Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis – Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis - Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Foreign [Music] Not too many new developments to be fair The last few days And the last week in crypto was a bit Boring yeah we haven't seen that much Movement Um not with you know there's not too Much surprise around this because we Obviously are waiting for the CPI data Next week the whole Market seems to be Waiting for the interest rate decision Which happens only a day after that and Then I think there's not going to be too Much movement before the end of the year Bear in mind there aren't going to be Many institutions around I think before The end of the year a lot of people Already on holiday those institutions Institutional investors have made their Plans I don't think they're gonna Accumulate massive amounts of crypto Before the year ends so yeah you know There isn't going to be too much of Crazy movement gonna be around however Around the CPI data release and the fomc Meeting and press conference next week There should be quite a bit of movement But Let's take a look at qnt here and we Start The View with an Outlook basically For the next all-time high and I just Wanted to show you again the longer term Chart I know there's a bit more price

History on other exchanges we've got the Coinbase chart but it doesn't really Make a massive difference here to the um To the targets so my assumption is still That in 2021 in September we created a Larger wave one we have since then come Down in a wave two and the next Target For the larger Wave 3 that's what we're Going to take a look at now the sort of Red or pink count here is Shows you how the Wave 3 could emerge And how it would most likely look like So let's actually add the fips to that I Have to start at zero because this was Quan's first larger wave one let me go Down to the Wave 2 and target for the Wave 3 for the next all-time high is Basically around the 730 dollar level Bear in mind that would only be a wave 3. so this five wave move would finish Off away three in an ideal case then There should be a wave full afterwards And a wave 5 to the upside that will Take us most likely above one thousand Dollars So this is certainly something Interesting considering that we're now At 123 dollars Um so yeah and bear in mind these are Also only ideal targets Forward slash minimum targets that there Could be much more in this okay Um So yeah this is where we are in terms of

Upside targets for kavant so if we now Zoom in and take a look at the lower Time frame we go to the four hour chart On the four hour chart you can see that The Assumption here is that we are Creating the first wave of that larger Third wave basically a wave one which One moved from around 41 dollars to Around 225. it's a five wave move we Came down and Um we are now in an area or we came into An area where a reversal is quite likely Because if we see this move as a wave One and this here is a wave 2 then we Would naturally expect q and T to Reverse in this area between the 61.8 Percent flip level and the 78.6 Fib Level It would be a good sign if q and T can Move up in the next step and break above The 50 retracement of 134 US Dollars it Hasn't done that yet there are two wave Counts on this chart There's the white count which is the Bullish breakout count which would Indicate that we've already seen the low Here and it would include the assumption That from the low here on the 14th of November we created a wave 1 a wave two We're now in the way three there should Be four and a five as soon as we get This five wave move complete and come Down in an ABC structure that is Probably the best confirmation you can

Get by using Elliot wave that a bottom Has been made at the end of The Wave 2 Correction because this 5 wave move up Would be considered a wave one again and Then the move down a wave two So What would be the What would be other indications that you Know we are finally starting to move up So first of all there was quite a bit of A nice move up since the 14th of November yeah we moved from around Hundreds well no 94 dollars to 132 133 That's already quite good but it's not Enough for me to confirm that a law has Been made because if we look at the Substructure and the white count here We've done yeah maybe a wave one maybe a Wave two we're now in the wave three in The wave three we've done maybe a wave One and two and could be in the third Wave however Target for this third wave Is 150 dollars just below that I think It's 148. Um Also measured by using the trend-based FIB extension tool usually what you Would expect in this Wave 3 is the 1.618 Extension 148 dollars not reached yet we Need to get there or the Bulls need to Get there to give us more confidence in The bullish count Because it could as I said in the last Video as well very well still be that we

Come down once more So this is where we are we don't really Have the clarity yet bear in mind Markets are due to it's due to due to Their nature they are uncertain so in Some periods there is more uncertainty And here at the moment Basically the yellow count shows that This could still be a waveform and we Will break down in a wave 5 next The thing is that the Wave 4 has really Only done what you would expect from a Waveform it is retraced to the 38.2 Percent flip level an ideal Target for The wave 4. from here it could break Down no problem Further confirmation that indeed we are Breaking down will be obtained as soon As we break below 109 of that wave too Low and further confirmation below one Hundred dollars then we are in a wave 5 To the downside here so at the moment Things are still rather unclear We are sitting between two scenarios Something that we're doing on many other Charts as well like polygon Matic also a Little bit unclear do we get one more Low or not Um But you know this this is for me about Either we break out now or we get one More low and then go up so there isn't Really anything bearish here until we Drop below 80 and I cannot see that at

The moment of course we cannot rule it Out so please bear in mind if we drop Below 80 which is the 78.6 percent flip Level then the movement to the upside Will get far less likely and we might Actually be in an Impulse to the Downside but for now we need to observe Very clearly that key resistance level At 135 dollars where we just sort of Nearly bounced off from yeah I mean it's Sort of a bit of a range between 133 and 135 dollars that would be the next step To get above then to confirm further the Bullish case Quant would need to reach the 148 level And because at that level The Wave 4 Will get fairly unlikely and for anybody Who wants the best confirmation you can Get wait for those five waves to Complete and wait for the ABC pattern to The downside Okay and that's my update about client q And T I hope you liked the update if you Did please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye [Music] Thank you

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