The Real Criminal in FTX Fraud/Scandal is…

The Real Criminal in FTX Fraud/Scandal is…

He was one of the most brilliant Traders In the crypto Universe what he is is A full and influential he realized that My Mom because the girl he's hanging around With is still getting plowed by his [ __ ] blockchain Dev he also built one Of the most robust platforms we used FTX Actively it was a very robust platform If this [ __ ] was driving a nice Fat Lambo and he had a big diamond watch And was living a life which a Millionaire should live I would have Trusted him a bunch more I want to get Rich not because I like money but Because I wanted to give that money to Charity when he sat there he said I only Drive a Corolla and I give all my money Away and I just try and hoard it all to Just help people relatively understated Life for a billionaire he drives a Toyota Corolla to ftx's offices in the Bahamas he lives with 10 roommates and a Golden doodle named gopher sometimes Sleeps under a desk on a bean bag chair An alarm went off in my head because Everybody I know who is like this 100 of The time in my Human Experience ends up Being full of [ __ ] we have to be ready For the next pandemic full of [ __ ] three Years to go from nothing to one of the Dominant crypto exchanges in the world With Larry David showing for you and Buying stadiums in mind it gives me a

Break who financed you because you Clearly didn't have the money and the More money he gave away and the more he Engaged in the sort of marrying that you Know child genius routine the less Incredulous people were and the more People were celebrating him as as the World's most generous enlightened Soul This thing is dirty and rotten to the Core they may have counterfeited no I'm Just saying you guys should have Accepted the offer but we do agree if We're right we're going to make world History aren't we when we're right what Are you going to do in one hour two Hours five hours 12 hours all we did is Just push a button through an exchange FTX one of the largest cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world has blown up Losing millions and millions in user Funds and bringing a series of other Crypto companies down with it in a Contagion effect like crypto has never Seen who is responsible let's go go Through it first of all 30 year old Wonderkind now former CEO Sam bankman Freed he's on the Run cryptically still Tweeting surely he does bear some Responsibility he is not mentally Challenged like some people in the media Are trying to make it seem like he's a Little I don't know if he's on the Spectrum or what but they like that they Promote that the way he dresses too

They're his little verbal and physical Tics is Sam bankman freed to blame or Former Sam bankman freed girlfriend Caroline you know her as the CEO of Alameda the trading arm of FTX which Stole user funds and traded against Users she's the other party to blame Seemingly I'm sure you've seen this clip Of Caroline bragging about using very Little math Elementary School math and Bragging about practicing abysmal risk Management yeah absolutely could pull it Off without my math degree I use very Little math Um use a lot of like Elementary school Math we tend not to have things like Stop losses I think those aren't Necessarily great risk management tool Trying to think of a good example of a Trade where I've Lost a ton of money Um well I don't know I probably don't Want to go into specifics too much with That Are solely responsible to blame for the FTX fraud collapse and contagion these Two are solely responsible or so they Would have you think subscribe to our Channel we've been posting videos like This for about a week now we will Continue to keep you updated like this Daily crypto news subscribe now in Today's video I'm going to take you Through the people who they don't want

You to know about the ones behind the Scenes pulling the strings share this Video with everybody you can while you Can while the truth is out there I'm Afraid they're gonna make me take this Video down so watch this while you can Who is really responsible for the fraud And the Stoler money and everything that Went on with FTX part of the reason why It's so hard is to ascertain this Information is because the mainstream Media looks to be compromised did Sam Bankman freed send everyone's money to The New York Times for a Fluff piece or Something what the f are they smoking Over there see rather than reporting the Actual news the New York Times chose to Write a puff piece on Sam bankman freed Painting him as an altruistic who simply Made a mistake [ __ ] they even want To pin this on CZ binance they want to Say CZ binance was somehow responsible For the fraud going on at FTX ccz was Pivotal in uncovering the fraud Happening at FTX and Alameda CZ forced Sam's hand to reveal it other Cryptocurrency leaders in the space After the fact people in the know even Came forward after the fact saying CZ Was trying to save Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market CZ knew what was Going on with FTX and with Sam and was Trying to save things this is Wendy Wang From Hawaii talking on Spaces listened

