This Will Erupt Crypto in 2022 (Dec 29th) | Bitcoin & Cardano News

This Will Erupt Crypto in 2022 (Dec 29th) | Bitcoin & Cardano News

Grassroots totally organic crypto Adoption is happening because it's just Better than the existing system yes Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily My name's Austin why is Bitcoin holding Up so well despite the recent Catastrophic events and by the way when I say holding up so well I do mean Relatively speaking after all the second Largest crypto exchange globally by Trading volume just collapsed although Barring a binance announcement we're Probably not going to see something Bigger like this happen again yes Obviously contagion for smaller Companies is clearly not done but the Biggest capitulation leg event has Seemingly happened also we continue to Have extreme macro uncertainty with the FED raising rates suppressing markets Although Jerome Powell's rhetoric has Gotten no display more dovish in this Last month this is a big change from What we've seen previously this year and On top of that with all this fear Uncertainty doubt in the the markets I Ask again why isn't Bitcoin dropping Further analyst Willie Wu weighs in he Says if you're wondering why BTC is Holding up against so much deleveraging It's the long-term huddlers The Rick astleys who ain't never going To give up their BTC that are absorbing The cells buying spot and adding to

Their stack so looking at adjusted Bitcoin Supply shock we see long-term Hodlers are absorbing the cell pressure As BTC consolidates we see these Long-term hodlers meaning the wallets That historically buy Bitcoin but then Never sell adding to those wallets and It just becomes so obvious when you zoom Out this is internet users versus Bitcoin users today based on world Global population and the adoption Curves of both Technologies what do you Notice well while this survey puts total Users of the Bitcoin Network today at Around 575 million while the Cambridge Data puts the lower bound at around 350 Million Global Bitcoin users as their Minimum estimates either way Bitcoin is Easily on track for its first billion Users very soon when in doubt zoom out And remember the trend is your friend Usually and as Michael Saylor posted Today Bitcoin is hope for Africa and Today even today in this bear Market When it seems all hope is lost for Crypto Bitcoin in Africa is thriving This is a must-watch news report I'll Share with you just the first 30-40 Seconds this is such valuable education For the masses So for the next three days we're going To be hearing from some of the biggest Names in Bitcoin who actually see the Recent implosion of FTX is another

Example that sets Bitcoin apart from the Thousands of other altcoin projects and Crucially from these centralized crypto Platforms because remember the Bitcoin Network focuses on two big things Decentralization and security and so Sentiment is really positive here about The future of the industry because they Feel that people around the world are Realizing that Bitcoin is more secure Than other all coins it's more reliable And it's decentralized meaning that These centralized actors can't mess with Your money what about the real-term Applications of crypto McKenzie can it Actually are the people down there Saying that it could actually make Things better or easier than Fiat cash Yeah so several countries in Africa Ghana Nigeria and Kenya let's name a few Are these Prime examples of places where Grassroots totally organic crypto Adoption is happening because it's just Better than the existing system there's A thriving peer-to-peer crypto payment Network across the continent using a Combination of Bitcoin and U.S dollar Peg stable coins like tether we're also Talking about Bitcoin as a savings Technology because yes its price is Volatile but in countries where there's Rampant inflation and the local currency Has lost most of its value Bitcoin can Become the safer and more accessible

Option now mining for Bitcoin in some Cases is creating a financial incentive To build infrastructure to harness Stranded renewable energy and then make That power accessible to communities Through microgrids now of course the Biggest Bitcoin conference in existence It happens annually is coming up again Next year use code altcoin daily for 10 Off join us hang with us at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 link down below But it's not just Bitcoin the amount of Cardano smart contracts deployed has Increased over 100 percent year-to-date So again even in this bear Market when All hope seems lost the dapps the Developers flocking to these networks to Build is undeniable actually the number Of smart contracts deployed has Increased by more than 300 on cardano Year to date here is the data and while In January there were around 947 Pluto Smart contracts on the cardano network At the start of the Year currently that Number has increased to surpass 3790 and just in this last month it's Clear more people are choosing defy over The crumbling C5 according to reports The collapse of FDX has caused the Number of Wallets on the cardano network To increase by more than one hundred Thousand so far this month as well as According to the most recent data from Input output Global right now there are

Over 1 100 projects using cardano as of Last month the network has over 6.9 Million tokens built on top and has Handled over 55.3 million transactions And of course is also Pressing forward as well's Crow surges as it launches Their world cup nfts with Coca-Cola so In honor of of the World Cup Coca-Cola Chose and says That it will be hosting on its Blockchain 10 000 nfts created by Coca-Cola in digital artist G monk the Nfts were produced by tracking via So-called heat Maps the in-game Movements of players during matches at The Qatar World Cup and soccer or European football is of course one of The most popular sports in existence so Many viewers and fans for this can only Buy these nfts after they sign up for a nft platform account does This make you bullish one for yes two For no one for yes two for no down in The chat does this make you bullish on what about the metaverse well Decentraland even in the spare making Moves Introducing decentralized places a new Section of the DCL website where you can Browse through different decentralized Locations and filter by most active Featured highest rated recently added so I love this if you're wondering are

People actually using the metaverse Which lands on the most popular we can Filter through the different worlds and See who's using what for example 187 People at the time of this picture we're Currently playing ice poker 65 people Were in wondermind crafting game all 13 People were doing butterfly prawn Farming game I guess with over 2 000 Viewers 13 people were in it why is Litecoin pumping Litecoin continues to Surge as hash rate records new all-time High how about the Litecoin price so Plain and simple one of the biggest Reasons Litecoin is looking more bullish Is because they have their having Happening next year bitcoin's having is In 2024 litecoin's having is no Bitcoin's having yeah and litecoin's Having is in 2023 and miners want to Support the network mind the coin before Their rewards get cut in half Litecoin Is jumped above 83 on a big eight Percent surge in just an hour while the Rest of the markets have been relatively Quiet three weeks ago santam and feed Which is a market intelligence platform Measure the largest amount of Dorman Tokens being moved in four years ltc's Price has jumped 47 since so potentially Bullish if you hold Litecoin I'll keep My eye on this and for those of you who Will be in Los Angeles next week and for Those of you who like comedy join us for

This live event web 3 is a joke in in Los Angeles next week link down below

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