Polygon MATIC Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Polygon MATIC Price News Today - Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another update video about Polygon Matic a polygon is today moving To the upside yeah we've got quite Substantial a quite substantial price Increase here after we talked yesterday About an upcoming or a possibly upcoming Wave B I think this wave B might Currently be ongoing and there could be Another move down in C to complete this Wave 4 before we move up in a final wave Five but before we get into that let's Just zoom out a little bit let's talk About the wider structure so that new Viewers know where we're actually coming From if we take a look at this entire Structure again I can only repeat what I Said before polygonomatic is one of the Best charts out there at the moment I've Been saying that since we Moved up in July yeah because this was a Very bullish Scenario here we then came down Unfortunately in a very long correction So I'll just show you that with this Yellow line here so we moved up in a Wave one an impulse we then came down in A wave two it took very long really yeah To come down here into this Wave 2 area It's still not 100 guaranteed that the Wave 2 completed here but that is what We have to assume now so I think Wave 2 Completed here around the 68 Cent level

We then moved up in a wave three now the Wave 3 itself has five sub waves Zoom out again a bit more I'll go to the right hand side you can See that the way three will be somewhere Up there maybe two dollars sort of in That region yeah maybe even higher not Entirely clear yet we need to know how Low Wave 2 goes though because what you Get is in this third wave in yellow you Have five sub waves so let me show you So at the moment we can assume that from The low here This was actually the wave too low now Let's zoom in a bit I don't know why it landed there I know It's here he has a 69 cents where the Wave 2 ended that was on the 21st of September so from then we moved Up quite strongly not in an Impulse more In a diagonal pattern these diagonals They are not very reliable therefore I Always say when I get an idea that a Move is a diagonal pattern and not an Impulse what I want to see I want to see Confirmation How do I get confirmation I get Confirmation by completing by seeing That the price of the chart completed Five waves so in this White Wave one Which is the wave one of the wave three I want to see five waves at the moment We only have three so I won't trust this Until I see five waves complete what I

Then want to see is three waves down in This wave two and the wave two you know When you have a wave one with five waves Even if it's in the diagonal then you Get three waves down and it's holding Critical support this is support that I Can give you then it is very likely that We're going to move up in a third wave In a wave three so let's take a look at This This wave 3D and yellow Consists of five waves one two three Four five obviously as you can see we Are still in wave one wave one itself Consists of five waves At the moment we only have three So You can see here we have only wave one We've got wave two we've gone away three Way four maybe yeah maybe maybe already Complete would be quite shallow quite a Weak way for not a problem that's not Not a problem it can be shallow Um and then there should be a wave five The confirmation that we are in wave 5 Will really only get as soon as we break Above the wave three High which was here At 1.30 so move above 130 can take us in My opinion into the region 140 145 maybe Even 150. probably not much more to be Honest then I'm looking for the Wave 2 Decline Okay so this is sort of where we are With Matic here in the very very short

Term I mean as long as we're holding the Screen support area yeah it's all fine I Mean up here I told you that we'll Probably get into this area the area is Located between one dollar and one and One dollar sixteen this is based on Fibonacci supports and it's based on the Retracement of the third wave you can See that we've hit the 23.6 flip level Found support it would be ideal to come Down to the 38.2 percent flip level Before we move up but we don't need to Yeah that's enough for a wave four I'm Just thinking it would be ideal to come Down in a c wave that would be my Preferred option that we get down once More deeper yeah however if we break Above 130 then it's most likely already The way five and then I would like to See 140 yeah 150. Why do I think we are still in the B Wave Well it's if I look at some other coins I think we we haven't done this dip yet Completely so I think we come down a bit Lower end Um this move down looks to me like a Three-way structure so it could be a Wave a a flat pattern here then the wave B is also very choppy looks corrective B Wave Retrace is quite a lot which makes me Wonder you know is this a flat pattern Yeah and then the C wave down should be

A five wave move could should actually Come down quite strongly And as long as we're holding the one Dollar one level that's fine I would Intend to buy this if we really come Down close to the dollar level I'm going To buy in And we'll then try to rally the wave Three Other way five If we then get the way five I'll take Some profits if we get it yeah but we Need to hold the 1.1 level for that and Would then buy back in wave two It's hard to say where the Wave 2 will Be but I will obviously keep you updated On nearly a daily basis Okay that's my update about automatic Hope you liked the update if you did Please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye [Music] Thank you

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