Polygon MATIC Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Polygon MATIC Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Foreign Welcome to another update video about Polygon medic as we're entering a new Trading week unfortunately polygon Hasn't really moved since my last update So we still have two options on the Table personally I'm not married to any Account however my preference is still For a lower low in this yellow support Box Um can I rule out that medic is going Higher no unfortunately we're just in a Scenario where we are sitting between Exactly two scenarios however it makes Sense to be strategic about it and I'm Going to tell you my Approach here with Medic So the Overall wave count and that is the the Main the primary count does suggest that From the June low we moved up in wave One as you know and then we created an ABC pattern with an overshooting wave B And we should be heading down into this Region between 47 and 69 cents that Would be my preference bear in mind this Is an extremely hard chart to read which Definitely didn't get easier Um or easy well easier to read with the Um eftx issue right surrounding the uh 9th of November and so on because this Created a real mess in this chart However we can focus here on Lower in a C wave of Wave 2 into this region that's

My primary expectation in the C wave Yeah this is basically considered an Ending diagonal that's the white count My view is that we moved down in wave One we moved up in a wave two we're now Coming down in a wave three that's an ABC pattern Yeah so basically wave a done wave B Nearly done maybe even pushing a bit Higher it could I wouldn't be surprised To see it push to the one dollar level But then get rejected there and come Down that would be my preference If we get above a dollar I think the Blue count is getting in control here But then there should be a way four and The way five so I'm actually looking at The lower half of this yellow box so I Did it between 40 47 and 60 cents Um confirmation that we are breaking Lower will be obtained as soon as we get Below the wave too low here yeah Basically invalidating the blue count Um it would be the 80 cent level if we Get below 80 that's a strong indication We're heading lower already a break Below 89 cents That Blue Wave one high would indicate We're heading down Okay Um So these are all indications but um yeah That would be the preferred count There's of course here the possible Bullish count I'm gonna show you the

Overall count as well the idea here Would be that we've moved up in a wave One we came down here already in a wave Two around the end of September then we Can say that this was another one To set up and then we had here another And this is going to get ugly one two Setup and we're now pushing higher here In a wave three Um it's an extremely messy chart and the Problem is in all of these wave tools we Retraced a lot and that doesn't really Give confidence into these bullish cards So that's what I mean it's it's an Extremely difficult chart to read if you Have any other edges Um or other methods that give you a Better edge here than the elite wave Method fair enough Um I I think the edit wave method is Struggling here due to the reason that We are sitting exactly between two Scenarios but doesn't mean we can't use It it means we need to be strategic About it Um bear in mind if you're sitting Between two scenarios things can change From when one day to the other easily Yeah Um If we look at this White Wave count we Can draw the fips and we say that the Wave B retracement here No problem I mean the 50 retracement

Ideal still for a wave B we could even Push higher to the 61.8 percent Retracement not a problem so I wouldn't Be surprised to get that to that and Maybe then come down and however above That level of the wave to a b sorry the Wave B will get a slightly less likely Especially in the zigzag pattern like This one it would not normally retrace That much then we most likely look at The Green County or the blue count Actually Um and my strategy would be if the blue Count indeed works out and we push Higher here in five waves maybe into the Region around 1.15 overall then if you Get five waves up and it's too high for A wave B we can be more certain we're Actually in the imminent breakout count Already then it will be worth Considering to buy the retracement Because then we look at this as a wave One that comes back in a wave two so let Me show you it would look like this all Of this to be considered a wave one come Down in a two move up in a three four Five so I would then buy The Wave 2 Retracement Alternatively if we come down as Expected I will buy in this range That's my strategy with medic at the Moment Um I did a couple weeks ago Um take profits at around 1.11 so I'm

Currently sitting on cash here around my Medic order or medic with my medic uh Funds and waiting for a a clear entry Here okay that's my update about Polygrometric hope you like the update If you did please hit the like button Leave a comment and subscribe and if you Really like the content then please Check out the channel membership thanks A lot for watching bye Thank you

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