MASK Cryptocurrency Price News Today Technical Analysis – Price Now! Mask Coin Price Prediction 2022

MASK Cryptocurrency Price News Today Technical Analysis - Price Now! Mask Coin Price Prediction 2022

Foreign Video about mask had a few member Requests about masks so I'm happy to do A video about mask whenever we get coins With a lot of green candles right Whenever we see a pump candle first of All it's often too late anyway right but Then obviously I get a lot of requests So this is one obviously where it might Be worth watching Um I have to warn you this is not high Probability because this coin tries to Emerge out of a lifetime downtrend So the problem is with this chart First of all it's a lifetime downtrend Any coin in a lifetime downtrend is at High risk it is what it is even if you See here Um whatever it is if the 200 300 400 Percent jump to the upside here that we Saw 500 percent here Um first of all when you see that it's Often too late anyway yeah because the Move has already happened And you get these crazy moves throughout Crypto Um but the problem is if you try to buy Breakouts yeah you're far away from Key Support now Um So yeah generally the comment about These charts is always lifetime Downtrend How can you you know you don't really

Have the structure To build any any sort of Um analysis on that you could argue that This is now an uptrend or whatever Because it's just purely isn't it hasn't Even pushed above the high from Um here November 21. now you could say Other coins haven't done that as well And that's true The problem is we don't have a history Of an uptrend so investing in a coin That is in a lifetime downtrend doesn't Really matter why maybe it's just bad Timing is always high risk so please be Aware of that and we've seen numerous Examples in the past where coins have Been a lifetime downtrend just died they Just disappeared and you sometimes get These odd strange pumps to the upside It's just what it is but Let's also take a look at what is Possible here But I mean look at this it's just but Yeah of course you know this could this Could start to move but we've got first Of all we have to identify key Resistance areas so you can see here the 6.58 level 6.50 level is highly relevant It's a very significant High we haven't Even broken that Um and then we've got this high at 7.50 Which is the next highly relevant level And if we get above that then I think it Can move fairly quickly into the 14

Region now if we add the vrvp to this Chart it shows you sort of the Historical Um volume I think it's still loading for Some reason there you go So you can see basically what I Confirmed pushing above these resistance Areas yeah will let you enter an area of Insufficiency here Which means that it could get quite Quickly to that sort of region up here Yeah maybe even not quite 14 you know The the spike starts a little bit lower Around twelve dollars twelve dollars Twenty is it going to be a key area of Resistance here where you had a lot of Historical volume but still pushing Above this area here yeah should send us Higher quite quickly so that's something To to keep an eye on Um from an Elliott wave point of view That's that's certainly relevant as well But maybe before we do that let's take a Look at the EMA ribbon as well EMA ribbon shows that we are currently Certainly above it on the daily that Certainty is going to give us here some Support and we had a long signal here on The 29th of October since then the price Has moved up certainly Um which is good yeah so we are above The email ribbon that's generally a Signal that we are in a short-term Uptrend we're also above the EMA ribbon

On the four day chart we haven't had a Long signal here but We are above the email ribbon and they Start to cross which is a bullish signal Two-day chart we had a long signal here As well and we are also obviously above It on the two-day chart maybe the last One to check is the weekly here we Haven't broken above the email ribbon Yet Um but obviously sort of more short term On The Daily we are comfortably above The EMA ribbon I think that's always Important to understand are we actually In an uptrend or downtrend you can use Those EMAs as a trend filter and the Trend is certainly up here at the moment From an Elliott wave point of view What does it give us well This is certainly a possible five wave Move to the upside yeah Um Just want to show you the count So let's do this Elliot wave yeah five waves here wave One two then we had a wave three here a Wave four here and a very long way five Not a problem yeah you get these Sometimes Um I'm just actually thinking maybe the Wave 3 was actually here but I think It's rather Here five waves it wouldn't make a

Difference anyway but it's a five wave Move to the upside Which means it's not looking too bad Okay so then we could say this was wave One Is this already Wave 2 possibly and we Move up in a way three You would come down to four and the five So I have to change the wave degree of This now Maybe then the color Problem is I don't think we are already In the wave 3. if we were already in the Wave 3 it should push up much much more So my interpretation would rather be Wave 2 isn't finished yet it could be But it would only be the alternative Interpretation my view is Wave 2 isn't Finished yet Um And we have here an a B which could push a little bit higher And then a wave C to the downside This should ideally not Go below the two dollar level below two Dollars this whole pattern is probably Gonna break yeah A signal that we are already in the Third wave you probably won't get that Until we break above the wave one high At 598. That would be the breakout point because This wave B could stretch a bit high at The moment we have a very clearly only

Three waves a b c yeah so in wave b a b C Foreign And um We can calculate the target for the C Wave as well we take the length of the Wave a go to the low of the B wave in an Ideal Target would be 488 So we could argue that above 488 This would actually be the first signal Okay that we are already in the Wave 3 Because it would then move higher then a Wave C would normally do okay so that's The key level Getting above that level would indicate We're already in the third wave to the Upside I can give you a target for the Third wave as well Roughly yeah And the target would be oops ten dollars And 30. 10 27. So this is a count that looks reasonable That could work out again primary Expectation we came down in a wave a Moving up in the B now and we could move Down in the wave C that's the primary Expectation reset Wave 2 a little bit Lower However if we break above the 1.618 Extension of wave a here Which is the four dollar let's call it 4.90 level Then we would have to assume Wave 2 was

Already in here and we're already in the Third wave But at the moment I can't assume that we Have to have it on the radar but it Can't be primary expectation And yeah so this count would work out It's just that it's not and you need to Understand that this is not high Probability it's not a high quality Chart a good day or a few good days Don't make a good chart okay we see a Few green candles it's all good you know I understand a lot of people get excited When you see a few green candles yes But it is still a lifetime downtrend Chart so it's not it could work out here Discount but it's not high probability And Below two dollars this is probably For going to fall into pieces So um the problem is also with this Count now you're not even close to Support I think if we come down in a c Wave once more that might be another Entry point because you know even if it Doesn't work out it's fairly low risk Because you're quite close to the Invalidation point of two dollars right Um Well invalidation is not two dollars but Below two dollars it's gonna get very Very likely that we're gonna get this Movement invalidated okay so you can set Your stop loss quite tight and then These these can work out quite nicely

Right but I wouldn't personally I Wouldn't enter now personally you can do What you want but personally I wouldn't Because yes this can stretch a bit Higher short term there's a risk that we Then come down in a c wave Um and going in Long now you know you're Quite far away from Key support so that Is what it is okay but that's my Understanding of Mars that's uh the Analysis hope you like the update if you Did please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye Thank you

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