Top 5 Crypto Coins to Buy Post-FTX Collapse…

Top 5 Crypto Coins to Buy Post-FTX Collapse...

Yes welcome back everybody to altcoin Daily my name's Austin looking forward On this Market post FTX collapse and Understanding that prices may go lower Contagion The Fallout from this fraud May still get bigger in the coming weeks Today I want to highlight five different Crypto coins that are still building Through the fear that are being Recognized sort of in spite of or Because of FTX so like always hit the Like button if you appreciate this type Of content and I do just have to say Real quick I'm not a registered Financial advisor so make your own Decisions invest in crypto is incredibly Risky and number two I'm just sharing my Journey what works for me so if you have A different coin that you feel should Make the list comment down below let's All check the comment section together But coin number five Making Waves in Spite of FTX is uniswap just a few days Ago uniswap overtook coinbase as the Second largest exchange Trading ethereum Today so more and more people are seeing The value of a DEX as opposed to a sex And that's not to say that both don't Have their place right now you still Need both but unless you're in an active Trade on an exchange take your money out And that self-sovereignty is what Uniswap allows you to do the reason that Uniswap makes our list today is because

Of two new upgrades they just released Uniswap builds public infrastructure That pushes crypto forward today we're Excited to introduce permit2 and Universal router new smart contracts That increase the flexibility of token Approvals and aggregate erc20s ethereum Tokens and nft swaps into one so Improving the UI ux of the uniswap Platform just to get Ultra specific on Which of these new smart contracts Upgrades does what Perma-2 that allows token approvals to Be shared and managed across different Applications creating a more unified Cost efficient and safer ux so a better Experience for the users while Universal Router unifies erc20 and nft swapping Into a single Swap router integrated With perma-2 users can swap multiple Tokens and nfts into one swap while Saving on gas fees so the experience Will also be a little cheaper We originally conceived perma-2 and Universal router to improve our own Products optimizing gas costs Simplifying user transaction flows and Strengthening security but as we idiated We realized that other applications Could greatly benefit from integrating These contracts uniswap is committed to Building public infrastructure that Pushes crypto forward which is why we Design these contracts to be used by the

Entire developer ecosystem including Extensive documentation sdks and a Two-week bug Bounty this is why uniswap Coming in and number five coming in at Number four an altcoin getting the nod Of approval in a sense from Michael Saylor Michael Saylor says Litecoin is Also likely a digital commodity like Bitcoin I will play you this clip but Just understand in this post FTX World The Regulators are looming it's going to Be very important what they deem is a Security versus a commodity and just in Layman's terms a security produces Return turn from a common Enterprise or Company so think a share in a company While Commodities are typically a basic Good that can be bought traded or Exchanged think grain beef gold Bitcoin And in a recent interview Michael Saylor Had this to say about Litecoin uh Digital commodities There's only one we know of right now Bitcoin you you know someone might file Uh an application to get Litecoin Designated as a digital commodity right Presumably the SEC would look at it and Say who owns it and does anybody control It and is it decentralized and is there An issuer Right and can you manipulate the supply And at some point they would either say Yes or no Right they're out of 20 000 cryptos

There might be half a dozen or a dozen That might be able with a straight face To apply for digital commodity status If you applied for digital commodity Status with Solana The SEC would say you've got a CEO you Had a pre-mine you know you've got an Ico you know if you want to be a digital Commodity here's how you do it you Basically disband your company You you contribute all of your tokens And your treasury Pro rata to everyone That bought in the free market you Disclaimed beneficial ownership of it You unwind the Ico and then in three Years you apply again Right I mean Satoshi showed you how to Be a digital commodity which is you know Contribute all of your tokens to the Community Pro rata disappear from the Industry and never tweet again that's How you become a decentralized digital Commodity so With litecoin's next having coming up Happening next year August 3rd 2023 as Well as privacy upgrade memberwimble Implemented earlier this year on the Network as well as payment giant PayPal Who has already heavily in bed with Regulators listing the asset earlier This year LTC a coin still to watch And speaking of privacy next up cardano Cardano is launching new privacy Blockchain and token and Charles

