Polygon MATIC Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Polygon MATIC Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Foreign [Music] Video about polygon medic at the moment No change to the wave count I'm still Looking here at an Yeah an ABC pattern which would most Likely come down in the third wave the Count A possible bullish count is just way too Unreliable of course there is one There's always one I can always give you Bullish and bearish accounts but the Point is I always try to make you aware Of the most likely scenarios and for me This is a b wave at the moment Um This obviously pushes to the upset in an ABC pattern at the moment we can Generally see a little bit of upset in The crypto World while Bitcoin and Ethereum are moving up quite a bit they Seem to seem to be triggering the rally And other coins are starting to follow Now Um slowly and yeah here with an ABC Pattern that's still my view you know we Could end this B wave at the 50 FIP Retracement that is normally what you Would expect can it move a bit higher Yes it can a b wave is one of the most Unpredictable waves I often say it's Best to stay away from a b wave They're very hard to trade because they Are unpredictable they can basically

Move between the whatever 23.6 percent Flip level and depending on what kind of B wave it is it could even move um to The 88.7 flip level not in this diagonal Though Um but yeah I think I would still allow It to 61.8 flip level nevertheless I Just leave it as it is the target area Um my focus continues to be on the Downside a bullish count Can be considered But Let's do the bearish con first let's Talk about the bearish con first in this Count yes surely a little bit further Upside is possible Especially if I look at Targets because If I count this as an ABC in wave B then Target for the peak would be we're Nearly there first Target would be the One to one ratio here at 93 and a half Cents A really a really stretched Target would Be the one dollar one level yeah the 1.618 extension that would be the Stretch Target but we've perfectly Reached now the 1.1 to 1 ratio Um And this is an ideal Target or an ideal Level to turn around It's now overboard on One second Most likely here on the four hour chart Yes it is so it all would fit for a

Turnaround from here just be aware of That surely can push a bit higher there Is no reversal signal yet so just be Careful but at the moment and we can't You know it is what is this looks like Just like a three-way structure so at The moment my view has to be we come Down especially as it's in bed embedded In a structure that suggests that you Will come down in a c wave further right A C wave of wave two It is the Wave 2 that belongs to this Larger pattern that started in June a Wave one to the upside a wave two down Should end in the region between 47 and 69 cents most likely in the lower half Of this area and then we can move up in A third wave Looking here at the short term what how Would a bullish count look like Bullish card would just look like Um Where we would say this was probably This was probably some kind of a um one Two setup here and here as well we've Got our one Two This would be a three this would have to Push higher into the one dollar one Dollar one level range yeah Um then we've got a one two three then There should be a four and a five and It's really only if we get those five Waves I'm gonna show you one two

Three four five And I'll make that a different color but It's really only then that I would Consider something um More bullish now I'm not saying I'm not Bullish medic is one of the best charts Out there still But short-term downside here you know my Opinion still so the trend hasn't Changed it's still pushing down That might change along the way Especially if we get five waves up and Then I will of course make you aware if We get those five waves to the upside Then an ABC down that would be another Long entry position until then the count Is fairly unclear and my view is that This is most likely just a b wave which Would be followed by a c wave down and I Gave you the target key support to the Downside 76 cents and 69 and then Obviously we're heading down lower into The yellow support box to possibly end This wave too before we can rally in a Larger wave three yeah that's just my um Quick update about Um polygonomatic here hope you like the Update if you did please hit the like Button leave a comment and subscribe and If you really like the content then Please check out the channel membership Thanks a lot for watching bye [Music] Thank you

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