Turns out that the CEO is taking bribes From FTX turns out that FTX was trying To pay everybody off if you hold crypto Pay attention to this it has now come to Light that Sam bankman freed has been Manipulating the price of cardano Through the media this is what we know Sam bankman Freed's Alameda research Secretly funded crypto media site the Block and its CEO that CEO Michael McCaffrey has since then resigned as a Result of the money of these loans Coming to light for those of you who may Not know the block to me they were Always one of the more credible such Well-respected new sites in our industry Of course we didn't know about the Secret funding and specifically how much The CEO got paid according to the block McCaffrey received three loans for a Total of 43 million dollars from 2021 Through this year the first loan was for 12 million dollars in 2021 to buy out Other investors in the media company the Second was for 15 million dollars in January to fund day-to-day operations And the third was for 16 million dollars Earlier this year for McCaffrey to Purchase personal real estate in the Bahamas of course Sam bankman freed and Alameda have been early slash big Investors of the salon ecosystem and now We may know why the block they always Seemingly had a bias against cardano

Years ago people would come up and ask Why is it that cardano gets such a bad Shake in the media Why is it that ADA cardano you guys are So viciously vehemently criticized in Fact I went to a Twitter space a few Days ago is a v chain Solana El grants Faith and the jpeg store guy was there And they're all just hating on them they Said oh cardano is a scam coin it's It's all this stuff there's so much Programming in the industry And then we discover the block which o Has given us such lovely coverage Through The Years vossel shipped after Being three months delayed turns out That the CEO is taking bribes from FTX Turns out that FTX was trying to pay Everybody off to boost their garbage and Attack legitimate projects that's the Tip of the iceberg When I was sitting there with Ryan Selkis and we were at the panel Fireside chat he says why does no one Like you so because we don't have Panzonomics and they do and they need to Dump their stuff so we're the enemy and Now all the dirty laundry has come on Out By the way I do want to mention that I Still have huge respect for some of the Individual reporters at the block it Does appear that they didn't know about It but check this out because in this

Next question Charles is asked directly In this AMA what if the SEC deems Ada a Security Charles mumbles through an Answer to a question he's received time And time again he's saying yes that's a Possibility but in his opinion the Cardano network is too decentralized of Course he would say that but it's his Revelation on the xrp lawsuit the main News he's heard the lawsuit will end SEC Versus Ripple will end December 15th This week oh this one right Charles Question for Cardinals at his rule to Security by the SEC well the SEC can Asserted but then they'd have to sue Over it and there'd be a long litigation Process the foundation would have to Fight go through uh and you know Regulations regulation it's a Hypothetical and there's nothing in the History of cardano that feels Security-like uh from the beginning to Where it's at today to the fact that the Network is fully decentralized and so Forth uh I would believe that then Ethereum and Bitcoin would also be Securities and they'd be in a bigger Debacle and this problem with Regulations through enforcement you know There's not much you can do Um just Any Given Sunday it's whoever The regulator decides to pick and then There's a big fight 100 million dollars Is spent it's brutal and vicious and a

Lot of hard feelings and sometimes People win sometimes people don't I've Heard rumors that the Ripple case will Be settled December 15th and we'll just See and that could have catastrophic Implications for the industry one way or The other uh but you know you just keep Moving forward uh you know regardless of What happens it's a decentralized Ecosystem that you guys control in the United States of America doesn't get to Say uh that cardano lives or dies you do The world okay that's the point of Decentralized ecosystems and we're going To work as hard as we can on our side to Make that protocol better but we're just A voice in a course there's 15 other Development companies there's an MBO on The way complete on-chain governance With 1694 every single day the dream Gets a little bit more real and every Single day cardano gets a little bit Stronger So is Ada decentralized enough only the SEC will be the judge unfortunately but Xrp holders are now happy that they may Get a decision but what about Solana Holders with SPF being such a name Associated with the network is Solana Over well Charles suggests that Solana May now want to become a side chain of Cardano and that may benefit both Parties this discussion does get a Little technical stay with it by the way

You know side chains are an interesting Thing so I'm saying hey Solana come be a Side chain it's tongue-in-cheek for a Bit but at the same time I'm being a bit Serious and a lot of people are running Around and saying oh there's desperation Or oh oh it's just this focus on cardano Focus on Ada guys since 2016. pay it pay Attention pay attention since 2016. why Cardano's been out and why cardano Outlined cardano SL and cardano cl Settlement layer control layer or Computation layer okay for six years now We've been talking about this thinking About this pushing this forward this Concept that you have one main chain and A family of side chains and each and Every one of them does different things And the side chains model of cardano is That if a side chain comes in and Connects the cardano that side chain is A partner of the main chain the main Chain provides security it provides Infrastructure it provides an ecosystem And it provides liquidity okay it's Listed on 200 plus exchanges all these Types of things so you have all that Scale And in exchange for that the partner Chain Instead of paying its inflation to Minors who are Nexus within that chain It pays the inflation the block rewards To The stateful Operators and the data

Holders okay because cardano is taking Care of the security of the sidechain The sidechain can have its own Computation model its own notion of data Availability its own consensus algorithm Uh it can have its own network stack it Can have all the stuff that makes it Special so you could take Solana replace The current consensus algorithm with Something 25 times faster and doesn't Collapse all the time make it a cardano Side chain Solano would then be paid to Ada holders to maintain it probably at a Lower inflation rate than they're Currently paying right now they don't Have to worry about security anymore and Then all those dapps move over and they Get better reliability and security and They get faster So I pose the question to you would you Use Solana would you like Solana more or Less if it were a cardano side chain and Last but not least I put out a video About two-ish months ago top six Altcoins set to explode in 2023. of Course just my opinions nobody can see The future but in this we talked about ISO 20022 compliant cryptos like Quant Like Al Grant and then coins that Weren't ISO 20022 compliant like cardano Will cardano ever become ISO 20022 Compliant and by the way if you want to Know what that is or check out this Video linked down below check it out but

Charles sets the record straight saying That cardano is not ISO 2002 to Compliant and he has no interest in that It's BS You know I just love this comes up and Again and again hey Charles what are Your thoughts on eight eyes so 222 Compliance I've heard conflicting info I'd love to hear more anybody who's Trying to sell you on ISO 222 compliance Is a fraud It's a standard stack and there's a Collection of Standards some of which Apply and would be relevant to Cryptocurrencies some would not we Looked into it you talk about it in Reference to an application or something Running in the infrastructure But it's not a USP of a product and the Absence of it is doesn't mean you're Going to be the platform Banks hold Bitcoin and Bitcoin is not technically ISO 222 compliant So it's not a thing it's a non-issue and If it's so important to you go to Catalyst and argue it tell us Specifically what you want this is an Ongoing story if you're interested in Staying informed learning about Cryptocurrency click subscribe and like Always see you tomorrow

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