To her leaders in the space retweeted This later seemingly confirming what she Says is true so as an exchange Sam is a CEO you are a third party right you are Not supposed to do anything to do with Your users with your clients because all The users activities you have everything On your change you have all the locks All the analysts on that but what some Does is he did the counterparty of Certain clients of certain users all of This CZ knows very well I knew it Because I heard from one of the very Good friends from CG so that's why I Think that at the very beginning CZ was Trying very hard to protecting bitcoin Price to protecting this whole winter so First the New York Times gives Sam Bankman freed a full pass and now it's Easy binance fault this is a joke Mainstream press is running cover for Sam bankman freed and FTX releasing puff Pieces to protect the Public Image some Blaming finance and CZ and others Painting a picture of an accident even Reuters went so far as to say sam Bankman freed did the financial system a Favor so the New York Times and other Members of the mainstream media is Running cover for what happened with FTX And Sam bankman freed running cover for These fraud for these crimes the Question is why it's no secret Sam Bankman freed is Joe Biden's second

Biggest donor giving tens of millions to The Joe Biden campaign it's no secret Sam bankman freed very close to the DNC And Elites in general on April 22nd FTX Official and salt conference hosted the First ever crypto conference in the Bahamas an off-record panel was held Featuring former President Bill Clinton Former UK PM Tony Blair and Sam bankman Freed other Elites were in attendance it Is no secret that Sam bakeman freed had Close ties to many high-level political Figures many of them in the DNC in fact Sam banquin freed was committed to Giving even more money and this CNBC Article from earlier this year Sam Bankman freed says he could spend Upwards of 1 billion on the 2024 Election it's looking more likely there Was a serious money laundering operation Going on sending money from FTX to Democrats under the guise of altruism This next part a little bit of a stretch I'm not saying this is the case I'll Leave it up to you to decide but I'd be Remiss if I didn't share this with you As you know Sam bankman freed and a lot Of people over at FTX and alame Meda had Close ties to MIT perhaps you know mit's Media lab was directly funded by Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates Again you decide For yourself but Wikileaks released an FBI doc outlining symbolism and the B Logo the B logo is eerily reminiscent of

Alameda research's logo so let's get Into it allegedly who are the real ring Leaders missing piece in the FTX Sam Bankman freed Meltdown who is Michael Knives connected to Sam bankman freed The clintons Warren Buffett Michael Lewis and even Elon Musk 300 million From Alameda and no wikipedia page Surprisingly can't find anyone Mentioning him on crypto Twitter so Let's unravel knives's background knives Beginnings seem to start with the Clintons as a spokesperson then to CAA The largest Hollywood talent agency Managing extremely popular Stars Katy Perry Warren Buffett then to early stage Tech investing talented maybe nepotism Unfortunately needless to say knives is More connected than any normal citizen Could conceive even top tier celebrities Don't get disconnected and don't just Believe me either believe his old boss And CAA president and what amazes me Most is the elusiveness of knives now Knives leads his K-5 private Equity Firm While simultaneously serving as a Director for Yahoo and Shutterfly Pro is Really leading the charge on multiple Work from home jobs I guess gotta Respect it but K5 is where things get Interesting and tie back to our old Friend Sam bankman freed somehow 300 Million of customer funds managed to Make its way to knives's firm this

Number may seem less significant after This week but it would be in the top 25 Percent of ftx's illiquid assets why so Much good thing FTX and Sam bankman Freed never relied on public perception Via celebrity status or anyone who Knives has or is involved with never Don't you just feel like a product Looking at this picture see the Connections don't just just touch Political or perception goals they Seamlessly extend to financial goals Sam Bankman freed obviously couldn't keep up With knives used his private Equity Firm To wedge into space acts and boring Company Investments reportedly tried the Same thing with Sam bankman freed and Twitter adding to this Trail news that Big short author Michael Lewis was Writing a book about Sam how this even Gets surfaced ah email from none other Than CAA agent and if you need more Evidence of knives's deep political Connections take a look at this Guardian Article bragging about the millions Unreported donations bundling he's Managed to get the clintons do I even Need to mention Sam bankman Freed's Donation do you get it yet so with the Massive influence and endorsement from The most important individuals in Celebrity Talent politics and finance no Mental gymnastics are required to see How Michael knives fits perfectly into

The FTX SPF Saga but let's continue Because Sam bankman freed buys a third Of knives's firm who coincidentally Linked to the most powerful people in The world that he also can't raise a Dollar from and then FTX goes on to Eviscerate 10 billion in customer funds Off of leveraging their celebrity and Political connections for money the Point of this is to illustrate Sam Bankman Freed's obsession with power and How he exploited everyone from citizens To celebrities don't Focus too much on Knives guy was legally taking money for His firm focus on the other individuals We've seen Sam capture by stealing Citizens wealth of course one of the Most interesting or Shady players at FTX Is Gary Wang his partner is a guy named Gary Wang And no one can find [ __ ] on Gary Wang Gary is co-founder and CTO of FTX Architect of the ftt token but is hardly Ever seen with very little info about Him online and he's on the board of Advisors of Sequoia and I [ __ ] you not You look up Sequoia stuff there's a Picture of Gary Wang of his back facing A computer there's no picture of Gary Wayne he graduated from MIT worked at Google and was crowned the wealthiest Person under 30. so Gary Wang is the Same CTO or the chief technology officer Of FTX allegedly

