The FTX Crypto Scandal Just Got Much WEIRDER…

The FTX Crypto Scandal Just Got Much WEIRDER…

We have uh you know a few billion on our Balance sheet right now we are Profitable you know on the balance sheet Of ftx's line called Trump lose I want To be doing something that positive like With the the making money part like like I I want to be a good actor there and Sam was the second biggest donor to Democratic candidates we'd raised a few Billion dollars over the course of the Last uh last couple years and we're a Profitable business I have a duty as a member of the Industry to try and get us regulated to Try and move the industry in a more Responsible Direction Foreign Conclusions about what you're saying Here Wow so much more new information to Share with you including Sam bankman Freed's political ties we have more and More reputable companies cutting their Ties with FTX I have an update on where The money went this FDX hacker now one Of the largest etholders in the world But like always right now let's start at The source we finally have some answers To what this cryptic tweet thread means You see somehow Sam bankman freed has Time to do interviews during all this And the New York Times just released Their piece their puff piece on how his Empire fell and I do mean puff piece you

See Zero times in this interview with Sam bangman freed did they ask about Fraud did they ask about crime or Mention the words illiquid stolen Criminal hidden back door nothing like This was asked of Sam yet they did Manage to keep us abreast of his Sleeping habits what was discovered was This what happened what do these cryptic Tweets mean Well in this interview right as was Happening the New York Times brought it Up shortly before the interview Mr Bankman freed had posted a cryptic tweet The word what and then he tweeted the Letter H Asked to explain Mr bankman freed said He planned to post the letter A then the Letter P it's going to be more than just One word he said I'm making it up as I Go So he was planning a series of cryptic Tweets something like that But why I don't know he said I'm Improvising I think it's time So basically saying he's just playing Games he just wants attention he just Wants to put these little cryptic tweets Out there and let the masses Wonder but What he was actually doing is far more Devious why is Sam bankman freed Deleting tweets and then tweeting to Offset his total tweets count Holy hell Sam bankman freed is doing

This weird tweet thread so that he can Delete all tweets without them being Captured by the crypto deleted bot and You know what it actually worked LMAO That's what he's doing the Bots out There registering the same amount of Tweets per day like nothing changed this Is why the tweets are coming out so Irregularly he's combing through his Past tweets searching for incriminating Statements and will only tweet the next Letter in his fake thread as soon as he Finds a tweet that he needs to delete so My obvious next question is what has he Been deleting well this he deleted a Tweet from him that cited this article From Bitcoin Insider this article just Citing his quote saying FTX is fine Assets are fine right before they Crashed and it's also notable that he's Deleting tweets where he makes claims About Gap and cash on hand also to be Fair the reduction in tweet count has Come from other accounts deleting tweets That Sam later retweeted I.E from Tom Brady Tom Brady's tweets right here Scaramucci's tweets right here SBF only Retweeted them but they have since then Taken those down and how this affects You is we finally have the answers SBF Today just today finally finished this Thread and then of course this clip in Full of CEO and founder of Citadel Ken Griffin on Bloomberg calling out Sam

Bang and freed in a not so subtle way Okay so after SPF tweeted what and then Happened late last night into the day he Finished with Not legal advice not Financial advice This is all as I remember it but my Memory might be faulty in parts I'll get To what happened but for now let's talk About where we are today to the best of My knowledge as a post 11 7 I believe This is the day this all started so as a Debrief to the best of my knowledge with The potential for errors so this is as He remembers it a Alameda had more Assets than liabilities M to M but not Liquid so he's claiming that he had the Assets the whole time they should have Never went under B Alameda had margin position on FTX International and cfts us had enough to Repay all customers not everyone Necessarily agrees with this he's Basically admitting no fault claiming it Was all a mistake of course we know from This video right here that this sort of Deception from FTX have been going on For months great video seek it out And then he finishes by saying just one Hour ago my goal my one goal is to do Right by customers I'm contributing what I can to doing so I'm meeting in person with regulators And working with the teams to do what we Can for customers and after that

Investors but first customers my goal a Clean up and focus on transparency B Make customers whole And again how we know that Sam's either Delusional or just straight out lying is From that other video I referenced Before FTX stole 10 billion dollars of Customer deposits they took loans out Against illiquid coins that they knew Were a liquid now Visa has since then Terminated their debit card program with FDX the world economic Forum of which FTX was a partner the wef has now Deleted their page And then of course Ken Griffin CEO of Citadel highlighting one of the darkest Details of the entire FTX situation how Deep does this Rabbit Hole goal what was FTX So that's the scenes that are for the Question folks what I want to know from You can is what do you make of the Spectacular collapse of Sam bankman Freed's FTX Well okay so big picture the crypto Market cap today is a fraction what it Was when we first started talking about It So crypto is not it was three trillion And now it's well under a billion it's Like 800 billion of which a big part of That stable coins Right so you really move back into a World of Bitcoin and ethereum is the two

Dominant cryptocurrencies both of which Actually happen to be CPC regulated look FTX is is one of these absolute Travesties in the history of financial Markets I mean people will lose billions Of dollars collectively people are going To lose billions of dollars And that undermines trust in all Financial markets was the fundamental Problem that it was a business built on Cryptocurrency to begin with or that it Was a business that wasn't adequately Regulated or that it was a business that The venture capital and other investors Who put money in tftx didn't didn't Adequately you know diligence what's the Fundamental problem well I think the Fundamentals or is it just fraud I I so So first of all that's a really big Choice of words to use and I I can't go There at this point in time what we do Know is the balance sheet shows a giant Black hole And there's no doubt that customer Assets were used to make investment Decisions In favor of ftx's shareholders which Didn't work at the expense of the Customers that's not permitted in American brokered yours you can't just Use your customer assets to go engage in Proprietary trading that's a that's a Huge no no it's a No-No in most parts of The world it's in most parts of the

World that's a good no no to be clear Too now with with FTX there are there Are a few points here that we should Talk about the turf war by American Regulators has got to end it's just Preposterous that Without naming the agencies they all Dance around who owns what and who and The bottom line is American investors Have really gotten hurt here to the tune Of hundreds of billions of dollars in Decline in market cap and crypto over The last two years I mean that that Really strikes at the entire core or Essence of what's investor protection All about The second is that FTX Crosses up into a into a zone that all Of us are worried about you know on the Balance sheet of FTX is lying called Trump lose And Sam was the second biggest donor to Democratic candidates I'm going to leave it to everybody else To draw their own conclusions about what You're saying here Right those are those are really really Ugly facts when you see a fraud of this Magnitude having played out and you find No Regulators were there to prevent it This is an ongoing story every day on This channel we've been keeping you up To date but get this the FTX hacker who Stole basically all the money that was

Left in the FTX accounts three days ago The FTX hacker is now the 36th largest Holder of ethereum the hacker became a Mega whale after swapping millions of Stable coins for eth thanks Sam here is The exact data a crypto address Connected to the suspected drain of FDX Accounts is swapping decentralized Stablecoin die for ethereum and a series Of multi-million dollar trades so they Started with around 21 a thousand Ethereum and then through a series of Trades swapped 3 million die for this Much eth and 5 million for this much 10 Million die 10 million die 10 million Die Another 10 million die just loading up On ethereum becoming the 36th largest Whale this story is developing this is Just what we know now and by the way my Brother and I will be at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 the largest crypto const Conference in existence so join us if You'll be in Miami from May 18th through 20th use code altcoin daily for 10 off Come chill with us link down below

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