Ethereum ETH Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Ethereum ETH Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about Ethereum so the primary expectation did Work out which is good we did see that Wave five yeah this could end at any Moment we we reached thirteen hundred Dollars ideal Target would be 13 15 but Bear in mind we don't always get there Yeah we don't always get to Ideal Targets so that's just important to know From a risk management point of view I've moved up my stop losses for All ethereum positions so they are now All comfortably in profit Um no risk anymore in this position so I'm extremely happy so Um Short-term upset potential is clearly Playing out here We are now finally breaking Above This Resistance area as well as per the Primary expectation and um The idea would be not or the idea is to Carry on with this right so there is Currently no end in sight but as always When we're approaching the end of a Third wave that's always the case it's Time to be on the side of caution Because sometimes it's just the case That you don't get away five you know All of this could still be just a Corrective move up and therefore I keep My eye on the ascending trend line here And I moved up my stop losses

So from that point of view I'm happy I'm safe you know Um this for me is Still in an active uptrend of course you Know there's no no Um no reason and you know not to do it Um yesterday a few people asked me on Telegram and Discord about you know can I still enter Because I usually say um You know you shouldn't normally enter Obviously when I mean it's up to you Right I don't give Financial advice but I I always try to avoid to enter when The train has already left the station I Mean there's different strategies you Can be a breakout Trader you can be a Pullback Trader for me I've learned that When being a pullback Trader I have it much easier and as a breakout Trader it's much easier to lose money Okay so um I gave Um one Possible Trading strategy here How you can in a wave three in a wave Three it works very well in a way three Jump onto the train still and this is by Adding the Um two moving averages here yeah and These two moving averages they Um you know you can enter as long as They haven't crossed but when they cross Bearish When they cross Paris you exit when they Have crossed bullish and still are in a Bullish cross situation which these

Still are then you can still enter Um and anybody who Obviously looked at that on telegram or In Discord yesterday and I described the Strategy in detail Um would not be in profit as well right Because I think we made that pump Yesterday and I said you know normally I Wouldn't enter but Um with that bullish cross situation There's still technically the Possibility to enter and because we Didn't have a bearish cross so even here A bearish cross was avoided it's a great Strategy especially it works nice on the One hour chart Um and we still have that bullish cross Open and um yeah personally then Had I done this but it didn't because I Bought low already but I had I done this I would um I would now leave the Position open and only exit when we get That bearish cross Or alternatively move up the stop loss So this is how you can still enter you Know in a wave three because works very Well in a way three Um other than that I always wait for the Next entry point this was by the way Also an entry point it was another long Entry point away four support area this Was an entry point so this has worked Out really well and yeah now waiting for This wave 5 to end again ideal Target is

12 15. I don't have a sign of it topping Yet but I guess a sign would be oops a Sign would be if we now fall back Below this um resistance area which we Broke out of but if we cannot sustain This there would be a sign that wave 5 Of 3 might be over already An additional sign would be if we break Below this yellow ascending trend line Okay so put that onto your chart as well Will be very helpful and ideally we push A little bit higher into the 1315 area Then we should see a wave 4 retracement And ideally another pullback to this Trend line And then we should see another wave up To finish off this third wave We should then Move down in another fourth and move up In the fifth ideally getting into the Region 14 to 1500 yeah but um Always be on the side of caution Especially when we're getting into these Territories now we broke through Resistances we are approaching the end Of a third wave sometimes there is no Fifth Wave It's just sometimes just is The case that they are not happening Markets do unlikely events all the time Um we are now overbought on the four Hour so it's not necessarily a time when I would still enter now but um You know that's up to you but it is Working out as per the

Um the forecast and This was obviously the time to enter for Me then we had here another entry point And now we are waiting for our next Possible entry point for scalp anybody Wants to do that next entry point would Be a possible way for pullback Um But we are too far away from that still But yeah the idea is to still push Higher generally right Um But it's all about strategy it's all About strategy it's all about risk Management you know even the best Forecasts can be wrong always be aware Therefore it's not only about Understanding the elite wave counts also About the whole strategy behind it where Do a segment stop losses when do I enter How do I enter what is my core position What's my position sizing and just keep The risk low and by being a pullback Trader buying in support areas where I'm Extremely close to stop loss levels I Keep my risk extremely low and the Reward is very attractive yeah for Example here this position I entered at 11 11 38 Was one main position I entered and the Other one was at 12 10. both nicely in Profit now moved my stop-loss now below This um last swing low And yeah I'm happy with that so um

Waiting for higher prices and if they Don't come I get stopped out in profit And will then wait for the next entry Point so hope you like the update if you Did please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye Thank you

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