Hoskinson CEO of the firm that's behind Cardano iohk says the network will Strive to preserve privacy while giving Access to regulators and Auditors so It's private I guess unless The Regulators need to see Let's unpack this iog input output Global is releasing a new privacy focus Blockchain called midnight and a token Called dust to accompany the new network How will this be private will midnight Which is underpinned by zero knowledge Proof technology is one of many side Chains now being deployed around cardano And will go beyond previous privacy coin Projects by delivering zero Knowledge-proof smart contracts the System will apparently walk the line Between preserving privacy and allowing Regulators and Auditors a back door into The system when permission is granted Even the account for Monero Monero being The OG privacy coin responded to us on Twitter replying well it has a back door It's not private Dead on Arrival and Actually if I check this out yep Actually this has also been deleted by The offer because they had a little Feud Or a little discussion and Charles did Confirm that he was misquoted with Backdoor it doesn't technically have a Back door yet it will have something That regulators and Auditors can use to Double check I guess while keeping

Transactions still private and in a Direct quote from Charles on how this is Different than a Monero or zcash he says Midnight has evolved privacy coin Technology where everything was Anonymous by default which is what zcash And Monero did with snarks and ring Signatures this is a completely new way Of writing and running private smart Contracts and private computation so With this you can have a private Dex Decentralized exchange or go mine an Anonymous data set or these type of Things now Monero in my opinion is still Monero is still the most private privacy Coin we have in existence but cardano Adding something new to the mix and next Up a coin that has been pretty obviously Getting a lot of publicity over these Last few weeks but first just a reminder My brother and I will be speaking at Decentralcon coming up later this month Get your tickets linked down below if You'll be in Miami if you live in Los Angeles and if you enjoy comedy join us For web 3 is a joke where you can laugh Learn and Link Aaron and I will be Speaking providing the learn section Also comedy involved too jokes about Web3 join us link down below and finally Altcoin daily is a very close very close To winning the blockchain influencer Awards please vote for us for best news Source and influence of the Year link

Down below a coin that has been pretty Obviously getting a lot of publicity Over these last few weeks and now Founder CZ of binance is making it very Clear BNB is not a security should a BMP Be considered a security no why it is Not Um BNB you can you can use BNB is a Native coin on a on two blockchains Today both are open source both are Developed by the community you can use BNB to pay for photo for your flight Here you can you can you can you can buy Coffee Um it has a number it has a it has a Very large number of properties that Doesn't classify the security in all Countries that I know give me your Thoughts on that statement down below to Me you know I like CZ for what he did You know exposing the FTX thing but to Me BNB is sort of clearly a security and I do think there's a reason that CZ has No headquarters binance is global Everybody sort of works remotely but Still until Regulators come for binance Which is always a risk until then CZ Obviously super smart guy very forward Thinking and has packed a lot of utility Into the most popular exchange token on Earth And next up speaking of a crypto project That is very risky yet is still Expanding globally Ripple eyes Ireland

As their 1.3 billion dollar SEC fight Drags on so as Ripple continues its Battle with the SEC It's mostly operating outside the U.S And now wants to set up shop in Ireland And to be clear I personally own zero Xrp too much risk for me but still there Is a future where the SEC just gives Them a slap on the wrist hey maybe now They have bigger fish to fry and ripple The company and by the way Ripple the Company is very different than the coin The company is charging forward to Ireland to do this Ripple is trying to Get a virtual asset service provider Vasp license from the Irish Central Bank This was disclosed by Ripple's attorney In an interview on Friday and this would Allow Ripple to passport its services Through the European Union via an entity Based there on top of that Ripple's Lawyer also disclosed something else he Added that the company plans to file an Application for an electronic money License in the European country as well As earlier this week Ripple issued a Regulatory white paper to advise UK Lawmakers on crypto regulation in the Country if I missed a crypto coin that You want to highlight comment down below Right now like always see you tomorrow

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