Ethereum ETH Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Ethereum ETH Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Foreign Video about ethereum so ethereum is Doing nothing unexpected it is pushing a Bit higher into the direction of the Channel resistance so at the moment this Is all part of the current scenario that We have on the chart Um however there's a few things that Make me think if we push higher Um that's definitely a possibility I Already updated the channel members in One of the updates yesterday on telegram Discord but we have run into resistance Here and we have seen five waves to the Upside on the ethereum chart that at Least makes it worth consider if we are Looking here at a larger overall larger Bullish pattern Um which of course is something that is Part of the expectation right we've Please always bear in mind with ethereum The larger bullish pattern which we Still have at play here this is not Unlikely to play out but before we Consider that much further there is Another possibility that I want to take You through and but at the moment we are Still in this pattern that we talked About but I obviously want to make you Aware of important changes to the Chart Before something occurs before something Happens so that you're well informed um Overall we are waiting here still for a Fifth wave to the downside after we

Broke below 11 30 which was here Breaking out of this support box to the Downside when we did that we said that Um it most likely now is going to retest 1075 and because we came down that low We're probably going to find our way to A thousand dollars as well Even though we don't need to get there Right at the moment I count this as a Three wave move down one two three Which makes it very likely that this Year is a wave four and then away five Down would be what you expect however However however we currently see and That is not typical 4084 we currently See that Um ethereum is creating five waves to The upside to see these five waves we Need to go to a lower time frame chart But we can see down here a small one two Setup then we have a way three down we Have a way four no sorry away three up We have a way four down and we're now Working on a way five to the upside Which is probably not finished yet So This actually Can't be this way for anymore yeah it it Actually can't be this way for anymore I Still leave it here because we are still In the broader resistance area for this Wave 4. Um this resistance area is based on Fibonacci retracements and it's based on

The area where a wave 4 would normally Turn around So between the 23.6 And the 50 FIP level between 11 26 and 1182 or 1183 so as long as we are in This area we can still consider a move Down in wave five as very likely option As I already said to you in the last Video if we break out of the channel and Especially if we do that impulsively and That would basically be a move above Twelve hundred dollars then this way Four will get very unlikely at the Moment it's still following it but we Have five waves up A Way Forward normally not do five waves Up right so that opens the door for Higher and Um you will remember in a few of the Last videos I said before we get down Below a thousand dollars should we get There but even even before we go below a Thousand dollars I would expect the Bounce maybe this is that bounce okay That is also exactly the reason why I Left my long positions open Um because whatever happens in these Markets it is so important to be Strategic about it right Um not have an emotional You know attachment or making emotional Decisions but be very very let's say Cool headed here and understand the Different possibilities and because the

Move up was still a likely possibility Even in the bullish scenario anyway I Left my long positions open they will Only get stopped out Um below a thousand dollars okay Um So what's the alternative possibility if We now rally above 1200 so it would be That we actually have an alternative way For here this one Um I think I showed you actually in the Last video it would just mean that this Waveform which I have here on the 10th Of November at around 1340 that this is Actually sitting here not an unlikely Option because we only have three waves Down So we can actually count it as an a b c Possible and likely if we get above Twelve hundred dollars So what I will do I will take profits Should we get close to the completion of The C wave C wave Target I can give you that as Well That's based on the length of the a wave And the very first Target would be 1350 That's the one to one ratio the second Target would be 15 20. that is why we Talked about there is a very much a Bounce expected to the upside before we Get to a thousand dollars I think I did Put that in writing on telegram Somewhere as well

Okay So let's all not unexpected what Ethereum is doing even if it's pushing Up in five waves even if it's pushing Above 1200 that's all fine I'd be very Happy because then we um or then I'm Going to take profits as we go higher And we'll reset lower in the next Retracement Um of course also possible the bullish Case as long as we are above one Thousand dollars the bullish scenario is Possible which would Um which would which would assume that We have a wave 2 here and that we can Restart a Wave 3 to the upside that Could take us to around three thousand Dollars right that is still possible and We see that if we zoom out Um we take you through in in every video Anyway so the idea is that this was a Wave one this year wave two this is Possible as long as we hold above a Thousand dollars and then away three Could take us to around three thousand Dollars I did mention in the last video Do not forget about the bullish kc4 Ethereum yeah if we suddenly move up Don't be surprised the opportunity is There in this area because it is very Close to an invalidation point and the Stop loss can be set very very close to An entry point stop loss entry point Right being close risk low where reward

Is high because it could take us to Three thousand dollars and if the Overall yeah the overall scenario is Correct that this is already a bullish Scenario then it could take us overall You know to 8 to 10K in the next Bull Run so massive massive reward low risk So this obviously doesn't mean it needs To go up because as I said in the last Video a break of one thousand dollars You know we're talking here about maybe A 45 probability that is still very Likely but if you have pulled back to Support so much This is an entry point okay now I'm not Telling you to do it that's an Individual decision that's not Financial Advice you might want to short this do Whatever but from an Elliot wave point Of view this would be what is Traditionally considered a one-two setup And an entry point does it need to go Does it need to work out no of course Not but as you know even with 50 or even Only 40 win rate you can become a Profitable Trader if you have your risk Management in place Okay So but that's all looking good ethereum Have you bought that Um Again we can still turn around here Below 1182 or below it below 1200 that Would then be a way five that will most

Likely go to a thousand dollars If we push higher I will first consider The Wave 4 I gave you two Targets for That and if we even push higher than Around 1500 Um then we're looking here at the Bullish case but it will take a while to Figure that out Until then If we get above 1200 we can focus here On higher and I'll keep you updated okay And that's my update about ethereum hope You like the update if you did please Hit the like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the Content then please check out the Channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye

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