Allegedly perhaps another person who Might deserve some blame is the current Girlfriend of Sam bankman freed and Actually the Chief Operating Officer of FTX Constance W prior to her work at FTX Constance was a risk manager for Credit Suisse and worked on private banking AML It's safe to say that Constance did a Terrible job of managing risk at FTX Official it's worth noting that after Sam bankman freed resigned from his Position of CEO at FTX guess who just Stepped up as the new CEO the former Enron chairman and bankruptcy Pro John J Ray III guys remember Enron right see The real question is who helped SBF Create the back door for FTX FTX legal And finance teams say sam bankman freed Implemented a back door into the Bookkeeping system that allowed Sam to Alter records and move money undetected The back door was is used to send 10 Billion from FTX official to Alameda Research without triggering red flags on The books wow head of compliance at FTX Official Dan Friedberg ran an online Poker gambling website that was one of The biggest scandals in history there's A chief regulatory officer of FTX and His name is Dan Friedberg and if you Google Dan freeberg poker Scandal he was The general counsel of I don't know if It was Ultimate bets or one of those me Too sites where they basically cheated

Against players they built back doors Into the software and viewing cards and Using it to bet against the players Exactly what FTX were doing to Traders So Chief regulatory officer Dan freeberg Was embroidered in the major scandal With ultimate bet poker his involvement Can allegedly be verified because Friedberg was caught on tape taking his Clients through the process of lying After the client admitted to robbing Over 50 million from the players a Player just 20 seconds of this So collect this out on the other hand I Think if what we can do is to say we've Studied it we know that sometimes it was Used sometimes it was not These are these limited times of the Times it was used these people are being Refunded Travis do you know Travis Margaret Travis is willing to say that He did all this so he's willing to say That he did this because the real Evidence seems to be this right here Again subscribe to our Channel join our Team we post a video on crypto every day Keeping you informed join the altcoin Daily team like the video and I'll leave You with this final clip apparently Allegedly Dan Friedberg FTX and Alameda Criminally counterfeiting crypto Dan Freeberg talks about how FTX and Alameda Criminally scammed the crypto world all Of today's video was just speculation

All alleged not accusing anybody of Anything none of what I said in today's Video I know anything for sure all of These people are probably innocent I I Don't know liquid They may have counterfeited the coin Every centralized every centralized Exchange Regrets a synthetic okay For the purposes all we did is just push A button through an exchange you know You know we didn't intend to do that Certainly we just uh you know we have That new coin in our exchange account We sent it to you using these features Yeah and it's possible who knows yeah I Don't know all right you know so because That's not on the blockchain fair enough But one thing we will but we do agree if We're right we're going to make world History aren't we And this is going to get a lot of public Attention as you now now put it on the Table let's get some public attention on This and you explain where the where the [ __ ] our coins are Yeah no I I don't know yeah that's right But but just guess what you're quite Correct then the whole world is going to Be looking at it it'll get a lot of Media attention Okay well let's just let's just wipe in But hopefully you know who knows maybe They'll come back maybe the coin that

They send is okay I hope and then you'll be able you know The coin that goes to the Box Dan we Don't make the accusation unknowingly we Had I told you it's incontrovertible It's incontrovertible there's no ifs There's no bats okay and what you've Just done is try to insult us and and What do you think that's going to Achieve when you're wrong When it's when you it's incontrovertible That you guys are wrong and you're going To add Insight What do you think remember what did you Think is going to happen Well how about this how about you you'd Work it out before you started insulting What did you think was going to happen If you started insulting No I'm just saying you guys should have Accepted the offer okay by you insulting Me no no why are you insulting me and Huss right now what did you think what Would you try to what did you think you Were going to achieve I was hoping that uh possibly deceived Uh Hussein from in prison he suffer Imprisonment because you counterfeited Coin Because I'm a kind man who said okay and I'm just saying that that listen let's Just end this here you're obviously I've Got no idea what to say in terms of Words they're obviously wasting your

Time let's just finish this here is that You're saying that's a sign that's a Sign all right I've got no doubt yeah Let's let's just let's just not waste Each other's time you obviously just Want to hear waste that time I think Let's just end this conversation where We left it okay so where do we so where Do we lead him well let me okay when We're right what are you going to do in One hour two hours five hours 12 hours

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