Youtube Silver Play Button Unboxing (Thank you for 100,000 Subscribers) – Creator Award

Youtube Silver Play Button Unboxing (Thank you for 100,000 Subscribers) - Creator Award

Foreign Welcome to another update video we've Got a bit of these behind the scenes Content here won't take long but today After Months and months and months of work and Then I think four weeks of waiting after I ordered it I have received my reward The silver reward from YouTube for 100 000 subscribers so I'd like to do in This video I'm gonna do a bit of an unboxing Exercise here I have no idea how it Looks I've never had one of these in my Hands so I'm going to unbox it in this Video and um yeah so again I can only Thank all of you for your support for All this you know uh long support and it Is extremely difficult to to grow a Channel like this in the bear Market but I believe you know it's been worth it I Enjoy really working with you all I know That it helps a lot of people the Content So yeah I'm really excited to to open This up and take a look I just need to Take that out of the camera here one Second while I try to open this The actually the FedEx guy Um congratulated me today as well the Guy who actually delivered it so let's Open this up Right So foam

YouTube message I saw obviously I Watched other unboxing videos so I know That some kind of stuff in here where They um Congratulate me I'm going to read that later Um but yeah it's certainly a very very Nice gesture and here is the the actual Thing Which hopefully no spelling mistakes it Obviously shows presented to I don't Know if you see that actually yeah yeah I just take it out of the Plastic cover here So this is where we are yeah it actually Said you might not really see that it Says presented to more crypto online for Passing passing 100 000 subscribers you see there's a bit of A mirror there which actually quite cool Um and yeah that is the YouTube reward It's actually quite heavy really nice Will really look good on the on the wall And I'm extremely proud of that this Would have not been possible without all Of you I'm really looking forward to one Million subscribers now and then we will Get the the gold reward I mean this is Yes of course the reward for growing the Channel but to be honest it's a Community reward Um and again without you this would not Have been possible extremely happy about That so thank you very much for all your

Support and let's get to 1 million Subscribers thank you very much bye bye Thank you

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