Cosmos ATOM Crypto Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Cosmos ATOM Crypto Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Foreign Video about Cosmos atom Cosmos is Starting to look really interesting now Um and it probably deserves back in a Place in the opportunities charts so I've made a few small changes to the Chart but nothing that changes the the Overall assumption here Um it just makes more sense you know I Did go into the subwaves again and I had The overall count a little bit different Before but I think now given the latest Price information this makes much more Sense that we had a wave one here to the Upside Which peaked at 17 we then came down in An a wave we moved up in a wave B came Down in a wave C into my support area For this Wave 2 because overall you know This the five wave move that we've got There Here That peaked at 17 was in the end and a Wave one as per this count then we came Down in three waves ABC in wave two and We could now be ready to move up in a Wave three So this Wave 3 we can look at Targets Here before the third wave as well but This is certainly an interesting trade Setup in my opinion Um Profits guaranteed of course not But certainly an interesting trade setup

So let's assume Wave 2 the low is Already in which it could be Um but we don't know that yet so the Target for that Wave 3 would then be 27.18 Yeah so that is quite interesting what I Cannot rule out is that we go once more Lower in wave two yeah so it is possible That the low has been in here at 8.76 and we're now moving higher from Here in the third wave and we go and Zoom in as well because there are new Support areas that will become relevant For possible long trades But what I cannot rule out at this stage Is that we take out these two support Areas and go lower because we can still Max out this entire support area all the Way down to 6.70 Um without going full bear mode here so The Wave 2 can still come down lower That's what we don't know yeah you know There's a limit to what you can do here Um But then again you know it's from where We already reversed All the way down is just another 20 that Seems much but for crypto it really Isn't so It covers that bandwidth and as long as We stay above 6.70 we can focus Generally on higher in a third wave so Yeah we've been we've got an interesting One two setup we came into the support

Area anybody anybody who bought in that Reversal area here has most likely made Some profits well yeah you have Um because we're way above that level But I think we are now dual retracement Very shortly and that retracement will Will tell us which scenario we are in so It's a very very important retracement And very important development which is Going to show us where we really are Because let's talk about options here so We've already talked about two options Here on the daily chart that Wave 2 is In or that we will go down a little bit Lower in wave two as long as we hold 6.70 no reason to be worried but then in The very short term there are well I Would say two main possibilities Um For a bullish breakout yeah so let's Assume it is in The wave too low then there's two Support areas that become relevant if we Take them out then we will reset wave to Lower and again as long as we hold 670 That's all fine by the way let's Formulate some support areas in the Box I might actually need to let me just Check Something here Okay so I have to readjust it slightly Slightly this support area Going to readjust it all the way up to 685 not 6.70 but 685 okay

Good so let's just do that because that Is the 88.7 FIB level I could leave it At the 70 FIB level uh 78.6 at eight Dollars and two but um There is the thing is if we come down Once more lower the chart structure Would suggest that the 78.6 isn't enough So I will Stretch out already knowing that we Could come down to that 88.7 level I will stretch that support area out Until then but just be aware this could This this low could be in for the wave Two this is the support area it has been Made you aware in the last video this is The area where anywhere in here we Expect the reversal so okay so let's say This support is holding now There are two more support areas that Will become relevant because We can now label The advance from this 8.70 low To the upside we can label that as a Five-way structure so I go to the one Hour chart So so on the lower time frame you can Put in here one two setup so we have a One two down here we had a wave three to The upside Four and five that's how I would see This right but this five wave structure As you can clearly see would only add Um

Would only complete a wave one or Actually actually let me just go to the Five minute chart Just to look at the sum waves But okay you've got a small one two set Up here as well And one two so okay so let me go back to The one hour so we have the whole Picture Okay So yeah there's actually two one twos in Here so I'll use one one two then we had Another one two in here then I showed You the Three four five so this was actually a Three doesn't matter if you get confused And so important just want to show you The five wave move here five waves to The upside that completes the wave one And then we would come down or then we Came down in what you could consider a Wave two yeah so we had a wave one here And the wave two Let me show you that One two and the first scenario would Suggest that we now in the third wave There will be a fourth and a fifth in This particular scenario yeah This was the next wave one and this here Is a wave two so that for this setup or For this trade this support area becomes Important between 9.70 and ten dollars And three We should find support in this support

Area if this is the correct wave count If we drop below 9.70 We will probably come into this area Located Between 8.90 and 9.40 why is that Relevant that is relevant because it Could very well be and we just don't There's no way of knowing Um it could be yes this was a wave one But The Wave 2 is actually here okay and Then we have here an A B C pattern we Don't know that okay my slight Preference would be this count one two And we're now in the third wave to the Other side and we've done the first wave Of the third this is now the second wave Of the third and we should then be able To Rally in the third wave of the third And that's the wave you would normally Like to be in So this is interesting a very Interesting chart these days Um it is developed from quite a bit of a Messy chart into something that is Interesting again which is good so yeah Hope you like the update about atom if You did please hit the like button leave A comment and subscribe and if you Really like the content then please Check out the channel membership thanks A lot for watching bye

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