How to Delegate to the More Crypto Online Cardano ADA Stake Pool Using Yoroi Wallet

How to Delegate to the More Crypto Online Cardano ADA Stake Pool Using Yoroi Wallet

Foreign Video today I'd like to proudly announce That we are now running our own more Crypto online cardano stake pool so we Are joining Um the large group of organizations People businesses who are running Cardano stake pools to support the Cardano blockchain and the development And the decentralization of the network Um so yeah I'm currently on the Euro Wallet and I'd like to show you how to Delegate a um yeah a certain number of ADA to that stake pool bear in mind Um if you delegate to a stake pool if It's our stake pool or a different one It doesn't really matter Of course we would be very happy if you Are delegating to the more crypto online Stake pool because it was a lot of work To get up and running Um but you need to remember and know That you are not sending your Ada here To anyone you're not sending your Ada to Us yeah it's not that we have any Control about you or over your Ada if You delegate to a stake pool You Ada are on the blockchain you all The time have full control over your Ada If anybody asks you to send them your Ada it is most likely a scam so you are Only delegating your Ada to a stake pool And you have at all times full control About you know over your Ada so that's

Absolutely not a problem it's not it it Is safe yeah just make sure that you are Using a well let's say a recommended Wallet Um to delegate I for example use uroi You can use another one I think data List is fine as well but I I have Experience with Euro so I'll show it to You by using your eye wallet Um but yeah if you if you consider that And don't send your Ada to someone or Someone's address that's fine all you do Is to delegate and you can do that while Holding your Ada in a wallet like Euro Which can be used as a browser extension For example all you do here in your Dashboard then after you set up a wallet You go to the delegation list here right Hand side you type in MCO So search and then you will see here the MCO more crypto online pool it's Obviously just been launched so it's Very very new Um what you need to understand that in The beginning the pool doesn't generate Rewards it needs to grow yeah and this Will take most likely some weeks but of Course you know without getting your Support we won't get there so it would Be awesome if you at least give us a Chance to grow the Um the pool to a state or size where it Generates rewards for you and those Rewards will then be distributed every

Epoch which is roughly every five days And you can withdraw your Ada at any Time there is no fixed period yeah so um Yeah and then I click here on delegate It's not generating the transaction It's very simple So you can see it here you can only Delegate to one stake pool at a time That's important you can switch to Delegate to a different stake pool at Any time you can cancel your delegation As a stake pool name the ID Here you can put in your Um the amount what whatever you want to Delegate which is obviously automatic Because You can only delegate to one pool so it Will be the number of ADA that you hold In your wallet and then you put in your Spending password that you have put in On Euro and I'm going to do that right Now And then delegates Might take a moment And that could be because my Internet is Slow or it just might take a while But it will be delegated and then you Will get your rewards as I said every Epoch you can withdraw those rewards and When withdrawing the rewards you can Um either you know continue to stake or Delegate you can continue to delegate or You can withdraw while withdrawing your Rewards that's entirely your decision

But you can see success successfully Delegated track the status of the stake Pool and the amount of time remaining to Receive a reward from the dashboard page But again important understand that There won't be any rewards probably for The first few weeks while this channel Is growing so again I think delegating Really is an option here for anybody who Wants to support the more crypto online Community Um and to help the stake pool grow Really and to contribute to the cardano Network and yeah we are going to Continue with this of course you know And look at further options whatever we Can do and what else we can do to Support other blockchains as well and Obviously cardano um but obviously our Goal is as well to help Generally the crypto space to evolve and Also to yeah make it more understandable For people and so on so thanks all for Your support bye bye

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