Solana Price News Today – Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis, Price Update!

Solana Price News Today - Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis, Price Update!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to another video about a Solana Um the boring sideways movements Continues We continue to hover just above this Support box there is currently a lack of Impulsive price action to the upside Again no signal yet that the movement Here in the yellow wave count has Started which is as you know my view That this could be an ABC correction in A larger fourth wave which will Eventually lead to one more low at the Moment I just have to assume that Solana Will make one more low and the reason is Very simple if there is no impulsive Price action to the upside not even After a substantial new low that has Been made here it just means that buyers Aren't interested yet to buy right Buyers are not really interested to buy Solana at the current price around 1340. Um they were interested a little bit Here around the 10.90 mark it pushed the Price up in five waves which is first of All a good thing because it indicates That that there is a chance that an Impulse is moving here that an Impulse Is is evolving with a chance that Afterwards we had a corrective price Structure to the downside in Wave 2 ABC But now what's happening right we are Still missing impulsive price action to

The upside so if this should if this Really is a one-tour setup then the Third wave should really start moving Right and we should get sort of in the Region 18 to 19 But a third wave is normally very strong There is no there is no strength in this Movement right so therefore at the Moment I just have to assume that what We're doing here is a b c and that there Will be one more let down in a c wave or And that's the very bearish option that We sell off straight away So it remains Um a game of patience here on the Solana Chart there just isn't anything that we Can use to analyze this further but I Constantly get changed for new updates So yeah we just need to be you know hang In here uh be a bit of page be better Patience Um play the game of patience I wanted to Say and we just need to be Aware that even if we push higher here Yeah even if we push High here and the Potentially certainly there especially As long as we're holding Above This Support area which is by the way between 11 and 80 and 13 so even if we push Higher this is not necessarily a sign That we are going full bull mode here it Could just be embedded in this way for Correction A B C and the C wave is a Five-way structure could a low be in yes

It could but then again due to the price Structure here and what Solana has done And how far Solana has has dropped what I want to see to be able to call out That a bottom has been made I need to See five waves to the upside Which could be part of that ABC Structure as well so until we reach this Fifth wave There's nothing we can use to to Confidently say the low has been made no It's the five waves that need to be made Plus in the coming correction we want to Hold a higher low and then we can count This as a one two setup and then as per Elliott wave this is sort of one of the Best setups you can get one of the best Long trade setups you get with a very Low risk and a higher reward and that Could then really tell us that a low has Been made at the moment it's just a Waiting game key breakout level here Very clearly 15 that's also the absolute Bare minimum to consider something more Bullish here Um on the other hand if we drop below 1281 I think we can drop easily down to 11.80 and if we lose the 1180 level There is a really good chance we come Down make a new low Possibly in the seven dollar range Yeah that's my update about Solana hope You like the update if you did please Hit the like button leave a comment and

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