Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis – Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Quant QNT Price News Today Technical Analysis - Price Now! Quant Price Prediction 2022

Foreign Welcome to another update video about Kavant q and T I think here this is one Of the coins that has a good chance of Um rallying as one of the next ones in The next rally whenever it will be I Mean we had a rally from June to middle Of October yeah command did perform Really well so it was earlier than many Other coins of uh in in rallying yeah it Also did a very very strong move into August and retraced a bit but then moved Up even stronger and it also started to Move down earlier than some other coins And it could in this third wave to the Upside be the next one to Rally yeah Because it has started retracement a Little bit earlier in this current um Well bear market and with Quant I still Have the assumption that Quant or Q T Has already seen the bear Market low Here at 40 dollars that is currently Likely and we can still hear Use this support area all the way down To um 80 dollars basically right so First of all before we dive into this Let me take out this channel because we Don't really need it anymore and we want To have a bit of a more transparent Clearer chart right so my view is still That yeah we completed here a five wave Move to the upside one two three four Five this is a wave one and we're now Coming down in this ABC pattern a b c

The C wave consists of a five wave Structure where we have a one two three Four five so the way four could be Currently ongoing Um the problem is at the moment this Movement at the moment that is not Really impulsive yeah we analyzed that Absolutely correctly in the last few Weeks We said about this move to the upside It's a pretty clear three wave move up Yeah Um looks rather corrective we didn't Even make a new High and Um the thing is however as well the move Down now is quite corrective as well so If you have a move up that's corrective Three waves and you have a move down That's corrective it leaves one possible Interpretation which is a triangle and Then if we look at this wave count and Say okay in the C wave this could very Well be the Wave 4 why because this move Down was very strong the strongest wave In the trend is oftentimes a third wave And if you after that see a long Consolidation that's typically a Waveform it's a triangle that's the Reason why a wave 4 is oftentimes so Boring because Um a wave 4 typically appears or Obviously it appears after the wave Three and if the Wave 3 is the strongest Wave you normally need a bit of a cool

Down period yeah and that is the Waveform In the way four often is a triangle well Not the majority of times but it often Is Um and especially in crypto these like To put in triangles yeah and the Triangle would be a b c d e and this Should ideally break down because you Want in such a triangle Um or the assumption is such a triangle That is that we would break We would break here out to the opposite Side of the E wave so you can very Clearly see that this could count as Some kind of a these well yeah Horizontal triangle Um I already updated the channel members Earlier today about a possible Target For the e-wave and that is it doesn't Need to get there but what you typically Typically do you calculate the length of The wave C And you add it to the low of the d-wave An ideal Target would actually be the 119 level the 61.8 extension however it Doesn't necessarily need to get there But it would be ideal and then we could Come down in a fifth wave should we Already break earlier about above the 126 dollar level then it is more likely That the triangle will actually break to The upside it would not be invalidated Yet but the wave C would simply move on

Because the wave e cannot break above The C wave so it would need to become an Extended triangle then but then at the Latest if we break above 135 dollars I Think then we have to consider or even Point out call out that the low was Already in here so it's a very very Interesting time at the moment this is a Wave 2 and this is the support area Where it ideally would turn around you Know to move up in the third wave Third wave Target we talk about 350 to 380. yeah Um when I look on the daily chart you Can see that we are now putting in a Bullish crossover on the macd so the Macd is very very low and there's always A good signal that things could be Changing soon I mean maybe it's already Changing now but I think it's a bit too Early to confirm that we haven't seen Enough yet but you can see here on the Daily chart very clearly which levels Need to be broken so very relevant level Is the 126 dollar level if we break that That would already unlock some upside Potential and even more important would Be the 135 US dollar level so I'll Definitely follow this for you Um primary expectation would be Obviously as per this triangle to break Down but of course you never really know Therefore I'm always trying to give you The other scenario as well and that

Would occur if we break above 126 and Then 135 US dollars Okay this one update about kavant q and T hope you like the update if you did Please hit the like button leave a Comment and subscribe and if you really Like the content then please check out The channel membership thanks a lot for Watching bye Thank you

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