need to know about this so what is Caroline doing in Manhattan close to an FBI office the general consensus is that Caroline is likely in New York cutting a Deal and cooperating with the South District New York prosecutors to roll on Sam and this makes sense right Sam Bankman freed the CEO of FTX has been Active this week doing interviews Seemingly on a press tour seemingly with The goal to put out a series of specific Messages people lost a lot of money and I mean at the end of the day Look there's a question of what happened And why and who did what I wasn't even Trying like I wasn't Spending any time or effort one idea SBF Continues to claim is that he had little Knowledge of what was actually going on With Alameda he continues to suggest That Alameda was at arm's length from What he was in charge of that's not Really true is it at least that's not What the evidence is suggesting please Watch our video from one to two days ago Did Sam bankman freed no Alameda was Stealing customer funds to catch you up This is an example of that specific

Message that SPF is putting out SBF Claimed to New York Magazine in an Article published Thursday it's not a Company I run it's not a company I have Run for the last couple years and Alameda's finances I was not deeply Aware of I was only surface level aware Of alameda's finances yet basic research In this case by Forbes is showing Otherwise it appears that five different Times Sam bankman freed sent Forbes Details of some of alameda's major Holdings in response to questions about Sbf's net worth this was from January 2021 to August 2022 late August this Information included explaining Specifics of certain transactions Updating the numbers of ftt Solana and Serum tokens which Alameda held so Sam Begman freed has been on a press tour Claiming he had very little knowledge of What was going on with Alameda throwing The whole Alameda team under the bus I Consider myself a student of human Nature what SPF has done in public Appearances this whole week is throw the Entire Alameda team under the bus Blaming them almost completely Prosecutors likely already talking to Those ex-employees like a Caroline will Use this as leverage to get Max info Might have been a bad play by SBF so the Coffee shop knew it was Caroline in Which they were serving can you imagine

Being this Barista I handed Caroline her Coffee cake and turned the iPad around As she tapped no tip she whispered in my Ear nobody will ever believe you so why Is it that neither her or SBF are in Custody Bernie Madoff was in custody the Day after he got caught meanwhile the CEO of Alameda is just chilling in SoHo Getting a cup of coffee two weeks after Blowing up FTX the second biggest crypto Exchange in the world and stealing all Of customers funds again subscribe to Our Channel this is a developing story We will continue to keep you updated as New information comes out a video every Day on crypto this is why you subscribe And it's important to remember that the Turmoil the low prices in the market Right now are because of what Caroline And SBF were doing the reason the Cryptocurrency market is still near the Lows today is still because of the Contagion of FTX and Alameda I remind You we're still waiting on this Genesis Trading reveals a 175 million dollars Worth of funds locked in FTX Genesis Trading is the latest firm to declare Exposure to FTX and may look to its Parent company the digital currency Group for help as it did after the three Arrow Capital bankruptcy and those Questions right now whether greyscale Digital currency group Genesis will be Okay for more information on that check

Out our video from 11 days ago crypto Empire on verge of total collapse today Just 22 hours ago new information Alameda research invested 1.15 billion In crypto minor Genesis Digital so this Is another company this is a crypto Miner company Caroline's Alameda Research invested apparently 1.15 Billion Sam bankman freed was consulted On the capital injection which was made Before crypto prices plummeted we're Gonna see what happens to Genesis Digital Assets in the future finally my Friends very important to remind you That nothing fundamentally for Bitcoin Specifically maybe crypto in general has Changed there's fear uncertainty and Doubt in the market but nothing has Fundamentally changed about the Bitcoin Protocol except for its Fiat exchange Rate number of active addresses trending Up block height trending up bitcoin's Supply flow issuance trending down Bitcoin's hash rate breaking all-time Highs Elon Musk announcing crypto Payments are coming to Twitter listen to This can you comment on uh freedom to Transact Bitcoin lightning Twitter Anything we could we couldn't look Forward to if you have control of the Money monetary system and control the Transactions you can literally stop Someone on transactions it seems like PayPal has trade pretty

Far from the path of that like they're I've been banned for people it seems to Be living in the direction of social Credit and and where and restricting Transactions Um And uh you know so that's that's Concerning so and I do think there is a Role for crypto In the future without speaking to any Big particular crypto coin Um as a means of ensuring that the Monetary system does not get Completely corrupted it essentially it Provides competition to the fiatric System So that if the Fiat system becomes Overly restrictive then crypto will grow Like basically the better that the Fiat System uh works the the best prominent Crypto will be and the worst the Fiat System becomes the more uh crypto will Grow we do want to have Twitter and Enable both uh regular payments and uh If your currency make it easier to Transact with crypto uniswap Decentralized exchange doing more volume On ethereum than any centralized Exchange including binance and coinbase Over the last 24 hours Avalanche Cryptocurrency big partnership Avalanche To power alibaba's Cloud infrastructure Services in Asia avalanche's partnership With Alibaba Cloud will see the

Development of tools that enable users To launch Avalanche validator nodes on Avalanche's public blockchain platform In Asia so much is happening in Cryptocurrency we update you on a daily Basis see you tomorrow My Friends by the Way if you're planning to attend Bitcoin Conference 2023 let's hang out it's Going to be epic use code altcoin daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference in the world use code altcoin Daily 10 off see there

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