Helium HNT Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Helium HNT Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Foreign [Music] Video about hnt helium it is a chart That I warned about very much in my last Video Um I don't cover helium very often um don't Get me wrong I've got two minus sitting Here that I would actually love to use But they just don't pay for themselves During Times Like These when the value Of H T is so low and this is pure Dumpster fire I mean I talked about it Before it's a chart that as you can see Here topped in three waves that's an ABC Structure And it's a chart where I told you in the Last video until I see Impulsive waves to the upside I'm not Going to touch it and I've warned Against Investing I mean I can't really warn it Again against any anything but you know Because it's up to you if you want to Buy or not you know I'm not a financial Advisor but I said I don't see a reason To belong here until we see five waves To the upside I Illustrated something That could be a potential at least some Short-term upside Um which because we had five waves down Made sense in terms of a wave one down a Wave two up and then further sell off to The downside but it didn't even do that

Which just shows the weakness in this Chart so yeah I mean I I really have my Concerns about helium hnt I'm very Honest with you uh fundamentally nothing Wrong with this project as far as I'm Concerned but charts chart wise a really Really really big problem especially With this latest move down I mean this Indicates away three to the downside so It would indicate that Wave 2 actually Happened somehow already Um so yeah so I have to take that one Out now Because that didn't even have to happen Uh it's so weak that chart is Um wave two and this is most likely now Wave 3 to the downside But yeah I mean how how much more does It want to go really I mean as soon as We go below that 70 Cent level you know There is literally all support gone so I Had recently a few questions about mhnt Which is why I cover it especially in Times where there's not much going on in The markets but it's just basically to Confirm that I don't see any Um any opportunities with h t chart wise This can always change but it won't Change until we see a five wave Structure to the upside and the way this Sell-off is happening suggests to me That should be at least a way four and Away five Um in addition to that you can draw a

Trend line on your chart Which will also give you an idea if a Trend line like that is broken broadly Yeah it will indicate that things are Changing but as you can see we're quite Far away from the trend line of course a Pullback to that trend line is always Possible maybe in this way four Um Might be an opportunity for anybody who Wants to get out there to get out Um But yeah This is pure dumpster fire Um I made in my last video I looked at this chart from a log chart Point of view which is this one here so The elite waves you know you can use Them in a very very nice way high level To understand if a child has potential Or not whenever I see a chart that Topped in only three waves especially Last year It's something to stay away from and to Be honest most crypto charts are like That yeah so ninety percent of altcoins I mean I don't know all charts but from From experience when I look at a chart Ninety percent of them have topped in Three waves that's not a good Prospect Of course things that can always change But then my view is always it's time for Quality I'm focusing on charts which Certainly haven't topped in three waves

Yeah if they do I highlight it but Um I really only focus on charts where I Believe there is long-term growth Potential and this one is I've got my Concerns but the other the other chart I Showed you it was not the log chart it Was the linear chart So let me show you that one as well Because the linear chart [Music] Um It looks even worse to be fair let's Open that as well might take a moment Because I think I'm uploading a video in Parallel here so it might take a second Or two to to load Um but as I said you know the elite wave Method allows us really well to identify Charts that have potential and without Going into too much analysis they can Help us to identify these charts which And again this is a chart you can Clearly see it just wait for the labels To pop up as I said the Internet isn't Great at the moment because I'm Uploading in parallel there you go I did Highlights in the last video that I Can't remember yeah I think we already Had dropped below the 88.7 flip level And I think the analysis from the Previous video worked out very nicely It's a little bit of a different count On the On this chart here

Um I showed you I think on the on the Linear chart a bullish Outlook but we Said it we actually moved up in five Waves but you can very easily count this As three waves as well so it's always a Bit sometimes when things are unclear You know is this a three wave move up or Is it actually a five wave move up I Also would stay away from it because It's not a very clear picture okay and In addition to that I warned you as well Because we dropped below the 88.7 FIP Level that's at 677. so helium hnt would Need to move above that level to at Least have a chance for something more Bullish because any coin that's below The 88.7 flip level is at risk of going Under Um this is the place where coins go to To go to the crypto graveyard it is what It is it doesn't mean they have to But um it's a reason for concern and Thousands of coins went into this region And died it is what it is no way around You know no no reason to talk nicely About it or whatever Um or praise the fundamentals or Anything If this this thing just keeps dropping In the previous video I showed you here Wave count ABC up probably happened then Here one down Two up these must be the three there'll Be a four and a five and when we're down

Here I mean how low do you want to go I Mean next key support certainly the one Dollar Mark psychologically and then Here that 70 Cent level but if we go Below that I don't know where it wants To go single digit H and T nothing for Me to touch if anybody wants to touch it It's up to you but it's pure speculation At this stage doesn't have anything to Do with in my opinion proper investing This is pure speculation and it is in Hope hoping for Recovery I mean look at It we're really I mean we this this Thing retraced now in whatever 97 or 98 Um yeah of course you can buy a little Bit here and there and hope it will go To 100x which it can do absolutely but Just be aware that it could also that is At a place where it could very well go Down yeah it is what it is wouldn't be The first coin doing it it also wouldn't Be the first coin with a lot of great Fundamentals to do it I'll be pissed off Because I bought Two minus Um last year But yeah it is what it is so I don't own Any hnt and I certainly won't until we See here something uh a pretty Impressive turnaround Okay that's my update about hnt hope you Liked the update if you did please hit The like button leave a comment and Subscribe and if you really like the

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