Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis – Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis - Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Foreign Welcome to another update video about Qnt client um so it continues to be a Game of patience here we have not Managed to do the breakout and it Currently seems to be following the Yellow wave count here which would Suggest one more low in a wave 5 in my Larger support area that can stretch Down to 81 US Dollars showed you in the Previous videos a possible breakout Pattern here but the requirement for That was that the small Wave 3 reaches 149 US dollars or 148 I think it was but We obviously didn't do that yeah Quant Did not use that bullish potential it Got rejected at this important Resistance level that we talked about as Well why was that a relevant resistance Well quite straightforward because I did Well you you were aware of the yellow Wave count which is the bearish Interpretation of this chart where well At least short-term bearish not really Bearish but shorter and bearish that we Came down here in a one two three Four and five setup And which would include one more low and Based on that we looked at you know what Can this Wave 4 actually do how high can This Wave 4 actually go and a wave 4 can Go no problem all the way up to the 50 Retracement and in fact the 38.2 percent Retracement is the ideal Target for this

Waveform and we reach that perfectly and The price got rejected then we had a bit Of a cluster of resistance here we had The 38.2 percent risk um 38.2 percent Retracement plus Um here we've made a smaller triple top As well plus we had here this high from The 10th and the 11th of November at 135 Dollars so head resistance area here in Fact I'm going to put that resistance Arena on the chart and highlight it for You so that we know next time when we Get into this range we've got resistance Here because we were rejected before and It is the 38.2 percent retracement which Is actually nothing more than the ideal Target for a wave four so how could I Confirm a Breakout Um I can't yeah and that's why I told You in the previous video we can very Well get rejected here if we get Rejected here as an ideal time to turn Around Um and until I see at least the 150 Level I will not confirm a low in place Why because above the because first of All the 149 level was a target for the Wave 3 and Let me just add the fips onto the chart Above the 50 retracement The way four would have become very Unlikely yeah because the Wave 4 Normally doesn't retrace more than the 50 retracement so you know we are

Currently following at the moment the Yellow wave count however I think we are Getting into a region now where we can Expect a balance yeah from down here why Because first of all on the four hour Chart we're nearly oversold on the Relative strength index does it mean we Have to go up straight away no but we're Approaching a small cluster of support Levels down there where I'd be very Surprised if we just go through straight Away Um because this is first of all around 112 dollars it is the 61.8 percent Retracement of the larger movement wave One two and this is the 61.8 retracement Of the wave one which is one of the most Relevant Fibonacci retracement levels Yeah Um that's at 112 plus if I connect these Two significant swing lows the beginning Of the wave one In the bullishness rotation and the wave Too low then you get this sort of Ascending trend line and there is a good Chance because especially because these Are crossing here that we have this as a Combined support area and we can expect The Bounce from here Also looking at that indicator the RSI Which would suggest that you know you Would normally expect some kind of a Bounce even if it's only just a little Bit of a relief Rally or a um

Yeah let's say a corrective pattern a Corrective structure to the upside Um Also if we now look at this structure it Comes down quite impulsive but looking At the sub waves what I would consider Is that we've done here wave one here Wave two that all of this is a wave Three that can certainly stretch 212 Dollars then there should be a bit of a Bounce away for and another leg down and Then we'll see if that creates a double Bottom or maybe we make a very long wave Five we will see that or this five-way Structure is only the first wave of the Fifth admittedly it would be quite long Then Um but I think we can expect a bit of a Bounce here very very shortly let's Actually take a look at um how long is This possible Wave 3 actually going Currently see we've already reached Let me put it for one hour chart Um yeah I mean this Could be a one-two setup Maybe even another one too and then you Get a then you get the explanation where You have an extended wave one two one Two Then the three down four five so maybe One more leg down or even two more legs Down so you know it's it's when we hit This level we will see a reaction and That will be and then we will be able to

Read into this if we are going to be Impulsive to the upside which could lead Us to another Breakout To the upside it would need to take us Though above 135 dollars to really be Confident in this or do we just get a Bearish reaction like a relief rally and Breakdown afterwards and make a new low Um that would be my preferred option to Be honest because I just think the way I Mean not necessarily preferred it's the Wrong word but it would be the Count I'm leaning to just because this Movement here especially with the latest Drop It just looks so corrective too many Overlaps in at best this is a one two One two one two setup yeah bullish Interpretation but is it likely not Really Um Not really I could also try to count it As a leading diagonal but again these Are not very reliable patterns and Then we need some kind of additional Confirmation that we are in a breakout Like for example taking out the most Recent swing High Um and holding a key support area so Yeah next support as I said 112 will be The next decision point if we lose 108.50 no 100 yeah 108 dollars No 108.90 this wave too low and then Also follow through and lose the 100

Level you know that would be a really Good confirmation that we are heading Lower and the next fifth level here is That 80 level which doesn't mean we Necessarily need to get there but this Is again the next key support level After breaking 112 100 then we've got 80 81 dollars Yeah so need a bit more patience here to See where we are I'm again I'm leaning To the downside but not in a straight Line so there will probably be that Counter reaction and then focusing Further on the downside until the chart Proves that indeed we are in a breakout And I'll keep you updated okay so Hopefully you like the update about qnt If you did please hit the like button Leave a comment and subscribe and if you Really like the content then please Check out the channel membership thanks A lot for watching bye Thank you

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