Dogecoin Doge Crypto Price News Today – Technical Analysis Now! Dogecoin Elliott Wave Analysis!

Dogecoin Doge Crypto Price News Today  - Technical Analysis Now! Dogecoin Elliott Wave Analysis!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about Doge Dogecoin yeah yesterday we moved up To around around 10 here 10 and a half Cents Um but all of this was still part of This redwave count one two three four With another expected low afterwards you Know at the moment we need to be very Honest there are various possibilities In this chart across all crypto charts Really there are various possibilities But it's all about understanding I think The key in validation points resistance Levels pivot Points and so on Here for Doge yes Upside as possible in the blue count in A wave 5 all the way up to maybe 17 to 18 cents Is it very likely I must say no yeah Because the probability is spread quite Let's say thin across different Scenarios you know Um and to be honest my primary scenario Is still the red one here Um which would result in another low I Mentioned that yesterday That unless we really cut through the Wave one here the low of the wave one at Around 11.5 cents My view is actually that this Wave 4 is Still Is still unfolding or at least that this

Is only a wave 4 which would result in Another sell of now We've seen here now quite a bit of a Drop since yesterday we just need to Observe it further now we're going to Take a look at that in a minute Um but generally if we draw the fips for This Wave 4 Then yeah I mean I did say it yesterday I think that here the the 10.5 Cent Level is actually the level that the Price shouldn't go above because if it Does then it's most likely not a way for Anymore now it never substantially broke It the real invalidation point is 11.5 Cents so Let's say above 10 and a half we would Need to re -lo look at this scenario again right But at the moment we've reacted quite Nicely to the 50 flip level knowing that Dogecoin when the dock has a good day It can max out wave targets you know and It did have a good day yesterday not so Much today Um Important to understand that this is Quite an impulsive sell-off so it could Indeed be the way five that's unfolding Here with the target of around Let's say no let's let's calculate that Actually I think I did yesterday was it Seven cents or something Take the low of the wave one add it to

The high of the wave four Yeah one-to-one ratio the first target Takes us to around 6.3 cents Second target to three and a half the 1.618 extension So this is sort of what we could expect Confirmation that we're getting there I Mean the best indication we can get is Probably the breakout of this channel to The downside and then take out the wave Below here at seven cents Yeah be aware of this trend line if you Lose this trend line that's another Confirmation that we are heading down Lower into that direction if we get a Bounce from here break to the upside Break through 10 and a half cents then We could get in my opinion to a 13.6 Cents in a wave 2 which would also not Be a bullish pattern it would result in A wave three down afterwards and then Should we even go above that level then I think we have to assume that we are Actually in the blue count which is the Most bullish count on this chart highly Unreliable one which would be this one Two sorry a bit ugly three four highly Unlikely pattern leading diagonal and Away five to the upside But primarily I'm still looking at lower At the moment Keep you updated all right hopefully you Like the update about Doge if you did Please hit the like button leave a

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